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Chanel Tells Her Story

Chanel posts: Chanel Inc. , the billion dollar perfume corporation demands domain name be turned over to them for FREE, and threatens to sue for damages. After nearly a year of a standoff, the negotiations have come to a standstill. Chanel Inc.’s lawyers agreed to SexyChanel changing her name to Chanelle several months ago, and now have changed their mind by stating.

“As a result of your failure to amend your web site completely so as to remove therefrom any reference to our client’s famous registered trade-mark CHANEL and your failure to assign the domain name to Chanel Inc., we have been instructed to advise that if by August 15, 2004 you do not cure the breaches to your agreement with our client by appropriately amending the said web site and transferring the domain name, our client will no longer consider itself bound by its agreement that you may use the domain name “” to carry on your business.

As a result, it will consider itself free to take any and all necessary steps against you in regard to both domain names, and as it deems necessary in order to protect its intellectual property rights in its said trade-mark CHANEL.”

The apparent change of mind came from an animated banner gif that remained on my site, a banner that they themselves didn’t even list as one of the changes recommended to be made.

This was the list of changes to be made which I complied with:

“Further to our e-mail of February 20, 2004, we have at your suggestion reviewed your amended Website. We notice that there remain three references to our client’s trade-mark CHANEL.

Would you please remove same.

For ease of reference, they are at:

1. Cover Page – Webdesign & Hosting By “ME” Sexy Chanel;

2. In your photogallery: “…written Consent of William Santillo Photography and the model [Chanel] is strictly prohibited”; and

3. Under Chanelle’s Dinner Menu: “Chanel Intimate Dining”. “All meals prepared and cooked by “Me” Chanel”.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Yours truly,

Make No Mistake, I Don’t Sell Perfume I am the Product.Please help me fight this goliath corporation, if they want my website they shouldn’t have it for Free. I have spent thousands of dollars building this website and all of you fans over 250,000 of you have come to know me as SexyChanel and SexyChanelle. This is not an attack on me capitalizing on a perfume bottle but an attack on all escorts in general. They simply want to put us all out of business, any which way they can.

Donate to The SexyChanel Legal Fund anonymously via TDCanada Trust account # 0544459 and receive a Free idinner recipe book( a host of recipes for an intimate dinner for two). Or email me to receive an anonymous mail drop off/snail mail address. Please help I need to raise $100,000 to fight this Giant and they stated they are serving me this week of September 8, 2004.

Revisit my blog often as I will keep you all up to date with this dilemma. Posting every single letter I hereafter receive from these bullies.

“Read the Threatening Statement of Claim” , Names have been xxxx out for privacy issues.



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