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Adultcon Treats Jeff Like Shit

Porn Valley- That old saying about people not learning the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them certainly applies to Chef Jeff. Jeff, who works for KSEX as a peejay, should have seen the drama that KSEX experienced with Adultcon, then maybe he wouldn’t have had the conversation he had on his show,, Thursday night.

Jeff had issues with Renaud West and Adultcon and voiced them. Just by mentioning Adultcon, Jeff got a reaction from Dee and asked what her experiences were. Dee explained that West came to The Blue Zebra the night she was there. “The bouncer came up to me and say there’s a guy that said he knows you. Here’s his card. I said, no, don’t. I don’t allow anyone to come back here.” Dee said her general policy is that unless she knows you’re coming to see her, she’s just not going to see you.

Dee said she did Adultcon several years ago. “To me it’s a great idea. It’s just half-assed and it’s not done in an environment where you’re not comfortable. It’s too small, too crowded. [This month it’s scheduled for the L.A. Convention Center so that should answer the matter of environment and comfort.]

Jeff said he’s gone to shows past as press. “It has been smaller venues.” Jeff noted to Adultcon’s credit they have moved it to a larger venue. Dee hastened to point out Adultcon’s bait and switch tactic a couple of years ago where they advertised one venue and put it at another. Jeff said he was giving West the benefit of the doubt on this one.

“I’ve never bought a booth before. I never paid for a booth because I was feeling it out for several years to see how he was running his shows before I was going to drop some money on it. I figured with the move to the L.A. Convention Center it might be worth it to get a booth this time.” Jeff said he’s sharing a booth with Kinsey Kenner and Karina.

“I put their link on our site. It’s part of the deal. What they want is the girls who are attending to them [Adultcon]; and then they put a link back to the girls’ site.” That being said, Jeff put an adultcon link to the front page of “I sent them an e-mail. A guy who’s name is Dan returned my e-mail.”

In the e-mail Jeff stated that he put an adultcon link on the Karina site and asked to be notified when the reciprocal link would go up. “They had a picture of Karina but the link wasn’t live.”

Jeff illustrated for the viewing audience that he placed a very prominent link to adultcon on Karina’s page. “Nice and big. The very front page.”

Jeff said this guy Dan that he doesn’t know writes him back to say: “”He didn’t even ask- he just said put our link up here on the top. He’s basically telling me where to put it.” Jeff then wrote back to state that he thought the link was in a fine spot. “It’s in a great spot. It’s on the front page- big and visible.”

When Jeff told Dan he didn’t want to put it in the spot suggested, Dan apparently was very insistent that he do it.

“Nowhere in their terms of signing up to buy a booth does it say that we’re required to put the link in any particular place.” Jeff even ventured to say that the spot he put the adultcon link was situated in a better place than a lot of the other girls “that they have linked to.” Jeff said he visited some of the other performers’ sites and couldn’t even find a link to adultcon.

“And here this guy is telling me where to put it and not letting up about it.” Jeff said he respectively communicated the fact that he disagreed with Dan’s opinion about the placement. “But it’s my prerogative to put it wherever the fuck that I want.”

During the course of communication, Jeff notes that his link, on the other hand, was not put up by adultcon. “He finally accused me in an e-mail of not placing the link where he wanted because of some egotistical reason. He said you must have a big ego because I can’t understand why you can’t move the link.”

Jeff said he got to thinking. “We’re paying fucking customers. We bought a fuckin’ booth from these people. I wrote them a check, and this guy was treating me very poorly.” Jeff said about six e-mails were exchanged in this process.

“I was never unprofessional; he [Dan] was very unprofessional.” In a final e-mail Jeff said he was going to bring the issue up with West but until matters were straightened out he was going to remove the adultcon link. Jeff said he got a reply from West to state that the Karina link would be up at a certain time.

“So it was. The whole thing was all for nothing. It should have been a very simple link trade. It turned into this big pain in the ass because this guy Dan couldn’t be a fucking professional.”

Jeff said had he not sent the check he would have given adultcon the big fuck you.

Dee said she’s heard so many stories about adultcon. Jeff said he was trying to support adultcon and give West the benefit of the doubt. “But when people that work for him treat paying customers like that I got to tell you, I probably won’t go back next year. The only reason we’re going this year is because we’ve already paid. And he wonders why he gets bad publicity and why people talk bad about the show. You can’t do a simple link trade without starting a pissing contest?”

Dee thought adultcon was, nonetheless, a good idea. “But you have to treat people who are paying you to do something- treat them like good people. Don’t fuck around and treat them like they’re shit.”


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