Why won’t white liberal cucks live near black people?

Self hating White liberal cucks are always quick to defend the “poor oppressed black man” and crap on their own people but why won’t they go live in black neighborhoods alongside the people they defend?


Sometimes a mudshark brings in a black guy as a roommate she found off Craigslist and gets her brains beat out but that isn’t the same thing – she is probably very young and was raised not to respect herself and just doesn’t know better. It’s not like people like this go around defending these black parasites on social media and whatnot. But the cucks do and they would never live next to much less with one of these animals. So what gives?



Why do these cucks march with blacks when a black criminal is shot by police? Sensible blacks laugh at these cucks and wouldn’t march with the losers themselves (They have jobs and responsibilities). So why do these worthless liberal pieces of shit do it? Anyone?


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