Banjo Boy Mike South Delivers Another Batch of Brilliance

I’m fucking annoyed.

Here’s the thing, guys. You have three news organizations in the adult business. You got AVN, XBIZ and Mike South. All three of them lie. All three of them are incredibly ignorant and it makes you wonder how anybody in this business is ever going to do anything other than wallow and die in their own putrid vomit and filth.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you go to the Mike South site, it’s quite comical. Because it shows you an example of someone who I thought was very intelligent because he tells everybody that he’s a rocket scientist. I thought that someone with his intellectual credentials would fact check or at least know what the fuck he’s talking about.

We all know he’s kinda ignorant about what’s actually going on in the biz, we all know he’s from the south, we all know he lies about me, we’ve known all of these things.

I always assumed that had some intelligence.

What is comical is he has lost not only credibility, but the man is not smart and I would seriously question the veracity and credentials of anything he says related to his intellect and not that he is anything other than some asshole who wants to try to be a pornographer and that’s all he’s been for 20 years.

He’s a huckster who has convinced the more gullible of you that he’s a NASA rocket scientist, when he’s nothing more that an inbred, racist, wannabe asshole who sits there and plays on a little blog.

Here’s where I get upset.

If I’m doing material and bits and people take my material and they don’t understand it, it disturbs me. When they take my routine and don’t reiterate it properly it bugs the fucking shit out me. When the audience has already heard the proper performance and they’re butchering it, and they’re horrible, it does a disservice to the original art of the piece. It’s downright criminal.

We did two bits yesterday. They were long bits. Did one in the morning and one on the night show. The Vivid story was up and somebody asked me to put it back to the top because it was so funny.

I want all of my Black Army members , the keyboard warriors, everybody needs to hit up Mike South and say, “Really?”

The guy has no credibility or any clue what’s going on.

He incorrectly identified Xander Corvus as one of the members of the 50 man anal creampie gangbang. Then you post a picture of a 75 year old in a hooker ad and say it’s Sofia Delgado.

Then you have Derek Hay and Alex Gonz perpetrate the crime of the century and say it’s not their fault, it’s Bobbi and Jen at CET.

Finally you have Derek Hay moving to Vegas, I reported it, and Mike South goes, “Rob Black doesn’t know what he’s talking about, he’s a liar. Derek’s not moving to Vegas. He’s already got an office in Vegas, but he’s not moving to Vegas.”

Remember, he’s not just another blogger, he’s a news source. He was invited to the Alex Gonz press conference along with AVN and XBIZ. So when he reports things, he should try to actually have important knowledge and info.

So let me read to you his post.

“Rob Black Tries To Play Power Broker”

I’m thinking he’s talking about the legal action. He must be talking about the lawyers we’ve been talking to. Holy shit, he’s tapped in.

Here’s the rest. You ready?

“In the funniest story I have heard in a while it seems that in between posts sucking up to Steven Hirsch in hopes of a radio show on Sirius (give it up Rob that WONT happen) Rob has decided that if you want to try to work with him as part of a campaign for the Free Speech board, you first have to treat him and Tommy to a free dinner.”

“At first I thought I was surprised…”

He’s acting like this is a secret! We talked about this on the show for six fucking hours!

“At first I thought I was surprised that Rob was for sale so cheap, then I realized that no….that wasn’t it. I mean his endorsement would be worth about 10 bucks at Jack in the Box….If that.”

“Then I realized the really surprising part is that he thinks he has the juice to play some sort of power broker…..I mean If I were running for the FSC board I’d take Rob and Tommy to a really nice dinner and say hey guys, whatever you do…DO NOT endorse me ok?”

Guys. Did you just hear what I read?

Two things.

Mike South is either the dumbest motherfucker in the entire universe and this post proves it to all of you that he’s dumb, he’s not a rocket scientist, he’s bullshitting all of you, OR he is on the take, he distorts and lies, does everything in his power to advance the agenda of Derek Hay or whoever pays him and he’s so jealous of Rob Black that he can’t see straight.

So which one is it everybody?

Yesterday’s bits were comedy gold. And for Mike South to either be that stupid to not understand that it was a schtick, a rub, a routine. Or he is that corrupt?

Anyone who gives any kind of validity to anything he says now is just showing their own stupidity.

Mike South has nothing of substance on his site. He talks about Pippi Longstockings and Manwin crap nobody cares about. Take a look at his message board. All anyone is talking about are things that Rob Black is talking about.

All Mike South talks about is gibberish nonsense and ruining Rob Black bits.

Somebody needs to clue him in that is you’re gonna do Rob Black material, do it correctly, because you piss him off. Like any comedian who gets their material stolen and redone and fucked up. You don’t fuck with another man’s vehicle. You just don’t do it. Listen to Travolta.

It does a disservice, because he makes it sound like a story. And when you investigate and you read the original piece you go, “Dude, this a a joke. This is like a National Lampoon thing.”

Mike, when you’re trying to do my material, you goddamn better get it straight.

Vivid Entertainment. We conducted a bit. And for you to distort and ruin our comedy gold is fucking terrorism.

It’s like someone taking Sam Kinison material… and fucking shitting on it.

Then, after all that he posts another story:

“OK I  admit it, it was a slow day yesterday and I felt the need for a little fun, so I pulled out my playbook and played the Kazoo (Rob Black) Now i considered using banjo but truth is I play a little banjo…enough to know I can’t play it so that didn’t work, ditto piano but a Kazoo, like Rob is pretty easy to play.”

“The problem is as much as I would like to listen to him go from zero to insanity in about sixty seconds as a result of my post I just cant bear to hear his voice  its the equivalent of fingernails running down a chalk board for me so i just have to sit back and wait to hear about it from wherever.”

So Mike South says he was just kidding. I’m not buying it. I call bullshit on his bullshit.

You can play the banjo and the kazoo all you want because at the end of the day this devil can always come down to Georgia and stick his fiddle up your ass because you have no soul to steal.


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