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Robert Lombard: Mad at Ava Vincent

Porn Valley- I spoke to Robert Lombard of Creative Image Management, last week when he wasn’t feeling so creative.

“I generally give everybody kudos, but from time to time I’ve got to pull covers,” says Lombard who, at the time of our conversation, was into the third week of another series he was doing, called Sex Games.

“We’re into Season 2 and Chloe is the series lead,” Lombard explains. “Again she was picked up by HBO who wanted her back again which I think is a good coup.”

Lombard said the series would pick up shooting again after Thanksgiving.

“I’ve had three minor situations,” Lombard continued. “One girl I’m not going to mention because I love her dearly and it was just a fluke. But we had a girl who got arrested on the 101 and the 405 for whatever reason- to be honest I think it had something to do with a car that was fucked up with a tail light out. But lo and behold. The girl has a warrant. Surprise. So off to jail she goes. She comes here to my office crying later in the day to apologize. So she totally redeemed herself. And I’m glad because I really like her.”

Then Lombard had some drama with Ava Vincent.

“It was two days before our lovely Ava Vincent was scheduled to shoot,” Lombard notes dryly. “I love her dearly but her message box was filled up. Then it’s clear. You leave a message and wait a day. No return call, then you call back again, and the message box is filled up again. I’m proud of myself- I pulled her two days before she was due to work. I’m so upset with her. I’m more hurt than anything else. But she has not responded, called or apologized since then. “She was scheduled to have worked October 31 to November 5th,” Lombard continues. “She called to confirm when I originally cast her. She came in and read. She did all the proper things. I figure, wow, she’s back on track. But Ava’s once again Ava Vincent. She never came to pick up her script and never called to confirm that she was picking up her script so I pulled her. This was for Sex Games. And I’ve got to give kudos to Direct Models for the girls that have been chosen by HBO. His girls have been on time. Those girls- he gets them there. I don’t know how he does it.

“Another kudo also goes to Lisa Ann,” says Lombard. “She did the show for me. HBO chose her for a guest star role and, boy, is she hot. We’ve had Katie Morgan in a guest star role. We’ve had Tyler Faith- I begged Wankus get her in here. She said she didn’t want to do the acting but I worked with her for an hour. I ran through the scene with her. I put her on tape. I said how do you feel. She said not that bad. It’s like a conversation. I said you will get chosen. Lo and behold, she’s chosen for a lead and she had a wonderful time, showed up on time. I’ve got to say my overall experience on this show has been fantastic.

“I’m very angry at Ava, and you can print that,” says Lombard. “But the good ones make up for that.”


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