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Ava Vincent Denies Getting Beat Up

Porn Valley- It’s being reported that Lea DeMae, aka Andrea Absolonova, passed away earlier today in a hospital in Prague. DeMae was battling brain cancer. I remember shooting her for my Great American Ass series [volume 2] and the fact that she was one of the most striking women I’ve ever seen in this business.

> I hear there’s still some fallout over an incident on an HBO shoot where Cytherea was brought to the set two hours late by Harry Weiss. The matter was touched on to some degree last Friday night by Chloe who happened to be the star of that project. Then Cytherea’s man, Plus One, came on and related another Weiss story about how Cytherea was late to last year’s AVN awards to present because Weiss decided to stop for some buffet. I hear Cytherea may challenge Weiss on these matters tonight on KSEX at 5pm. But what’s really funny about this story is that Weiss on the HBO set tried to put the moves on Chloe to rep her and Chloe said he must be kidding because he can’t get his own people to a shoot on time.

> Although I keep hearing rumors to the contrary, Ava Vincent called me the other night to say that any stories suggesting that Nikita Denise’s husband Carl beat Vincent up are false. Vincent is also denying stories that Skeeter Kerkove evicted Nikita Denise from the house she was living in. [Skeeter would know, he initiated the paperwork].

“She was living in her own house,” says Vincent. “It wasn’t Skeeter’s house, ever. I lived there too. I was there when Kurt [Lockwood] and I were fighting. I think I know a little bit better than Skeeter does. But I’m not going to say that much because Nikita’s one of my best friends and I don’t know what she’s going to do or say.”

Meanwhile Denise’s husband, from what I hear, faces robbery charges this month. Story is that he was supposed to have knocked over a Von’s in Woodland Hills. He’s already done jail time this year for beating Denise up.

“Carl stole some money from me,” adds Vincent. “That’s for sure. I lent him some money and he never paid it back. And I think he stole some stuff from my house. But he never touched me. I would say something.”

> Robert Lombard, got rear-ended yesterday. I asked him if he got the number of that dildo. Lombard said it was more of a traffic accident but it felt like he got a dildo up the ass. “It was an SUV,” he tells me. It turned out that the guy who hit him was the executive vice president of Tower Records, so not only does Lombard get a complimentary copy of the Johnny Mathis Christmas DVD, he’ll get swift action from the insurance company. The accident occured at Sunset at Hillcrest.

>Judging from what I heard, we almost didn’t have Roy Karch to kick around any more. And if that was the case, there’d have been no more missing 25 minutes involving Karch and Cytherea’s mother.

This morning Karch got a nasty phone message, to say the least, from Jezabel Bond’s boyfriend who called Karch “a pathetic little bitch”. Bond’s boyfriend went on to brag that he was a prizefighter and “in the top 100 in the fucking world” in his weight division.

“I promise you when I fuckin’ see you I’m going to hand you your fuckin’ teeth you little fucking cunt. I can’t wait to fuck you up you litle fucking bitch. You call with an apology.” The or else, according to the message was that Karch was going to receive the beating of his life. “You fucking cunt, you understand? No lie. No threat. Take me completely fucking serious, cunt. I’m going to fuck you up.”

In a message he left me, Karch explains that he hired Bond and Lisa Marie to do a shoot. “They both didn’t shoot or call. This was three months ago Something like that.”

According to Karch, there was an incident last weekend in which he had to throw Lisa Marie off the set. “They called me back- how can you do this to us? I left a message- because you’re both scumbags, thank you. Now I get this from this guy.”

No sooner had Karch left that message with me, he followed up with another claiming that matters had been resolved. “Oh, well, so maybe I jumped the gun. I called that guy and I talked to Jezabel and everything should be okay. It’s probably best if that doesn’t get printed which probably means that you will. Whatever, whatever. People threaten me, I’ve got to have it down on paper, somewhere. It is all settled, though.”

Gene sez: moral of story. There’s a porn performer, Jack Hammer, doing major time now because of leaving the same type of phone message. Cops call it a terroristic threat and treat them somewhat seriously.

> I had heard a rumor that Kurt Lockwood was engaged. I called Kurt who told me there was no truth to it though he and his current squeeze are hitting it off marvelously. Then Kurt shouldn’t be too bothered that his former squeeze Tyler Faith is taking both Wankus and KSEX Daisy to the Jill Kelly Christmas party. Wankus went into excruciating detail about that on his KSEX show Wednesday night. And Faith is also tentatively penciled in to spend a sex weekend at Disneyland with Wankus for his birthday in January.

> I also hear that someone pencilled in the word “asshole” on Kurt Lockwood’s picture at AIM. I hear that certain someone was Ava Vincent.



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