BOYCOTT Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream! They Publicly Supports black lives matter, Blacks On Twitter Go Wild!

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream has gone public in their support for the hate group black lives matter, prompting blacks on Twitter to return the favor and show their support for the company. Many black Twitter users are vowing to inhale unhealthy amounts of Ben & Jerry’s offerings as a tribute to the company. Blacks are already some of the fattest, disease prone people on earth and now they have plans to get even fatter, more diabetic and even more unhealthy by eating copious amounts of this shit. Seems that this could be a ploy by Ben & Jerry’s to control the black population numbers. If so, we commend them.


Not everyone thinks outside the box like we do and so there has been a call to boycott the company. We urge people to relax and encourage the black population to use their food stamps and EBT cards to stock up on Ben & Jerry’s, every flavor and every variety and to live off this shit until they split their pants and lose their limbs to diabetic gangrene. Have at it folks. Chase your BBQ ribs and fried chicken, macaroni and cheese and fried fish, malt liquor and sugary sodas with pints and pints of sugary, fat laden ice cream. Do it often.


Check out the web site of a black run, black patronized funeral home when you get the chance – Any black funeral home in any city (Try searching for funeral homes in Chicago, St. Louis, New Orleans or Detroit, for starters) and you will see that these people drop like flies once they get over age 50 or so and many younger. Now, many of these deaths are youngsters under the age of 20, dying from gun shot wounds, stabbings and other black on black crime but a great majority are dying relatively young due to poor life style choices. You will see in these obituaries that these people are often severely overweight. Many are probably genetically predisposed to being fat and diabetic and eating copious amounts of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream isn’t going to help matters.

The Head Jews In Charge.

And now a sample of what they’re saying on Twitter about their impending diabetes, heart disease and obesity:

@sonykr to everyone saying they’re going to boycott #benandjerrys @benandjerrys ice cream, too bad. more ice cream for us 

@tweetsbymina Every cookout is now required at the minimum 5 pints of #benandjerrys
@rgairnelsonUhhhh #BenandJerrys making me feel good about my ice cream “problem”
@keenastar I never eat #benandjerrys I’m more of @ColdStone girl but after seeing them stand with I’m going to @benandjerrys 2day
Go for it, folks!

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