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Bisexual Britni Turns on her Former “Husband,” Dennis Ormond – story in progress

Porn Valley- One of the legendary stories over at Jerry’s in Woodland Hills is how Bisexual Britni once fucked the night shift bartender- on the bar- after hours.

In recent weeks I’ve had a number of conversations with Britni who finally moved back to Denver after a falling out with Dennis Ormond. I’ve kept most of those conversations off record. But since Britni has decided to go full-throttle public, here it is.

When we first chatted, Britni talked about how Ormond her former “husband” had turned her brother against her.

“He made it that my brother isn’t taslking to me,” she states. “I sat down and said to myself why do I protect him? Part of it is that he’s made friends with my brother and my brother’s wife. He has convinced them that he is like God and everything. I thought to myself- why don’t these people care that he did things to me. Why don’t they understand what’s going on with me? It’s probably because they never knew what happened in the first place.”

“I got married two years ago to a guy named Jeremy,” Britni continues. “He’s really awesome. In the beginning Dennis convinced me that it was a good idea to be with Jeremy and with him instead of completely breaking up with Dennis altogether.

“Dennis started a whole bunch of problems between me and Jeremy,” she continues. “He admitted later that he did it on purpose and laughed in my face about it, how stupid I was, that I let him do it. I also got addicted to cocaine- it was with a lot of Dennis’ help but it was my fault.”

Britni also says it helped that it was readily available in Porn Valley.

“But since I suffer from PTSD [Post Traumatic Stress Disorder] I act like a lunatic,” she continues. “And the PTSD is from the horribly abusive and tortuous relationship I had for seven years. I didn’t know I was getting this PTSD- and that’s my objective- to tell everybody about this. You can be severely traumatized by it and your mental health can sometimes be irreparably damaged by it. And people don’t know that.”

“I’ve talked to my one lawyer about criminal things,” she goes on to say. “This thing was so sick, twisted and fucked up. And it’s so sick because he [Dennis] could actually sue me for libel and slander and say I made things up and have Michelle [the third person in the Denver troika]as his witness that nothing ever happened like that. He could win a case against me when he’s the one who did all this stuff to me. But, honestly, I don’t give a fuck. I’m ready to have whatever happens to me, happens to me. Whatever he’s going to do, he can fucking do it.”

According to Britni, the abuse of which she’s been detailing on her blog, was happening the entire time of her relationship with Ormond.

“There is so much to talk about that I don’t even have half of it on the blog,” she states, noting that half the people she was dealing with in Porn Valley were being abused.

“And I don’t like the fact that Dennis can hide and act normal like he has to deal with all these fuckin’ crazy bitches all the time.

“I asked my lawyer about that and he said it doesn’t matter- that doesn’t have anything to do with it.”

According to Britni, what Ormond does isn’t original, that there’s a play book which sexual manipulators and abusers apparently abide by.

“There are thousands like him,” she states. “Dennis is not original. He’s not a fuckin’ genius. But there’s a formula- these people do this to you- this is how it works and this is why they use this method.”

[Britni refers to a site called for more information.]

“Dennis did everything that’s on there,” she continues.

Britni met her husband Jeremy through Ormond. He was in the same motorcycle group as Ormond.

“While I was with Dennis I was really sexually unsatisfied,” she observes. “My sex was Dennis was I have to do what I have to do and then let’s move on. I was extra horny. I’m an extremely sexual person as it is. Basically what happened was I met Jeremy and he and I had everything in common. We just got along so well. Basically I couldn’t keep my hands off him [like the bartender at Jerry’s]. I liked to touch his shoulders and be close to him. This was causing Dennis to be upset about this, that this was happening in the club. I didn’t want to talk to anybody else in the club except Jeremy.”

story in progress


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