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Candy Manson Evicted from Apartment

Porn Valley- Whether he was kidding or not, Tony Batman said Steven St. Croix wasn’t on KSEX Tuesday because he was “locked out of the country.”

“We found out that he was caught in deportation…something,” added co-host Taryn Thomas. Batman called it a web of deceit but didn’t elaborate. Except that the story whiffed of your basic b.s. Or was it? Batman then told Thomas that she wasn’t allowed to pull a Cytherea by falling asleep on the show.

“That’s funny- I wonder why she’s fired,” said Thomas. With St. Croix out of the studio and not allegedly hogging the mike, Batman said it was good that Thomas got a chance to talk for a change.

“I’ve never heard almost a complete story come out of your mouth,” he said. Thomas then talked about a recent dance gig she had in Sacramento and how she learned a lot being there.

“I started doing shows with fan interaction,” she said. “I now have tons of shows to do now.” Thomas said she has things like sundae shows with a banana and popsicle shows. “Those are pretty intense.” Thomas said she was allowed to get pretty dirty, while Batman said the general rule in Miami is when you ask what the rules of the house are, you’re told to please the crowd.

“They don’t care- you can take a 22-inch dildo up there and do what you want.” Thomas said she wants to do full anal shows on stage. Thomas is with The Lee Network, and Batman noted that Dave Michaels has a feud with Wankus but might not know that Thomas has a show on KSEX.

“They’re all great over at The Lee Network- I couldn’t really be happier,” said Thomas, noting that she wouldn’t want to be with another agency. Although he likes Michaels, Batman said sometimes Michaels hasn’t been dependable..

“When I’m really counting on him, he doesn’t come through.” Thomas wanted to know more about the rift between Michaels and Wankus who’s taken may shots on the air at the agency. Batman said it’s been pretty much an exchange of colorful words and that Michaels just got married.

“He married a porno chick [Nakita Kash] didn’t he?” asked Thomas. Batman said he was at a loss for an answer. Batman then talked about a KSEX show he did last week in which he was filling in for Dee and Bruno.

“I had my co-host Sunny Lane and she showed up about a half hour before the show- we prepped, it was great,” said Batman. “I said we have a guest tonight and it’s going to be Candy Manson.” {Thomas has had a feud with Manson.] And Batman made it sound like Lane wasn’t exactly clicking her heels at the news, either. Batman didn’t put it together at the time but remembered that Manson used to be Thomas’ friend back in the day.

“She was the reason for my relapse after four years sober,” said Thomas. Nevertheless Batman said he had Manson scheduled and she was a big flake-o-la.

“We went without a guest but we had fun,” said Batman. “We didn’t need her actually.” Thomas suggested calling Manson live on the air without mentioning the fact that she was in the room. Batman asked if she could actually restrain herself. Thomas promised to keep her mouth shut provided that Batman bait Manson by asking if she might have partied a little too hard to have missed the show. Batman thought Manson might have been in Chicago but Thomas said, no, that Manson was living at LA Direct’s house because she got evicted from her apartment two weeks ago. According to Thomas, the clean-up crew in Manson’s apartment discovered maggots and flies in the sink.

“And her carpet had a glaze of dog shit all over it. It was pretty gnarly I heard. She had chicken wings and food she hadn’t eaten that turned black. The kid got so sick that he threw up twice trying to clean her apartment.”

Thomas said she got the info first hand but didn’t want to say the guy’s name other than the fact that apparently he and Manson banged one another a few times.

Batman admitted that he fucked up by not scheduling Manson through Derek at LA Direct but figured he knew Manson to call her and that she’d show. Thomas promised to shut up as Batman attempted to call Manson but couldn’t leave a message with a full mailbox.


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