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Week 13 AdultFYI Standings; 4-Way Tie; Plaxico’s Agent Does Yabba Dabba Do on Gun Question

Jacksonville played like crap against the Houston Texans and Plaxico Burress’ agent did the yabba dabba do on Monday Night football.

[NY Times] Listening to the agent Drew Rosenhaus during halftime of “Monday Night Football” discuss his client Plaxico Burress’s accidental, self-inflicted gunshot wound, you might have thought Burress had been attacked.

“It was so traumatic for me when I heard he was shot in the leg,” Rosenhaus told ESPN’s Mike Tirico and Tony Kornheiser. Burress was “doing remarkably well considering that he was shot.”

Rosenhaus was upset, he said, because it had been a year since another of his clients, the Redskins safety Sean Taylor, died after he was shot.

O.K., he’s a super agent who loves his clients. But the circumstances of the Taylor and Burress shootings could not have been more different, and Rosenhaus’s failure to distinguish the two sounded insensitive.

Taylor was murdered in his home. Burress was carrying a concealed Glock semiautomatic pistol that went off in a Manhattan nightclub.

“I was so relieved to see Plax healthy,” said Rosenhaus, ignoring the possibility that Burress’s actions could have had broader ramifications. He expressed no relief that other Latin Quarter customers were not shot.

Instead, Rosenhaus was in self-absorbed-agent mode, caring only about himself and his client, and praising the Giants’ owners and General Manager Jerry Reese for caring, so far, only about Burress’s health.

“I’m very touched by the way the Giants have handled this,” Rosenhaus said.

Of course he is. The Giants have full leverage on Burress, who has rarely seemed content with the five-year, $35 million contract he signed in September. Only $11 million of the total is guaranteed, so it is Rosenhaus’s fiduciary obligation to his client to be as nice as possible to Giants management, especially if Burress’s lawyer helps him avoid jail time.

Rosenhaus kissed up to the Giants but would not answer Kornheiser’s question about Burress, really the central question about Burress’s behavior: “What was he doing with a gun, in a nightclub, two nights before a game he wasn’t going to be playing in because of an injury?”

“You know, Tony,” Rosenhaus said, “that’s not something I can talk about because we’re in the middle of a legal proceeding.”

While that was a prudent answer, he then told Kornheiser that he would answer the question privately. Public figures like Rosenhaus rarely declare their public intention to divulge information privately. So you must wonder if Kornheiser will feel any journalistic obligation to keep to himself what Rosenhaus told him publicly that he would tell him privately.

Rosenhaus would not discuss whether he ever talked to his more than 100 N.F.L. clients about carrying guns. “This is not an opportunity for me to give a commentary about guns and N.F.L. players,” he said, high-mindedly.

A simple yes or no to the general question would have sufficed.


John from Adult Source Media had the best record over the Thanksgiving weekend going 12-4, while Mike Fattorosi, and Mike Dickinson shared football pool runner-up honors with 11-5 records.

Here’s how the football pool standings look after Week 13:

Gene Ross, Tony Batman, Willie D, Robert Interlandi, 126-65

Sean,, Mike Dickinson, Mastrick: 125-66

Tim Case, John from Adult Source Media: 124-67

Mila: 123-68

Karl The Birdman: 121-70

Kortni Kiss, Dan Davis from Genesis Magazine: 118-73

Billy the Crystal, Danny from Foxxx Modeling: 117-74

Jack Spade, Steve from 114-77

Jeff Mullen,; Brian Wallace, Mike Fattorosi, 113-78

Joe Brandi: 111-80

John Gray: 110-81

Sandy Bunz, 107-84

Dave F.: 104-87

Steve Seidman: 103-88

Steve Volponi: 102-89

Ryan from Jerry’s Deli: 73-128


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