Cameron Bay Stood Up Amber Lynn

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We’re being told that Cameron Bay tested this past Monday and there were indications all was not right. I’m being told that Bay tested earlier than that date which might explain why she didn’t keep her booking on the Amber Lynn show last Friday night.

Bay was a scheduled guest on Lynn’s show and Lynn had to wind up apologizing for her. But we did learn that Lynn just bought a new Mercedes so someone’s doing okay in porn. Lynn explained that she met the AWOL Bay at Will Ryder’s recent Not The Wizard of Oz XXX party in Hollywood.

“She’s [Bay] not your stereotypical porn star looking girl,” said Lynn.

“She sports a Mohawk is probably 6’ 2” in heels – fresh, freckles looks like a super model. I kept following her around the party because she’s so beautiful. Porn girls have this swagger to them.

According to Lynn, Bay recognized her and said she wanted to come on the show.

“We know who you are, Amber Lynn, we want to come on your radio show.”

“There’s some beautiful girls in the industry right now- brand new,” Lynn added.

“The look is now changing. The look of the industry evolved from the hot blonde with the skinny waist and big boobs. Then there was a lot of piercings and tattoos, nipple piercings; now the look has evolved even more. There’s a huge surge where girls have mohawks.

“But Cameron looks like a super model. She has a Vogue model look. This is what’s going on in the industry.”


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