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AdultCON Not A Memorable Event for Chef Jeff

LOS ANGELES, CA – Since AdultFYI was banned from AdultCON, we were hoping Chef Jeff of KSEX would supply us with an incredible re-cap of the bi-annual event–preferably some Renaud-isms [funny situations surrounding the event promoter, Renaud West].

Unfortunately, Chef Jeff is in La La Land right now. Literally.

AdultFYI received a call from Darien Ross this morning claiming Jeff is not being himself, has a bloody bump on his head and is claiming to not even know what date it is. “We went to the Laker game last night,” Ross said, “then we were suppose to go to a party after the game, but when I came out of the ladies room, Jeff was acting strange, expressing his desire to go home. Figuring he had to work early, I just went with it.”

Getting more information on the situation, Ross explained, “Jeff drove himself home, he seemed fine all day, but now he doesn’t know what day it is, he has a knot on his head and it’s bleeding.”

Jeff was in his Palm Springs home when we contacted him. “What day is it?” he asked. “Monday.” we responded. “No, no, what’s the date?” Jeff sought. “The 24th,” we confirmed. “What month?” Jeff pleaded. “Dude…are you kidding me? It’s November.” We said.

In fact, he wasn’t kidding. He was completely lost.

“I was at a Lakers game last night?” Jeff asked. “Yes,” I told him, “go look in your wallet, you probably have the ticket stub. Maybe that will spark you memory.”

“I don’t have any memory of anything I did yesterday,” Jeff said, “what’s today?”

He must have asked for the calendar date a dozen times in the course of a five minute call.

AdultFYI instantly got off the phone with Jeff and contacted some of his friends in an attempt to get him to the hospital. Jeff’s good friend “Randy” was successfully able to get him and care for him. A big thank you to Rachel Worth of for her assistance and Darien Ross for bringing it to our attention.

In a follow up call to Jeff, AdultFYI asked him, “look around the house. Is Sassy’s chair still there?”

“Yes,” Jeff said, canceling the theory that former girlfriend and adult star, Sassy tried to knock him out to get her property back. [You may re-call, Jeff held some of her possessions hostage until such time as she pays him the money she owes from their brief relationship.]

AdultFYI would like to wish Jeff a speedy recovery and we will keep you updated on his progress.

And while our AdultCON reporter searches his memory, we’ll provide you with a report from another source.

Steve Seidman called AdultFYI about a half-a-dozen times yesterday complaining that Renaud wouldn’t let him in for free. Personally, I can’t see what the big deal is, but for some reason $25.00 was an issue for Steve. Being that Seidman never made it inside, we’ll provide you with another report found on a different web site. Here’s what Sherman wrote on

One question keeps going round and round in my head

Why do people continue to put up with this stuff?

After a day in which show promoter Renaud claimed the “Internet Media is DEAD” further explaining, “that no one reads the web” and refusing access to various journalist’s, explaining that, “when you work for the big boys like AVN, call me.”

The irony here is that one of the journalist he refused access to was submitting material to AVN and had supplied AVN with material from previous shows. And the same journalist was also submitting material to Hustler, Adam Film World, Club, Club International and many many other world wide publications. What exactly is Renault saying about all of these publications?

At the event itself, the mood can best be described as tense, noting that as early as 2 PM, one hour after the event started, people were leaving, giving the sense that there was more to the word “con” in Adultcon then meets the eye.

The atmosphere inside was described as “prison-like” with performers given explicit instructions not to consider baring any flesh.

No security was spotted anywhere, which probably led to all the brawls later in the day.

Why do performers continue to subject themselves to an unhealthy and unsafe work environment?

Why would any serious Adult {or any other for that matter} Business, subject themselves or their employees to such an unsafe environment?

If we are to take Renaud at his word, will their website be removed? Will he STOP sending press releases? Because NO one reads them anyway right?

And who are these “BIG BOYS” Renault refers to? What does that make media outlets such as “Hustler”? Little people?

Sorry but that’s more then one question that keeps going round and round in my head {I’ve been told I have a big head}. Can we get an answer? Sure, an honest one? Probably not, the always popular: “Misunderstanding” without a doubt, but does anyone really know the true meaning of the word “con”?

Editor’s Note: Well put. The problem with Renaud, in my opinion, is that he doesn’t have any respect for anyone in the industry. He’s solely promoting his event to make money. Obviously, most folks participate in the adult industry to pay their bills and make a niche’ for themselves, but there are many who actually care about this business and it shows in their work, their association with those they engage with and their attitudes.

If someone involved with this business constantly steps on people just to make a BMW payment, eventually word will get around.

Renaud has pissed on his biggest supporters, KSEXradio and Christy Lake have publicly stepped away from any affiliation with him. Don Hollywood and Brooke Hunter, who made a positive radio commercial promoting his event were stepped on, Jason Sechrest, Steve Nelson from, Layla Jade and dozens of other stars will never support his convention.

Renaud has made it clear he could care less about that.

AVN has their own conventions and interests so aside from an occasional press release, he’s not going to get much love from them.

AdultFYI was actually banned from the event for the ridiculous reason that we didn’t print a press release for AdultCON, back in the summer.

The actions and reasoning behind this man’s involvement with the adult industry are disrespectful to those who actually work hard and care about the business.

Lack of security, minimal profits for vendors and difficulty dealing with the promoter are the main claims made by participants of AdultCON. These are consistent complaints from the last few events.

With these claims, it’s just a matter of time.


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