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XPT Threads “Amazing Christian’s meltdown “

freeinacage starts it with this post on : from page 32 onwards

Posting important parts here just in case NA mods will step in and delete it and to explain the context a bit:

Background: Christian, the stunt cock who posts here from time to time is somehow close to an Internet porn company called Naughty America(NA). He’s currently dating Phoenix Marie a pw who denied dating him and accused him of using her name to get work at the Jules Jordan forum. Apparently, Phoenix does a weekly softcore show for the NA members. This week however, she was a no-show. Christian explained why:

Christian: that’s because she is busy being a part of the fucking ZZ ripoff Live horseshit they are doing tonight. It bums me out to the Nth degree, but what can i do about it? When push comes to shove, Phoenix will always be ZZ first and NA second. It’s just the way it is.

ZZ=brazzers-another Internet porn company. They did a live hardcore show for their members(who had to pay something like 150 dollars to see it) featuring Phoenix, Jayden James, Tory Lane and their 2 contract stunt cocks: Keiran Lee and some other guy. Keiran dates another pw Puma Swede.

Later, Christian elaborated further:
of course ynot, i can’t take offense to her helping out her career. she really likes keiran, brett, scott, and the rest of the ZZ staff and performers in real life. dating me means that they don’t include her in their reindeer games and it really bums her out. remember they hate me over there. she is simply protecting her finances and after her performance for them tonight, they will hire her again and again for sure. she gave her all for ZZ and remember those guys are her favorite performers and friends of hers.

To which Keiran replied:
Keiran: No one hates you over here, just your actions are very sour at times..

As for rip off??? ZZ is live sex, yours is a call in show?

And that’s where the fun started

are you fucking kidding with me right now? i know you aren’t the brightest bulb in the world, but seriously?

Are honestly telling me that ZZ didn’t look at what NA has been doing FOR MONTHS, and say to themselves, “wow what a great idea, how can we do that?” and then decide to do a live sex show? Please. And let’s not forget Big Tits in Sports about 6 months after Naughty Athletics as well. ZZ hasn’t had an original thought in their entire existence. Oh wait, Mofos…………which crashed and burned (and was really a rip off on NA Tier 1 and 2).

I am not going to talk about what an epic trainwreck that live show was last night at ZZ on this thread. But I will be discussing it on GMNA today for sure. Actually I will say this, I think it’s extremely telling about the greed that the ZZ hierarchy has by forcing its fans to fork over a large sum of money to watch a beta test of their live sex show. Of course this is the company that rose to prominence on the backs of the tube sites which have helped destroy part of our industry, so it’s no real surprise.

This coming from the performer that bugged the hell out our Brando to shoot him brazzers…

This coming from the performer that sent a email to the brazzers HQ asking for the chance to work for brazzers again…

I understand your loyalty to NA as i am the same when it comes to ZZ…

The difference is that i can be objective and give an honest opinion about positives and negatives, whereas you just regurgitate horseshit whether its true or not. So when does Keiran make his big debut on Shame On Her? Which is yet ANOTHER ripoff of both the old Anabolic stuff and Meatholes by the way, but who’s counting eh?

I love how when you get frustrated and flustered, the personal attacks come out. The old political trick that the uneducated use…..nice work.

“Shame on Her” is a new website operated by the brazzers’ owners that features simulated rape scenes. Disgusting shit

The reason i get frustrated is when you send abusive text to friends telling them what a bad mother she is for doing this etc..

I’m past playing key board warriors with you, i respect NA alot they have a great person in laura in their set up and some of there content is great…

But for you to bash on ZZ just because your dick hurt that they won’t shoot you is pretty sad…

There is nothing like getting a lecture on my relationship with a dude who fucks every single girl he can get his hands on off camera besides his girlfriend who is squirreled away at home. What a fucking joke. Bro, you realize you lie to Puma every single day about who you are fucking off camera. Are you kidding me right now? And you are lecturing me on my relationship?

I am not “bashing” anyone, I am simply explaining facts. You understand that bro, facts are truths not opinions. Learn the difference.

LOL….Please tell us more…

I won’t say anything regards to your relationship thats your bag….

But why can’t you just except ZZ have done something similar in a live show, why does it effect you?

except=accept and effect=affect.

i just love having intelligent conversations with people who may or may not have a high school diploma or equivalent.

At this point Phoenix stepped in…pissed


I am going to say Three things…
First… I give my all for every company…. I bring more than an A to my web chats and scenes for NA…. so why wouldn’t I do the same for ZZ…
Second… This Thread is NOT to be used in this manner… stop the BS Keyboard Warrior Shit NOW!! You two especially… it’s just as easy to text or call…
Third… I love and appreciate every company and person who spends their hard earned cash that’s why I give it my ALL!!!

At this point I was really expecting it to end but no…Christian went on and attacked his own gf.

i just want to say that there is nothing better than watching your girlfriend take a champagne bottle into her ass live while saying I love ZZ to the camera knowing you are watching with a room full of people. It’s really fun. I am really glad for her and her new career as a circus performer. that just screams classy.

Now Phoenix got really pissed.

PS- I believe you were asked not to post on This Thread….

the best part about the ZZ trainwreck is that Phoenix is FOR SURE going to be doing it again. And since she “gives her all” in every scene for ZZ, that means she somehow is going to top her performance in this one. I can only imagine! It will be good times.

That’s all for now. More hilarity will probably follow soon.


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