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Candy Manson Talks Anout Her First Anal

Porn Valley- Don Hollywood’s been having Candy Manson on as a fill in co-hostess of his KSEX show on Monday nights. And the last time they got together, Manson was talking about doing anal and the fact that she doesn’t do it on camera. Manson, however, made it sound like she was gung-ho gangbusters in her private life and later told her Vegas anal story.

Manson said she’s always horny and could have sex several times a day and could settle for one guy who could keep up with her. Manson recalled a recent threeway she did with Scott Nails and Puma Swede upon her return to porn after a break.

“It was really hot,” said Manson taking note of the fact that Swede was able to bring experience to the table and make the scene look active.

“Everyone was getting stimulated at the same time- she’s good; she’s dirty. It’s all the foreign girls that are dirty.” For his part, Hollywood said he enjoys working with English girls and never worked with one that he didn’t have fun with.Manson said Nails was the first guy she ever worked with and remembered the first time she sat on his cock.”I was so tight,” she laughed. “He popped my porno cherry. Before that I had been with really small guys that were regular guys. I just looked at that thing and I didn’t think it was going to fit. I love big cocks.”

Manson said she had tightened up again during her layoff and it was a little painful at first working with Nails again but it was all good.

“I had never been that full in a long time.”

Manson said the scene was for Zero Tolerance. In a conversation on another subject, with Hollywood talking about how he, obviously, always plays the older man in sex scenes, Manson made note of the fact that she has a boyfriend who’s significantly older than she is. Manson said she was impressed by the fact that Hollywood gets to work with a lot of 18 year-olds. That’s when Hollywood mentioned anal and Manson replied that she doesn’t do anal on camera.”I don’t do anal with big cocks,” Manson said. “Off camera I do. Actually I love it. I love anal. I love it. I love d.p.s but I’ve never had d.p.’s from two guys. I just use a dildo or something in my pussy and I prefer the guy to be in my ass.” Manson gave the reason why she doesn’t do anal on camera.

“Those few guys I have had anal with have been guys I’ve seriously dated,” she said. “So I kind of leave it for that.” It’s just something I do with that guy. Probably because it’s a big comfort thing for me, too.”

Manson alluded to an experience she had when she was much younger.

“I was in my teens and I was weird about having sex on my period,” she explained. “So I didn’t. I was like I can’t do that. I was really horny that day- so maybe you can stick it in my ass, instead. Obviously it was a guy who didn’t know what he was doing and he we didn’t know how to prepare. And he just came at it like full out. It hurt so bad. He just rammed it in there and you can’t do it that way. I wasn’t lubed up, nothing. I wasn’t turned on, nothing. I seriously jumped like five feet it hurt so bad. Holy shit.”

According to Manson, the first actual anal experience she had in the business came in Vegas.

“It was at the AVN awards,” she laughed. “You know how those go. It was so good. It made me cum so hard.” Manson said an anal orgasm is much different.

“If you have a cock in your ass, obviously, it’s going to stimulate different areas inside of you than if you have vaginal sex,” Manson said. “I don’t know why. I guess it hits me better inside. Of course you have to have clitoral stimulation at the same time.”

Lending more detail, Manson aid the incident started out as a threeway with another girl.

“The girl just took off- it was a friend of this guy in the business,” Manson continued. “We came back to the room. It was really kinky. She took my belt off and strapped it around my neck. And he was yanking me around to suck his cock. It was really hot and he was making out with me. He was eating my pussy. Then she took off to take pictures the rest of the time. He was fucking me and fucking me.” Manson made note that there were other girls in the room.

“I won’t say names,” she said. “They were all into it because I never had that. So they were, like, break her ass cherry!” Manson said, believe it or not, she was in the doggie position for her first anal.

“That’s hard- they say the spoon position is more relaxing- I was so relaxed already because I had already come. Plus I was really wasted but not wasted enough not to remember it. I was sedated, plus the guy was just good in bed. So he just came in me in doggie. He did it slow; he knew what he was doing basically. There was tons of spit going on, plus my fluids from coming.”

According to Manson, on the side of her bed was a pitcher of water because she had been sick.

“He poured that over my ass before he went in. He was pouring the water as he was entering me and it made this crazy sensation. And he was rubbing me in the right places to get me off. He was slowly coming in until my ass could accept his full girth. And it got to the point where he was just slamming the fuck out of me. This is blowing my mind because this is like my first real anal. And I’m at the point where it’s slam me. Slam your fucking cock in me.”


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