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What Do Mike South and Glenn Beck Have in Common?

There are three news organizations in the adult business. They are surprisingly similar to three mainstream organizations, FOX News, CNN and Glenn Beck.

FOX News is obviously AVN. They have an agenda and they promote it shamelessly, truth be damned.

CNN would probably be XBIZ. Every once in a while they come up with hard hitting relevant news, like when they did the condom debate article. But they are still corporate and lean their slant to the right.

You wanna know who Glenn Beck is? If you guessed hillbilly boy Mike South, you guessed right.

Mike South will just straight up lie to get his point across, even though he has facts right in his fucking face. Like Beck, he is purely motivated by the person or persons who are paying his bills.

Last night on the show I talked about how I had spoken to three different people who told me that Derek Hay and LA Direct Models were moving to Las Vegas.

The more I thought about it, the more it started to make sense. I could see that little bitch running to Vegas.

So on yesterday’s show, I very eloquently laid out the entire scenario. In our story, we described how moving to Vegas would basically be an impossible task. I said that if a major company came out and planted their flag and said, “We are porn. Hear us roar” that it would never happen. How, if Derek Hay came out and tried to run a prostitution ring like he does in LA, that he would run into quite a few problems, from Dennis Hof and the boys, to health regulators on down.

We also talked about Alex Gonz and Hustler. When I say Hustler, I mean there were shoots that Alex Gonz was on for Hustler when he was performing while positive for hepatitis C. And I told everybody that a lawsuit would be coming.

We posted an article on AdultFYI last night on these events. Then Mike South posted this:

“Some Corrections From The Lesser Site”

Now Mike has no problem mentioning my name to call me a scumbag or whatever. But he had this thing when Gene Ross ran AdultFYI to never refer to it by name, calling it “the lesser site.” Mike, and maybe my keyboard warriors can chime in here, now that Gene is gone, can you please refer to it as the Rob Black site?

Read what Mike South wrote. You tell who’s pulling who’s fucking purse strings.

He says:

“Nobody is Suing Alex Gonz or Hustler” Hmm OK

“LA Direct is Not Moving to Vegas (They already have an office there but are not moving)” Okaaay…


“UAWA is Dead Before It Ever Came To Life”

So Rob Black is dead before he came to life. You do realize that UAWA is Rob Black. Just like LATATA is Derek Hay. UAWA is Rob Black.

Then he says:

“How anyone with half a brain can put any credence in this nonsense is beyond me.  The problem is most people don’t really think because if they did it would be obvious that it’s just noise making.”

OK first of all, he says nobody is suing Hustler. Funny how Mike South doesn’t talk about anything else, previous violations, nothing. The story broke Thursday, less than a week ago.

Now guys, when they get sued, are you all gonna tell Mike South he’s a jerkoff?

So nobody’s suing Alex Gonz or Hustler. Mike South, who sits in a log cabin in some swamp in Georgia somehow knows that nobody’s suing Alex Gonz or Hustler.

When I tell you that I have three girls that worked with Alex Gonz not three years ago, not two years ago, but four months ago, are you really not gonna believe me?

When I tell you that three girls worked with Alex Gonz, one of those girls worked with Alex Gonz, for Hustler, at Alex Gonz’ house, are you still not gonna believe me? Call Sharmin, she booked the fucking scene!

Now let’s break down the other bullshit that LA Direct is not moving to Vegas. They have an office there but are not moving.

Now I don’t know nothing about anything. I’m hearing rumors that they’re moving. I asked questions and what happens? Mike South’s gotta jump in and respond.

What does Mike say? They already have an office there, but they’re not moving. What the fuck does that mean?

So what I’m hearing is LA Direct’s already in Vegas.

So can anybody tell me what the address is? Because I have talent in Vegas who need representation! Mike South, c’mon!

Mike South has just notified everybody that LA Direct now has an office in Las Vegas. So I was kinda right. LA Direct already has an office in Vegas. Silly me.

