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The Ava Vincent Birthday Interview

Today is Ava Vincent’s birthday. And not that it has anything to do with her being a Libra, Ava was a guest a couple of weeks ago along with boyfriend Kurt Lockwood, on the Conway & Steckler show on L.A.’s KLSX 97.1 FM. [Also take note of Kurt’s banner which graces the pages of Gene sez, check it out.]
Ava, along with such babes as Christy Canyon, Ginger Lynn and Sam Phillips, participated in a panel discussion titled What a Girl Wants at L.A. Fair’s Singles Fest. During some down time, Ava and Kurt’s radio interview went something like this: Lockwood said that Vincent had always been his favorite porn star and that they had a chance meeting in a bank line at Ralph’s which eventually led to their relationship. Lockwood said he was working on a project where they asked him to pick his dream girl. “We were trying to get a hold of her [Ava], and we couldn’t. Then I ran into her at a line in the bank.”

Ava: He came up to me and he was, like, are you Ava?

Lockwood: I didn’t want to freak her out. Like a psycho fan.

Ava: It’s always an awkward moment when…

Conway: When people try to bang you and run.

Ava: When somebody’s seen you naked, on the street that you’ve never met before comes up to you, sometimes it can be a little strange.

Steckler said that’s happened to him at Bank of America’s where fans have met him and all their hopes are dashed and sent away.

Conway: How long have you guys been going out together?

Lockwood: About six months

Conway: Are you like the equivalent of Ben & Jen in the porno world?

Lockwood: I hope not.

Ava: I hope so!

Conway: We’re more like the Brad and Jennifer, I think.

Conway: How often do you guy bang around?

Lockwood: Seven days a week.

Conway: Every day, huh?

Lockwood: Every day.

Ava: But we have yet to have a girl-girl-guy encounter.

Conway: Why is that?

Lockwood: Because I work every day. I’m banging all these other chicks.

Steckler: Of course there’s a huge difference. Ava Vincent- I see no tattoos- that doesn’t mean you don’t have any.

Vincent: I don’t have any.

Steckler: But Kurt- and he told me this during the last break- has more tattoos than there are in heaven.

Lockwood: She likes the bad boys, guys. What can I say?

Conway: Kurt, where did you grow up?

Lockwood: Baltimore, Maryland.

Steckler: It’s under water right now.

Conway: How old are you?

Lockwood: I’m 33 years old.

Conway: How did you get into this?

Lockwood: I used to date a dancer and she got approached to do some stuff. I was a boyfriend, so I did some scenes with her and got in that way.

Conway: So you guys have worked together.

Lockwood: Five times.

Conway: The first time you worked together It was after you met at Ralph’s?

Lockwood: Afterwards, thank God. We were boning then I asked for her number.

Ava: He asked for my phone number while we were…

Lockwood: You’re not supposed to tell that part.

Steckler: wow, wow, wow

Conway: That’s kind of an unusual scene in the porno world. Ava, you’re still doing movies. How old are you, you’re 25, 26?

Ava: 25.

Conway: What was your childhood like, pretty stable?

Ava: I didn’t have a father. He died when I was young.

Steckler: I’m sorry to interrupt, but, Ava, if you’re looking for a father figure…I’m anatomically correct…

Conway: Does mom know you’re doing this?

Ava: No she doesn’t. But she lives all the way, way up in Washington, so

Conway: That’s practically outside the United States. How how many films have you done.

Ava: About 100.

Conway: And she has not seen any of them or knows that you do this. What do you tell her that you do for a living.

Ava: I tell her that I work at Mervyn’s because I used to work there when I was in college.

Conway: Does she ever ask you to get her some hose?

Ava: No. no.

Conway: Does anybody in the family know what you do?

Ava: I think an uncle saw a film of mine and actually sent it to my grandmother which was a very bad boy thing of him.

Steckler: Ava, please, you don’t have to call me your uncle. It’s embarrassing to you and to me.

Lockwood: There’s always that weird uncle.

Conway: So the weird uncle sent your grandmother?

Ava: Yes.

Conway: Is your grandmother still alive?

Ava: Yes, she’s still alive and my grandfather is, too.

Conway: People in Washington and Oregon live forever. My fiancee, the future Mrs. Conway, has a great-great grandmother that’s still alive. I think she’s like 90-something. They live forever up there.

Ava: It’s cleaner and nicer.

Conway: Did your grandmother watch the tape?

