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XPT Thread: Air Force Amy’s lulzy meltdown

Crocodile posts on Desi Foxx’s colleague and pw of sorts Air Force Amy is sad. A client promised to come to the ranch and have sex for money with her but never showed up. “I actually sent a limo to the airport for him and it cost me $80 for whatever pleasure he got out of doing this to me,” former US Air Force Ace sobs.

And that’s only the beginning of Amy’s extreme streak of bad luck. Mike, an evil man hiding behind a gmail identity “md090419” sent Amy the following message: “Are you available on Sunday May 10th in the late afternoon or early evening”. Once again, poor Amy fell for his sweet talk, cleared the dust from her cunt, and dressed her aging body in lingerie but all in vain… Mike was a no-show.

Adding insult to the injury, email is not the only tool used by the evil con men to scam poor Amy. Some go as far as giving her false telephone numbers! “I would come into work and get a stack of index cards from the office with names and numbers to call and nine out of ten and ten out of ten were either bad numbers or people that had no idea of who I was” she says tears streaming down her face. Yes, who would have guessed that “Osama bin Landen”, “Satan”, “George W Bush”(12 different numbers) or “Johnny the motherfucker who cheated on his girlfriend with that skank Lori, please call after 5 when my parents are home and don’t forget to mention you’re a hooker” are not really who they claim to be.

Amy frowns: “I swear, my retirement can’t come soon enough.” “Please be sure and join my website as it needs to become my main source of income so I can move to LA before Winter without relying on my real estate to sell,”she orders her fans.

Fellow harlot Willow Love jumped to comfort her: “Man, I have had my hopes crushed like that before. That really stinks!! It seems like someone in the family always dies the day before the appointment. I refuse to give any guy too much attention without a deposite. I have just been hurt too many times. I’m sorry that happened to you Amy.”

Willow’s bad fortune made Amy feel like jumping up and down and screaming out with Schadenfreude . “Ha ha! I can’t tell you how many”deaths in the family” and “family emergencies’ I’m responsible for, ” she confesses her crimes. Then she laughed again: “ha ha.”

Boosted by the new found energy she suddenly remembered her glory days of maneuvering in her P-51 Mustang, shooting down the fascists by dozens while dodging Flugabwehrkanone fire. She won’t let anyone hurt her anymore! She’s going to turn the table on her tormentors: “Maybe I just won’t answer any email for a couple weeks. Watch ’em cry their little eyes out then. No one paying attention to their demented little charades. Their world as they know it will be crushed. “Oooooooh noooooo I have to back to my evil ways on”. Then again, maybe the elimination of “ilegal escort” postings on Craiglist is driving all the crazies here.”

We wish her best of luck.


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