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Your deadbeat is my deadbeat

Jerry from writes: Hello Gene, I have to tell you that I really love this forum.Now to the meat of this response, and that’s to the original article that started this whole upswing for me.

First again, Skeeter if you ever want to meet and have coffee, call me ok. I can tell you that this whole dilemma of yours has inspired me, and I have stopped dreading those fateful phone calls for money. And why, because every time that phone rings now, or the fax machine rings, or my e-mail bell rings, its not someone calling for money, its now folks who own shops, and companies asking for more information on our products.

What did I tell you..Huh Gene…so now in my efforts to collect that outstanding debt of 98+key, that’s stardust has in receivables, I run across some of the names that have been mentioned in the deadbeats sections.

That one in Missouri for one, and now threes a company I cant find called DVD liquidators, at 2600 NE 4th Street in Pompano Beach Fl. I have outstanding invoices, but cant seem to get a bill there, or a phone number. Then there’s Adult Phantasy in Hawaii. She bounced a check to us once, and with a new staff, her COD order went out as an ROGg. So we get her check and the new bookkeeper doesn’t bother with the customer notes or the files because they were left in a mess by the previous Sales Manager (who is now working for a VERY large company here in sales) – no names yet, please, cause theres more…

…so back to the Adult Phantasy order….so her check comes in and it bounces. Now mind you I had to special order an item for her, Judy is her name, and sent it out. So here it is two months later of the checks in the mail, and it bouncesOk, so now then theres a company, PrimeTime Video, also cant find them. address is 971 Embarcadero Del Mar,Goleta Ca 93117. According to information it is listed as a pre-school, and the phone number (903)759-6907 is disconnected.. and that’s a Texas number. So I call Texas information, and no company at that address, and no phone number for Primetime Video. Now then I call the local Chamber of Commerce, just this last Wednesday, and they will get back to me.

Now why is this important, because the old sales manager who, happens to be working for a LARGE competitor ,is the one who opened these accounts, and guess what…?? No Credit apps on file, not even basic paper on these businesses. and when I say nothing, no application, no phone, no contact person, nada zilch, zip get the picture, and YES if I could prove it I would. but its just a paper trail with no facts, other than he opened the accounts, and shipped, and billed, and shipped, and billed, but never collected….and no information, not even a billing folder, only an invoice file…so ,how do I know that the products was shipped? yes old shipping records, of course, but where are they? Cant ask him can I? Well, people who want to know who it is, you’ll just have to wait, because Stardust is Company of integrity and pride, and yes some HONOR. If I owe you money, and you call, and I say I have no money to pay, then I don’t, but if I tell that I am going to send an amount, I WILL SEND it if I have to go around BROKE to make sure someone gets paid, I WILL….But why do I do this? I believe is why, and when you know you have good product, and believe in all those that helped before, by ordering or just offering to turn us on to their fellow industry clients ,because we may not have had any exposure to them , then that helps.

Remember the Industry was spawned by those who believed in their right to freedom of expression, of their right to do this sort of trade, because they believed in it, not because of a dollar to be made. The industry born is the industry matured, and we need to weed out those who would have our dollar for their pocket than that of all to share and reap the rewards….

ok vented enough, thanks again gene..

Skeeter take care man and anyone have advice for me in this MULTI-MILLION dollar industry whose not hogging their share of the market, I am at 888-891-7827…[email protected]


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