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A “Reloaded” James Bartholet: The Mexican Zsa Zsa Gabor Was Just Sucking me Dry! “Mike Kulich is the Golden Boy”

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James Bartholet and porn company owner Mike Kulich were on LA Talk Radio this week. Bartholet, who has his own show on the network Wednesday nights, was talking about his many divorces while Kulich, of Monarchy Distribution, represents a sexual enhancement product called Reload for which Bartholet’s the spokesman.

Bartholet whose career began in mainstream got into the adult business about nine years ago.

“There was a woman I was married to that was an adult film star, so it just went from there,” he explained.

“I was a mainstream actor for many years in General Hospital and other television shows and movies; I was on a porn set, and they said they saw my mainstream work and asked if I might do a part.

“Of course at first I said no. But then I was looking around and thinking this is kind of fun. So it went from one to another. There’s over 150 scenes that I’ve done. I’m 53 years old,. I’m happy to say that and I’m spokesmen for the Reload product. I use it on the set. A good friend of ours, Dick Chibbles, used it on the set the other day and it works like a charm.”

Bartholet says the effects are good for 72 hours and that the product kicks in, in about 20 minutes.

“Every man’s going to be different,” he adds.

“Everybody has a different body chemistry but this is a really great product.”

Bartholet said there was also a female product available and Kulich mentioned that it took about two years to come up with a formula that wouldn’t prompt headaches on the part of the user. The product was kicked off in September in Las Vegas at the AVN novelty show.

“This product has taken off like gangbusters,” noted Bartholet adding that it’s received an AVN awards nomination.

Host Sam Hasson, who, tried the product and got “a raging hard on,” said, “If you guys were nominated for this, it must work. ‘Cause people are not going to take a bullshit product and nominate it.”

According to Bartholet, Reload can also be used while you’re drinking.

“If you go out and have some drinks and party, if you use Reload it will still work…the competitors, if you party, it’s not going to work that well.”

Kulich explained that he had worked for another male enhancement product in the industry and did their sales. At the time he thought the market was saturated and everyone and their mom was moving a product.

“Once it died down there were only a couple left. I decided it was a good time to go back into it.”

Kulich said the product was put together with the help of herbalists and a few trips to China to meet with suppliers.

“We have a lab- I’m not going to say who it is- who mixes everything and capsulizes everything.”

Kulich said there’ll be a big retail push including a website by the end of the year with Bartholet, in commercials, doing a take on Dos Equis’ World’s Most Interesting Man.

“The main thing is the guys are diggin’ it,” said Bartholet.

“And they’re lovin’ it; when they try the pill they love the pill.”

Bartholet who’s now performing in sex scenes announced that he would be playing The Cowardly Lion in a Wizard of Oz parody.

Bartholet was also asked how he became an industry publicist.

“I had done publicity before in the mainstream industry,” he explained, adding that friends in the business needed help on projects.

“Besides writing press releases you got to think outside the box,” he added.

“Like putting clients on radio shows or doing store signings. We also market the girls- anything from mouse pads, to body pillows, T-shirts, all kinds of things. There’s so much you can do.”

Hasson also wanted to make it clear whether Bartholet was married to someone in the industry before he got into the industry. Bartholet said that was correct.

“You didn’t mind that she was fucking other guys?” Hasson asked.

Bartholet then brought up another woman, calling her “The Mexican Zsa Zsa Gabor”.

“She hated the fact I was doing scenes,” says Bartholet.

“She said I’m gonna get a divorce and take you for everything you’ve got. I go, oh really? I got a private investigator . We have little pictures of you when you were supposed to be going to Barry’s Boot Camp.”

Bartholet said the pictures were of his ex going into a motel.

“She wasn’t losing any weight. She was gaining weight. She was screwing around on me. I go, oh you’re giving me crap? I’m the one who’s making money and then she would lie in bed all day waiting for me to come home with the seven Chihuahuas in bed with her with the bon bons and the food and everything, and her hands out going, ‘did you get paid on the set?’ I was like, bitch, get a job!”

“It was crazy. She was just sucking me dry for the money! I’m out there working and doing my job. And she’s just sitting there going there’s a sale at Neiman-Marcus. There went the whole goddamn check. Fifi needs a fuckin’ diamond collar.”

Bartholet said that relationship lasted a little under a year.

“The girls in porn came over to my house and threatened to kick the shit out of her if she didn’t move out. My girls, man, I love ‘em. They are so loyal and they’ve got my back.

“We have our own dysfunctional family in the porn industry,” Bartholet continued.

“The world comes after us all the time. They really do. This Measure B-thing, Internet porn, just people on the street, they go, ‘Oh, you’re so sexy and so wonderful. What do you do for a living? Oh, you’re a porn star!!? I don’t want to talk to you.’ Are you kidding, what am I, a leper?”

Bartholet said it’s a stigma that people in the industry are thought of as “grotesque people.”

“Then we go home and take care of our families. We pay our taxes. We go shopping. We out our pant legs on one leg at a time and people are so fascinated by us. But still we haven’t had anyone do a reality show about us. [Bartholet probably missed Showtime’s Family Business show centered on Seymore Butts.]

“They’ll do reality shows about hillbillies that are inbreeding, that are catching cat fish with their hands,” Bartholet continued.

Bartholet was asked if there was an attempt at doing such a show.

“Alexander DeVoe was trying to get a show done. I was trying to get a show done. We did have a show called My Bare Lady but it was a train wreck. And they just wanted to have the drama on there. Do you know that they script reality shows?”

Kulich, who doesn’t have Zsa Zsa Gabor credentials, but maybe a Rebecca Bardoux story or two to tell, said that he owns 14 video studios and has been in the industry for eight years.

“I used to work for a smoke shop distributor when I was 17,” continued Kulich.

“They sent me to AVN to sell our product. I met Frank Koretsky who owns IVD which is the biggest adult distributor in the world. I told him a couple of ideas that I had and he brought me in. I started doing sales for him and eventually moved up the ladder.

“I ended up starting another company that sold for a good amount of money. Then I wound up producing my own stuff and distributing other peoples’ stuff.”

Kulich was asked if he ever performed on camera. He said no but related some behind-the-scenes story that sounded like some male performer was chasing him with his cock.

Kulich also mentioned that the San Diego Junior Chamber of Commerce has invited him to lecture on Jews in the porn industry.

“Mike Kulich is the golden boy,” declared Bartholet.

“He’s a young guy, and he’s an entrepreneur. If he keeps going he’ll be another Steve Hirsch or a Steve Orenstein or a Larry Flynt.”


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