University Of Vermont Flies Black Lives Matter Hate Flag Alongside American Flag

The leftist agenda on college campuses continues with the University Of Vermont flying the flag of the Black Lives Matter hate group alongside the American flag.


Here are some comments from Instagram, where the leftist institution posted the image on their official account:

thenervve @universityofvermont have u lost your minds??? How dare u fly this flag as high as the US flag!!!!! BLM is anti Law Enforcement. I hope your school never needs to call 911. Get it through your heads ALL LIVES MATTER. The people who allowed this need to RESIGN. Your school just lost all its credibility!! #disgusting

ms_prunella UVM is promoting a hate group not an all inclusive environment of respect and tolerance… I don’t think UVM will be getting a check from me this year.

daqueen64 Lesson of etiquette to UVM please don’t forget to send a Thank You note to George Soros for the big fat check he’s “donating” to what used to be a higher learning institution and now has turned into a center for socialism indoctrination. I know where my son won’t be applying to next year! By the way, ALL LIVES MATTER!!!!!!!!

luckee83 This is a joke to put the flag next to the American flag

7billionrising The basis of BLM is that legal system targets blacks, it’s not true and blacks get into more shit with the police. It’s all explainable. Ps about 1/3 of our legal system are minorities are they racist against themselves?! NO

7billionrising Vermont has less than 1% black people! I’m sure you really get the full picture of what’s happening with the police and black men. Smh

jmc215 Disgusting. A made-up BLM flag should not be flying next to the Stars and Stripes

shadowhawksecurity Burn this racist and anti American flag!!!

7billionrising Small northern white towns think it’s trendy to support BLM because they have ZERO diversity in their own life.




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