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With Presley AWOL, Capo Does the Big Hype

Porn Valley- Presley has left the building.

Teagan was over in another part of town playing contract girl for Digital Playground, but Guy Capo Tuesday night on KSEX, explained co-ho Teagan Presley’s absence as the fact that she was on “vacation”. A permanent vacation, most likely. But that didn’t deter Capo from devoting a full hour of the show to promoting Gothsend- a movie he shot for DVSX, You can do that kind of stuff when you host your own radio show it seems. But lest you think it was 60 minutes of thoroughly obnoxious self-obsessed porn promo, Capo, who can make the contents of a cucumber sound interesting, maintained an entertaining roundelay which featured clips, sneak peeks and many of the stars who appear in the feature. Included on the Capo couch were such performers as Nicki Hunter, Kris Slater, Master Liam and Little Bit.

Sounding like a seasoned shlockmeister, Capo, who was candid about working on three hours sleep and a lot of stimulants- and often times sounding like it- informed his listening audience that the film had already hit the streets. “It’s not going to be available for very long,” he warned solemnly as though the Apocalypse were right around the corner.

“Over 4,000 pre-sold in Europe- a big buzz on this film. You have to get a copy of this thing,” added Capo in a tone of voice that suggested dire consequences were in the offing should you fuck up. “It’s heavily laden with music which is the way I like shit.” Capo went on to describe the movie as very dark, decadent and full of very heavy visual imagery.” Capo also indicated that his next project was going to be a follow-up.

Nicki Hunter was first up and Hunter appears to be on her way to singular glory just for the mere fact that she sang a very decent rendition of the Star Spangled banner at the recent KSEX Games. [The VOD rendition is available Monday, Aug. 16 at]. Hunter, who didn’t compete, joked about the novelty of being a porn star who could both scream and sing. If given her options, Hunter said she would have jumped into vat of Jell-o and wrestled Aria during the competition.

Capo went on to describe Hunter as doing a great three-on-one scene with Kris Slater. [The other two women in the scene were Shay Lemar and Melanie X.]

While she’s not herself a Goth person, Hunter said she’s met a of people into it. “I didn’t go through that phase growing up. But it’s so much fun to play. There’s something very sexual about Goth. It’s a sexual drive, so animalistic.” Capo admitted that he wasn’t a Goth-style person himself. “But since making this film I’ve started incorporating little Goth-y stuff into my wardrobe and into my life.” Asked if she was a sexual aggressor, Hunter was ready to offer her scene as Exhibit A. But Hunter said she was disappointed when told that her job in the scene was to do girl-girl. “Really?”

Hunter, however, said she was going to make the best out of it. And Capo said what he liked about the scene was the fact that Hunter took control of it. “As a director I appreciated it- you walked them through the paces and it was hot.”

Hunter noted that Slater was being referred to on the set as Lord of Goth. “He looked so hot.” With that as a cue, Slater entered the conversation with Capo noting that the last time Slater was on the show, he came in six seconds flat.

Slater explained it as being a competition to see who could come first. During a shout out to sponsor Vildenafil XP, which promotes lending more cum mass, Capo asked Slater if he uses the product. Slater said no that he was curious to try it. However, during the blowjob contest, Slater said entirely the opposite and, in fact, credited the product for his spackling paste performance.

On the Gothsend issue, Slater said he was a bit disappointed that he really didn’t get to work with Hunter, per se, in their scene. “She was there naked playing with all the girls and I couldn’t do anything.” Hunter said that she snuck some cocksucking in there, however. “Even though that wasn’t in my job description.” Capo seemed surprised at that bit of information. “When were you guys doing this!?” Capo started heckling Slater about voicing a complaint. “Slater, you’re never satisfied- you’re just like every other woman in my life.”

Capo noted that Slater appears twice in the movie playing the same character. “Kris is a phenomenal character actor as well as porn star. For those companies not shooting him incessantly you need to give this guy a call.” Capo went on to describe Slater as a performer who has tremendous presence without being obstrusive. “Kris Slater is your kind of porn star.” Capo also stated that if Hunter was giving the scene a thumbs-up he’d love to have that thumb up his ass.

“And Nicki is one of those porn stars where you don’t have to worry about shooting around bruises and sores,” Capo added for the delicate touch. “Which is something I treasure greatly.” Realizing the extent of his candor, Capo mused that no one was going to want to work for him by the time the show was over.

Capo also showed a clip featuring Master Liam and Little Bit. “If there is ever a couple that epitomized the Goth genre for me it was Master Liam and Little Bit. These two are just out of this world.” Master Liam explained that they got held up in traffic.

“The only thing worse than California traffic is the hot, salty taste of your own vomitous after being kicked in the balls,” offered Capo. Asked when he developed an affinity for the S&M lifestyle, Liam said he was eight at the time and had just finished watching the film, The Mummy. “I decided I was going to practice that kind of wrapping up on my sister. Here I am duct taping my little sister- and I had my other sister in the dryer. She’s 5.” Noting that he had never duct taped someone before, Liam quickly discovered that one loses oxygen to their body. “My little sister’s suffocating and the other one’s in the dryer just looking out and smiling at me. My father walks in- oh shit.”

Liam said he performs in several different niteclubs in Hollywood along with events that include venues like Nevada. Capo said he’s seen Master Liam and Little Bit perform. “They put on an incredible theatrical performance.” Perhaps prone to exaggeration, Capo predicted that one of their performances would change your life. Capo was, likewise, quick to admit that at first he didn’t get the lifestyle, the master-slave relationship and the pleasure-pain principle. “None of it made sense to me. Until I met Liam.”

Offering his spin, Capo said, “There’s always love at the backside of the height of pain.”


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