Ava: No. My aunt actually intercepted it because my aunt lives next to my grandmother. She intercepted it and my grandmother asked me about it. She’s like, did you do a bad movie? I was, like, what are you talking about, nana?

Conway: They could have asked that of Steckler or myself and we would have had to say yes.

Steckler: We would have had to pull down the entire catalog. There’s no such thing as a bad movie in the adult world.

Ava: I don’t know if I could say that!

Conway: Do you have brothers and sisters?

Ava: I have one brother.

Conway: And he’s not seen anything?

Ava: Not that I know of. I haven’t talked to him in about two years.

Conway: Politically different?

Ava: I know he’s moving around a lot. He’s kind of traveling around.

Conway: You’re making great money, right?

Ava: Yes.

Conway: And where do you guys live, Beverly Hills?

Lockwood: We just bought a house in Northridge.

Conway: Northridge? I know exactly where that is. That’s a beautiful place out there. It’s the porn capitol of the world.

Steckler: Close by.

Conway: So you have not brought another girl into the relationship, that’s correct.

Lockwood: Not as of yet.

Conway: Who are you waiting for?

Ava: I’m still waiting for him to bring a girl home.

Conway: You looking forward to that?

Ava: Yes!

Lockwod: Why is it up to me to bring the girl into it. Because I work with these girls all the time. I want HER to bring the girl in, know what I’m saying?

Steckler: Has Ava given a hint of her type?

Lockwood: She’s too shy. She said she’ll do it.

Steckler: She isn’t shy here.

Lockwood: A shy porn star, right? But here she is.

Steckler: Is it weird to ask Ava to show us her boobs?

Ava: Oh no!!!!

Conway: Would you do it here?

Ava: I could get arrested! You just had the police chief on.

Conway: He’s gone.

Steckler: Wait a minute, look at the crowd that’s developing!

Ava: I’ll tell you what- I’ll show you my breasts if you show me your penises.

Lockwood: Whoa!

Steckler: I’m up for that.

Conway: You just didn’t look down far enough. I’ve been nude the whole time. I’ve had my pants off the whole interview. So let’s get back to…what was your first film? Was that enjoyable. Was it scary?

Ava: My first film was for somebody you guys see all the time on Showtime, I think it is. Seymore Butts.

Steckler: Under the Grandstand.

Conway: He was arrested, wasn’t he?

Ava: I don’t know if he was arrested or not. But I know he was under litigations and stuff.

Conway: That was your first film?

Ava: Yeah. It was with him and I thought he was pretty sexy, pretty hot when I did the film with him.

Conway: Did you start stripping before you did films?

Ava: No, I never did.

Conway: Never did any stripping at all. The first time you were on the set you were totally naked doing porn?

Ava: Yes. I was so nervous.

Conway: I could imagine.

Steckler: It as like my first day in radio. We have so much in common.

Conway: Are you still nervous?

Ava: I still get a little bit nervous. But nothing near.

Conway: Is it true you don’t work with Asian guys, that you don’t like Asian guys?

Ava: That’s not true.

Lockwood: I’m the only guy she works with, now. But she can work with other girls.

Conway: But she can’t work with other guys?

Lockwood: No.

Conway: Oh, I see. Good for you. Well, congratulations on that.

Lockwood: Thank you very much.

Conway: How is Christmas around the house?

Lockwood: We’ll let you know this Christmas.

Conway: Is this the first one?

Lockwood: The first one. We’ve only been together six months.

Conway: You guys living together.

Lockwood: Yes we are.

Conway: Good for you. I think in a porno relationship it progresses a little faster than a typical one, right?

Lockwood: Well, six months seems a good enough time to move in together.

Conway: Are there any fantasies you have not lived out?

Lockwood: Here we go.

Conway: What are some of the strangest fantasies you have?

Ava: For the longest time people would ask me that question and mine was kind of to have like a [?] to girls and then me. I couldn’t even really say that I liked girls until I got into the business. I was really, really shy about it. I’m still into guys but that was more of a taboo thing that I couldn’t really admit to other people.

Steckler: I used to be really into a spanking fantasy but once I got her pants down I wasn’t angry any more.

Lockwood: And she’s obsessed with Angelina Jolie.

Conway: My fiancee the same way. Was it that the chicks love Angelina Jolie.

Ava: She’s sexy and I read that she likes girls.

Conway: And you do, too.

Ava: I do. I do. You’d be surprised in the adult business there’s a lot of girls you run in to that don’t like girls.

Steckler: You’re kidding.

Conway: I run into them all the time at the station.


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