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Ann Marie, Matt Zane Visit PTU; Ashlynn Brooke Sleep Walks; Scott Lyons Training with Dick Delaware

Porn Valley- After taking a hiatus to “get her shit together,” Ann Marie [pictured] has returned to the porn wars. And Matt “The Lord” Zane, noted for the meathooks usually found in his back, is again hanging with the crowd.

These two performers along with Scott Lyons, Johnny Buss formerly of the LA Sparks, and Kylie Wilde gave Wankus another full capacity couch on PrimeTimeUncensored,, Wednesday night.

Wankus’ co-host Nautica Thorn was wearing glasses, and Wankus liked the new look. But Thorn explained it was due more to the fact that she had scratched her eyes with her contact lenses and was giving her peepers a breather. Thorn also reported on her trip to El Paso last week noting that the Rio Grande ain’t so grand any more.

“I wasn’t impressed,” she said. Thorn also noted that the houses were decorated purple, green and yellow and probably came with a goat.

Wankus noting that Ann Marie, who’s repped by Exotic Star Models, was making a comeback, assumed that she must have dumped a boyfriend to make that decision.

Before the show got fully under way, Wankus played a cute video clip featuring New Sensations contract girl Ashlynn Brooke interviewing herself. Setting up the bit, Wankus also described how he lent his car to Brooke, and that was evidently stolen from the parking lot where she was on set.

A stolen vehicle report had to be filed. But on the lighter side of things, Brooke notes in her self-interview that she tends to sleep walk when she’s highly stressed. Along with that, says Brooke, she pisses to mark her territory and talks in her sleep as though possessed.

On one occasion, Brooke was found sticking her ass out of a fourth story window during one of her somnambulate excursions. Brooke said these experiences are legitimately weird and real and something that would only happen to her. Gathering from her reactions, Thorn was highly intrigued by Brooke’s exploits although Brooke wasn’t there herself to answer any questions.

From the LA Lakers family, Buss, whose name’s featured prominently on the boxcover of the porn movie Unfaithful Secrets, has taken to glamour and erotic photography,

Attracted to the fun and energy of porn, Buss said he knew a lot of people in the business and this was a natural progression for him. Although the NBA might have different opinions on the subject.

Buss also mentioned how he and his father, Dr. Jerry Buss, had been traveling in China on vacation when the news about Kobe Bryant wanting to leave the Lakers broke.

“We came back to a lot of turmoil,” he observed.

“Kobe put dad in a funky mood,” Buss observed. According to Buss, his siblings have more interest in running the Lakers than he has.

With nary a meathook in evidence, Matt Zane touted some of his upcoming appearances including a suspension performance on Dave Navarro’s WebTV show, Thursday, August 9.

Musician Zane, who’s played before crowds as large as 40,000 in Europe, recapped how he got nominated for Best Live Performance placing second only to U2. Zane also prepped for that performance by assuming five weeks of celibacy.

Wankus recalled a similar instance at the Key Club a couple of years ago when Zane, after a suspension, and similar celibacy had three girls sucking his cock at a time back stage.

“I used to think that Matt Zane was a sick, motherfucker-idiot,” said Wankus. “But it’s the coolest thing [suspension] I’ve ever seen in my life.” Zane then offered a queasy, verbal depiction of shark hooks, hollow needles, piercings and blood.

“We keep paramedics on hand,” Zane said as if that would be news. Zane also chatted up a couple of upcoming movies including Tattooed & Tight and Radium. In the Tattooed & Tight movie, Zane described how porn actresses engage in sex acts while being inked. And the tattoist is the same one who did work on Britney Spears “before she went nuts.”

“It’s my first movie back in seven years,” observed Zane, noting that he was the first person in porn to bring the alt culture to the screen. According to Zane, he was also the first male to appear on an AVN cover. [My recollection was it was Jamie Gillis back in the early Eighties.]

