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Candy Manson: Taryn Thomas Cut Me Off

Porn Valley- Candy Manson was a guest on The Wanker Show Friday night and no vodka bottle in the house was safe. Within an hour of her arriving at KSEX, Manson knocked off about two-thirds of a bottle of Belvedere vodka. Manson, who claims to be off drugs, said Belvedere is like water to her. Manson had worked with co-host Tyler Faith earlier in the week for a pay-per-view special called King of the Cage. The girls worked Tuesday and Thursday.

“Tuesday was a shoot locally where you girls were doing girl-girl stuff,” explained Wankus. “Thursday they drove you down to some shitty casino in Palm Springs.” Manson groaned and said it was a disaster and that the people were two hours later in picking them up. Asked if the mainstream girls were fun to work with, Manson said they were terrified of her and Faith.

“They think they’re divas,” said Manson who thought it was funny how the girls were getting into it putting on their coconut lotion and what not. Wankus said he didn’t get that impression when he picked Manson and Faith up, but Manson said they treated her and Faith with a certain aloofness.

“They didn’t even let us in the makeup trailer,” she said. Wankus noted that one of the mainstream girls won some distinction as being the hottest girl in the room. But he showed a picture of her toes.

“I cannot understand how they picked her as a winner,” he laughed. With that, Manson said Wankus just killed her foot fetish. Someone in the chatroom said he loved Manson’s accent. She’s originally from Chicago.

“There’s not one day that goes by that five people don’t ask me where I’m from,” she said. “Or make fun of me. They try to impersonate the accent.” Cytherea was also on the show and Wankus asked Manson if she ever worked with her. Manson said, no, but that her first experience working with a girl who squirted was Nadia Styles.

“I loved it- I swallowed five times,” said Manson. “She threw her ass over the toilet and I was licking her clit. She squirt on my face five times. It was awesome. It was the first day I learned to squirt, too.”

But Manson said she just generally squirts when she does bondage. The subject of gaping came up and Cytherea mentioned that she likes squirting gapes. Manson does anal privately but will start doing it on film. Manson said she’ll gape but it has to be with someone she’s seeing for awhile.

“I’ve got a tight asshole, but we can work on that,” added Manson. Wankus said if you’re talking about gaping, Aurora Snow does it like the Lincoln Tunnel.

“I love Aurora Snow -she’s a sweetheart but she’s a fuckin’ gaper,” Wankus laughed. Wankus also noted that when she started doing anal, Cytherea promised to let him fuck her in the ass.

“And I cleaned it out,” he quoted her as saying, wondering what she used. Answering his own question Wankus said Cytherea used a water pic.

“Clean your teeth, clean your ass!” Wankus then asked Manson about the story that was headlined this week on

“What’s really fucked up is that it happened on KSEX,” he noted, reading the story to indicate that Manson had been evicted from her apartment.

“You were evicted from your apartment- you had maggots and flies in your sink,” Wankus pointed out. “Is there any truth to any of this?”

“You know how these stories go,” said Manson. “The whole story’s bullshit.” Manson claims she wasn’t evicted from her apartment, that she lived there but moved out to Derek’s house because she’s looking for a place in West Hollywood. It was noted that Taryn Thomas made the comments and Wankus asked if they hated each other.

“I don’t hate her,” said Manson. “It’s a waste of my time. I don’t like the drama. We were like really best friends.” Manson said there wasn’t a feud.

“That part’s bullshit, too,” she went on to say. “We didn’t have any kind of fight. We both used to have a past with drugs, really heavy. And then I was clean for a long time and so was she. Then she started doing them again in Vegas. By the time we got back into it, we were on this big huge drug binge together for a long time. We were doing a lot of heavy drugs. So we were being bad friends bringing each other down. I guess that’s why she decided she couldn’t handle it. The thing is she threw out our friendship and cut me off. That’s fine. She wants to blame me for it. I stopped doing them and she was still doing them.”

Manson claims she stopped doing drugs but Thomas seems to be the one with the bad feelings.

“I knew after awhile she was still doing drugs,” Manson continued. “I don’t know if she tried getting clean. She went back to Spiegler and I’m still with LA Direct. I don’t have anything bad to say about the girl. But it just didn’t work out with us. It’s been off and on with her problem and the same with me. And I’ve been clean for awhile.”

But Manson couldn’t understand why Thomas would make up “little stories.”

Wankus then called Thomas who explained she was on a boat for a Shane’s World shoot.

Wankus started asking Thomas if she was cool with Manson and willing to let the shit between them go, but Thomas kept saying that she was on the boat and could barely hear him. Manson said things were fine as long as Thomas was off drugs. Thomas’ answer was that it was cool with her as long as it was cool with Wankus.

“I have nothing to do with it,” he told Thomas. “I’m listening to her and this thing you said. I want to make sure you guys are okay.” Thomas then put Penny Flame on the phone to say hello. Wankus said he wanted an answer to his question and for Thomas to get back on the phone. Thomas again dodged the issue and Wankus told her she was shutting him down on the phone call. Wankus told Thomas that Manson had no issues with her and was off the drugs.

“She’s making amends if you want to make amends,” said Wankus.

“It’s all fine, it’s all cool,” replied Thomas unconvincingly.

“Some day me and Kurt Lockwood will get along, too,” Wankus added. “But for now I just want to make sure that everybody else gets along.” Faith then made a comment that she hates people who don’t stand up for what they say. Manson then went on to say that she was off drugs months before Thomas quit them.

“She finally had a break down- she couldn’t handle it,” said Manson. “So she just cut me off. I understand that. But I was the one sending her messages, hey, I don’t know what happened but I cut the drugs out. I got help and I wanted her to stop doing it. You need help- let’s do it together. Let’s be there for each other.”

Wankus pointed out that Thomas went away for a month to get off of them as she started doing her new KSEX show.

“She was doing pre-tapes because she was in a center getting her shit together,” Wankus said. “Which I applaud. I think it’s awesome. I love Taryn, she’s always been real to me.” For herself, Manson said she was able to stop on a dime.

“I just have weird control like that, I guess,” she added. “I just stopped. But I said I’d be there for you and try to help you. She never answered my e-mails. She just cut me off.” Wankus then asked Manson again if she had maggots in her sink.

“Who cares if she did?” said Faith.


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