Mike South said I was a liar. I said LA Direct was moving to Vegas. Mike South said LA Direct is already in Vegas. How does that prove me wrong? How? I said they were going to Vegas, Mike South they’re there already.

So MIke South, can anybody tell me where their office is in Vegas? I need to know where I can go with talent.

Keyboard warriors! Come out to plaaaay! I need to know where Derek’s office is! Please! Mike South! Tell us! I need to know where Las Vegas Direct is.

Because so far your blog updates have been lies about me, typical. A sex tape from Zero Tolerance, and somebody who wants to interview you from UC Santa Barbara. All your site is anymore is a message board that has industry insiders hiding behind fake names complaining about the business.

I have another question. Who is this Pippi Longstockings broad and who knew that Zero Tolerance was still in business? That’s a fuckin double mystery!

Somebody goes, “You hear about the Tami Erin Pippi Longstocking sex tape?” ”

“Who the fuck is that?”

“Zero Tolerance is putting it out.”

“I thought they were out of business?”

And then he ends with “UAWA is dead before it ever came to life”

Once again, how can Rob Black be dead before he came to life? Rob Black is UAWA. UAWA is Rob Black.

I am so alive, I am in your face motherfucker.

Mike South fills his site with lies. LA Direct is not moving to Vegas. But they already have an office there. Alex Gonz and Hustler aren’t being sued. Even though it’s been less than a week since the story broke. And Rob Black is dead.

I hope some of you keyboard warriors are smart enough to call him out on his bullshit.

The other article that Mike South wrote is truly baffling.

The headline reads

“According To My Antibody Tests I Am Very Sick, But I Feel Fine”

In this article, he tries to equate getting immunized and having antibodies for certain diseases like polio and chicken pox and malaria to being infected with hepatitis C.

Can you believe that? Funny, I didn’t know Alex Gonz was immunized for hep C. Didn’t even know there was an immunization for hep C. As far as I’ve been able to gather, there is no vaccine for hepatitis C.

Mike South is trying to say that because Alex Gonz merely carries the antibodies for hep C he isn’t infectious. If that’s the case, why isn’t he working right now? Mike, Alex Gonz has hepatitis C. The only one saying he doesn’t is YOU!

Then what he says is truly ludicrous. He tries to say he shouldn’t have to tell someone he kisses goodnight that he has malaria antibodies because he was immunized for it and tries again to equate it to Alex Gonz’ responsibility to disclose his hep C positive status.

Malaria is an contagious disease. If Mike has an active infection of malaria, you’re damn tootin he should tell someone he kisses. Just like Alex Gonz, who has an active infection of hepatitis C should tell his sexual partner before he sticks his dick in her bleeding rectum.

I want to share an email that I got from my very intelligent friend and Rob Black Show fan Cripple Dan:

“Polio, mumps, measles, and whooping cough vaccines were given to almost every performer as a child. This is done to prevent their bodies from getting the disease.  There isn’t a vaccine for Hep-C or HIV.  Therefore, if you show up with antibodies in your blood it is bad.”

“That’s why they test.  They aren’t vaccinated against it.  The entire talent pool hasn’t been vaccinated against them so one person testing positive can spread it.  I’m not sure where he is coming from.  I think he missed a few things in his thought process.” 

“He is comparing things with a cure to things without a cure.  Polio has literally been eradicated.  HIV and HEP-C haven’t been.”

“It does sound like he is saying Hep C isn’t that bad.  85% of cases are chronic infections.  Liver
transplants are pointless in Hep-C cases because the new liver will meet the same fate.”
“I don’t really get Mike’s point.”

Cripple Dan

Exactly, Dan. I don’t get Mike South’s point either.

There is no vaccine for hepatitis C. If Alex Gonz has antibodies for it, it means he was exposed to and is infected with hepatitis C. There is no cure. By his own admission, he has an active infection, which is why he is not working right now.

I really don’t understand what part of that Mike South doesn’t understand.

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