Warning to anyone using Epoch Billing! SERIOUS SHIT!!! Your business is at risk and your losing money

For those of you that didn’t know Epoch is owned and run by homosexuals and they discriminate against straight people at times. The accounts manager Frank Gannon is openly gay and a LGBT speaker at events if you google him. They seemed to have pissed off the wrong straight guy by discriminating against him and have caused themselves and everyone using Epoch a nightmare. Epoch is now getting kicked all over the web on news sites like adulyfyi, pornwikileaks, officialmikesouth, AVN, xbiz Forums, twitter, facebook, tons of webmaster boards and many more. They even got themselves two huge warning website .com’s about there scams and fraud and .

If you are using Epoch you might want to hide the logo and use them as a last resort biller on your join forums till rebills drop off because now the public is shying away from any website using Epoch. You will lose clients that may have joined your website just cause you have Epoch listed as a biller. 

Here is a picture of Frank Gannon the homosexual accounts manager that is a racist bigot against straight people.

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