Though he wasn’t fully versed on the subject as yet, Zane noted that he would also serve as the anti-host at the upcoming Sexopolis show scheduled for August 31,

Wankus was also curious to hear about Rob Black, citing rumors that the company was shutting down.

“Extreme’s not going to close its doors,” declared Zane, explaining that Black was gearing production for web distribution and had already put together somewhere in the neighborhood of nine pay sites.

“He’s developing and putting his content on those sites,” said Zane. At the same time, Zane acknowledged that Black was answering five charges for obscenity on the Internet.

“I think he’s going to be alright,” thought Zane. “Although he’s going to have to take the brunt for everyone if he goes down.”

During her hiatus, [although she was still doing Playboy radio] Ann Marie had been working out, mostly yoga; and Zane began a seduction ritual that was part Starbucks chitchat, part tantric double-talk.

“I’m a licensed double yoga instructor,” he told her.

Asked about her mainstream film, Forgetting Sarah Marshall for Universal Pictures, Ann Marie said Stormy, who’s also in the picture, hooked it up for her. Ann Marie gets a speaking part and was told it qualifies her for a SAG card. And then there’s a matter of coughing up 2,200 bucks, Zane told her.

Ann Marie, who hasn’t shot a scene with a guy in over four years, also made it clear that she was avoiding boyfriend situations.

“It’s very bad for my health,” she laughed. Wankus tried to get her to spill some beans about her past relationship with Craven Moorehead. But she wasn’t taking the bite.

“He has a history of volatile relationships,” Wankus observed.

Besides working out, Ann Marie said she’d been travelling and appearing in softcore features booked by Robert Lombard, One of those upcoming projects is titled Deceptions. And Ann Marie mentioned that Sydney Steele was also in the cast.

“She might as well get Rocky 7 going,” mused Wankus. Ann Marie’s also shooting content for her website,

“I’m collaborating with Red Ezra,” she said. Formerly a contract girl with Metro, Ann Marie said by the time she left the company she was burnt out. Wankus said Metro was noted for its irregularities when it came to paying performers.

“I didn’t have to chase a check until the end,” she replied. “Then there was this guy who came from a bubble gum factory. It wasn’t fun any more.” She said with the help of Christian Mann she was able to collect some old money due her.

Ann Marie’s also in talks with the Lee Network about feature dancing and just got a MySpace account.

“At first I thought MySpace was just going to die and go away.”

During his time on the PTU couch, Scott Lyons, who used to take a ribbing for resembling a human pipe cleaner, said he was up to 140 pounds. Lyons is also training with Dick Delaware, and Wankus asked about the rumors that supposedly had Delaware killing someone.

Lyons, who seemed to be fairly conversant with the situation, said Delaware body slammed some fat dude on the concrete.

“I know the charges he’s facing,” said Lyons. “And he would not be training with me if it was murder.”

Lyons also discussed how he had been laid up by a broken shoulder for three months. Off camera, Lyons was telling me that he slipped in the shower reaching for a razor. Nonetheless he appeared in a Vivid movie that morning and didn’t want to tell anyone about his injury.

“You got to do what you got to do- pay the bills.”

Fully recovered from that injury, Lyons also discussed how he was contacted by a gay company. They wanted to pay him $3800 to do a double oral scene; and $5,000 if he did a group scene with three other guys. He was told that crossover was more acceptable now because of Christian.

“I said save that sales pitch for another dumb fucker,” Lyons commented dryly. Lyons says he’s now working for high end companies and doesn’t like “to deal with dirty, degrading fuckers.”

And now that he’s palling around with Kylie Wilde, Lyons said the two of them were going to start designing websites. For her part, Wilde had just done a nine-girl squirting gangbang for Elegant Angel which included Annie Cruz, Chelsea Rae and Angela Stone. She couldn’t think of the other girls.

Wilde, who’s from Absecon, NJ, said she just moved here permanently not too long ago.


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