xHamster Hacked, 380,000 Accounts Compromised, Mike South Celebrates

Mike South aka Michael Thomas Strother aka Tom South wrote an “I told you so” type article recently after the xHamster tube site was hacked and 380,000 accounts were compromised. The guy pushes for fans to pay for porn including the shitty amateur porn he produces but what he doesn’t understand is that only an idiot would register to a tube site. There is simply no need for it and most that watch for free don’t register. Most of these accounts that were hacked were probably premium accounts. So those people WERE already paying for their porn, you fucking idiot.


I have long said that in the end you are gonna pay for that porn you watch on the tube sites and this is the kinda thing that bears me out. You may be thinking big deal they got passwords to a porn site BUT the also got info about the users and without too much effort they can learn where they bank and that sort of stuff….since most people use the same login/email address and passwords this kind of thing compromises more than just their xHamster accounts.

Guy actually seems happy about this. And then he wonders why people want to see him go down hard. As it is, no one posts on his site anymore because they don’t want to be tied to him right now with what’s happening. This is the beginning of the end for South regardless of what happens in that lawsuit. BTW, who is dumb enough to use a card tied to their bank to buy porn? Many use gift cards or disposable cards and if they don’t, they get what they deserve for being so stupid. South’s just dumb.


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