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Porn Valley- The news about Miss Arroyo being HIV positive was a particular downer, and Mark Kulkis, head of Kick Ass Pictures, , who has shot Miss Arroyo in the past was reflecting it in his voice.

“We’ve been trying to get back to a little bit of shooting with people who weren’t on the list,” Kulkis said. “Now I don’t know. It’s like a fluid situation. I don’t want to shoot someone that’s clear this week and next week it turns out that they’re on the list. I thought it was clear-cut: first generation, second generation, after that there was no risk, but I didn’t think anyone else was going to come up positive.”

Kulkis said he did have enough shoots in the can to spell his release schedule. “We were actually ahead of schedule at the time we stopped shooting and built into my schedule I have two weeks wiggle room.” Though Kulkis conceded it was the approximate wiggle room of a size 10 1/2 foot in an 11 shoe.

“Right now I’m basically on my schedule so I could hold out another two weeks and still be okay,” he said. “What was really scary was the fact that a guy might have come up positive.” [Which didn’t happen- so far.]

Kulkis also noted that 5 Guy Creampie was his best seller and because of the current notoriety focused on creampies he’s weighing his options. “That’s what started this whole creampie craze,” he said, noting that his is a vaginal creampie series as opposed to an anal series.

“Not to toot my horn but remember Chic-a-Boom was the first Latin line then everyone had to have a Latin line,” he continued. “That was the same way with 5 Guy…I came out with that about a year and half ago and it quickly became my best seller. Now everyone’s got creampies. I’ve got to come up with the next big thing. Pressure’s on. I don’t know. I don’t usually get my inspiration rushed like this.”

Noting its Russian Roulette aspects, Kulkis said the 5 Guy Creampie has really captured the imagination of fans who write in. “Eight of ten are fascinated by the prospect that the girl might get pregnant. The girls are actually not on birth control. There’s an interview at the beginning and the girl’s saying things like, oh, well, in my real life I always squeeze it out and shower really good afterwards. I’ve never had a problem, so I think I’ll be okay.”

Kulkis said there’s even been urban legends surrounding the series such as one performer named Lola allegedly getting pregnant. Kulkis said a call to Lola proved otherwise but the story had circulated widely on RAME suggesting that she had gotten knocked up.


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