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Cameron Bay on the Amber Lynn Show; Here’s What She Said

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Cameron Bay was a call-in guest to Amber Lynn’s show Friday night.

Lynn explained that Bay was supposed to have been on her show a couple of weeks ago. She came down with flu symptoms, and during that time Bay tested HIV positive.

“It affects you,” said Lynn.

“You can’t help it. I feel sorry for the well being of Cameron, and we’re looking at the future of the industry which is under attack.” Bay then got on the phone.

“I’m doing as well as I can right now, Bay commented.

Lynn thanked her for being on the show and the fact she was open to conversation.

“We’re not here because we want to make you feel uncomfortable. I know you’ve been through a lot the last couple of weeks. My heart goes out to you. I’m awestruck with your courage and integrity.”

Bay then explained why she never made it on the show the first time.

“That’s when I got flu-like symptoms and I got sick. It was kind of crazy. I didn’t understand what it was. The flu was going around. When I was heading home I got a call from a friend. We both shot with Alex Gonz and he had Hepatitis C.

Bay explained that her current test was active but she re-tested to be on the safe side with the knowledge about Gonz. Instead of testing just for Hep C, she elected to get a full panel.

“Just to be safe I decided to get a full panel although my test was still good to August 26th. It came back that it was contaminated. I re-tested and found I was HIV positive.”

“You had the integrity to go out and get a test,” said Lynn.

“I want to thank you for having that kind of integrity. A lot of people don’t have the money coming in to keep the testing going. You took the responsibility of doing that.”

Bay said she would rather spend the extra money to err on the side of caution.

Lynn also said there were comments made about Bay in the press that were pretty harsh and insensitive.

“What has happened to you can happen to anyone of us,” Lynn noted.

“When we sign up [to shoot porn] we do it with the understanding that there’s this disease we can be subject to. We do it knowing that, taking the knowledge and responsibility. People continue to create this communication that this is a gay disease. It doesn’t discriminate to what sex you sleep with.”

Bay said you could get it from a cut, not necessarily who you sleep with.

“People need to be a lot more educated than they are about it.”

“There’s not one person who has a right to point a finger- those fingers are crooked,” added Lynn.

“The fact that you had a clean test and still could have used it [a good test] says a lot about you.”

Lynn thought Bay, who’s 28, was younger because she has “a kid quality” about her.

Lynn also brought up the fact that a lot of people in the business don’t have insurance. Bay doesn’t have it, and Bay was told there was no way she can qualify now, that she has to wait two years.

“It has everything to do with the fact I am HIV positive,” said Bay.

“I was diagnosed with acute HIV syndrome. I caught it about a month ago. Literally within a month. It’s very, very new.

“I know the timeline. I can’t exactly pinpoint- it’s impossible to pinpoint- I know the time frame, and we’re still working on that. When I know everything I will share it with people, but I won’t point fingers at people.”

“You guys say what you want, I’m worried about me,” continued Bay. “If it comes back and bites you in the ass…”

Lynn said, “It’s [HIV] in the world and having sex and you’re having without condoms, or the condoms could break and you could be HIV positive,” she noted.

“The risk is greater in the porn industry. It transfers more easily in the gay world because of the anal sex. These are my opinions. I’m not an expert.” Lynn noted that there are crossover performers and gays in the business.

Bay wanted to know that if they [gay and crossover performers] were tested in the straight industry, so how is it their fault [to be blamed].

Lynn felt that Bay didn’t owe any more explanation than behave the way she has.

“But she did not plan for this. She’s not working, and she needs medical treatment. Who are we if we don’t step up and show ourselves and the world to take care of this situation and help people the best way we can.”

Mark Schechter, Bay’s agent, who was also on the line, added: “We are very proud and commend your courageous actions coming forward as quickly as you did. You came out within an hour of knowing – this saved a lot of people.”

“People have to reach out and thank you for having that kind of integrity,” Lynn repeated.

“But if you make people afraid to disclose these facts and you are witch hunted- it’s just been ridiculous- how will it affect the future of this business?”

Schecter continued, “All the agencies involved, all the people in the position to make changes, we take these things seriously and are continuing to improve the system to prevent these things from happening. It’s risky to begin with.”

Lynn said all the more reason why STI testing is needed.

“When we sign up to shoot porn we know it’s there. Once it occurs and how it’s handled is going to change the future impact of this disease on the industry.

“We care and we support you,” Lynn told Bay.

“It’s not just for today- if you have problems, issues, my door and my phone are open. I want to know how you are.”

Bay said it helps her to know that and accepts the support wholeheartedly.

Schechter said he’s working on a process to set up a means where people can make donations. In the mean time checks and donations can be made to ATMLA noting that it’s for Cameron Bay: C/O ATMLA 22020 Claredon st # 300 Woodland Hills, Ca 91367

“I just want to say to the people who have supported me thank you so much,” said Bay.

“I’m just trying to learn about my disease and I’m seeing specialists. This medication is $1200 to $2000 a month just to keep you healthy. It’s been very hard. I just hope people will learn from it. And don’t discriminate and point fingers, that it’s reckless. Everything happens. I just hope people give me support, and I hope I’ll feed educated enough to answer questions for you.”


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