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I Make My KSEX Debut; Leilani Li Tells Her Pit Bull Story

Porn Valley- I kept telling Leilani Li [pronounced LEE] that hers was one of the best interviews I’ve ever had in this business. And I couldn’t think of a better time to have it because Jason Sechrest asked if I’d fill in for him this past Monday afternoon on KSEX.

With two hours to fill, Li could have filled another two with the way she was going and the stories she was telling.

Li, 20, came into the adult business this May but already had two years of spring training at the Bunny Ranch, including, what she quaintly refers to as her own “private thing”.

And from the way she talks, Li, who’s with Foxxx Modeling, didn’t waste too many days of those two years in between the Ranch and porn. Aside from the fact that the Bunny Ranch’s Dennis Hof wanted her to come out here and become a porn star, Li has been pretty much her own entrepreneur, already paying her own cell phone bills as early as sixth grade.

According to Li she was always a straight A student but went afoul of her studies, so her parents insisted she do home school. Giving good reason why she wound up in home studies, she remembered the time she cut classes to be with a 17 year old. She was 12 at the time and she wound up having sex with him in the school bathroom.

“I went up to him- he was hot,” she remembers. “He was a big jock at school. He called me the next day. He asked if I’d come over, I said no. The next day in school he grabbed my butt, and I grabbed his dick.”

I’m telling Li this story is sounding like something out of the Penthouse Letters as are most of her yarns.

“So I pulled him into the bathroom,” she continues. “I dropped his pants down and gave him head.”

Li explained how wet she was getting, and I suggested at age 12 she must have mistaken it for milk spots on her crotch. Li also also said that at age 10 something gnarly happened to her.

“It’s a touchy subject,” she comments.

“After that incident my parents didn’t ask questions,” she says when asked if they kept particular tabs on her whereabouts.

I suspect that what Li was hinting at often turns women into alcoholics and drug addicts. She said true enough but it turned her into a sex addict.

“And I went about finding guys that would make me happy.”

According to her, the majority of guys in her life had been quick fixes and she talked about another instance of dating a guy- they went to the movies and, afterwards, dinner.

She was dressed in short shorts, a tank top and no panties. I wondered if, at the movies, the guy pulled the dick in the box of popcorn trick. She says, no, although they wound up in the movie theater parking lot and the back seat of his car.

“I just wanted to get laid that night,” she laughs.

Her next episode occurred with two guys- she met them at a school football game. And they were close friends in more ways than one.

“We started talking, and I gave my phone number to both of them,” Li recalls. “It took them a week to call me.”

The next time she met them was at a park.

“We ended up getting it on in the men’s room,” she says. “I was giving the one guy a blow job. Then I bent over and the other guy was getting ready to put it inside my pussy. Honest, it was so quick- in minutes. They both came at the same time. I didn’t even come. It was the worst experience ever. I was very disappointed.”

Asked what turns her on, Li said she loves having her neck kissed and the back of her knees licked. The time a guy tried that on her, she exploded.

“I was on Cloud 9. He was perfect- I’ll never forget him.”

Even though she was 14 at the time, Li managed to have a five year relationship with a 19 year-old.

“He was everything I wanted- independent, perfect. He took care of me and the feelings were genuine,” she reflects. “It was constant passion.”

But when they broke up, Li wound up at the Bunny Ranch.

“I wasn’t sleeping with guys,” she insists. “I was doing fantasies and Dom work.”

Li recalls how some guys would like to have the tip of their dicks burnt with a lighter. Li said she also had one customer who wanted her to rub his balls with jelly so that his pit bull could lick it off.

“He paid extra for that- he paid a lot extra,” she laughs. “A couple of thousand. The dog started nibbling at it. I said I have to go.”

She claims there was no sex involved in this session. Then another regular client would have her cover him in spit. The first time she ever got freaked out is when a John asked her to fuck him in the ass with a dildo.

“He came back later and wanted me to fist him,” she says. “He brought me latex gloves.”

Li also admits she’s had her share of bad encounters.

“I’ve had guns pulled on me. I’ve been stabbed, knocked in the head and hit with bottles.”

When I agreed that she found herself a very attractive line of work, Li talked about an incident in a motel room when a John professed his undying love for her and wanted her to marry him. When she wouldn’t hear of it, he whipped out a knife and stabbed her in the arm. I ask Li if he came close to the profile of a guy with greasy hair and a leather jacket. She said that was exactly on the money.

“I’m crying and bleeding,” she continues, noting she was out in the middle of shit’s creek when this is happening.

“Then he cried, apologized and dropped me off at the emergency room,” she states. “He never called me again.” Li got 13 stitches in her right arm from that episode.

Her success streak with men continued when she fell in love with a director from the business. They met on a set.

I told Li that reminded me of a story when a porn star [Kim Chambers] proposed to me at Jerry’s Deli in Encino and gave me a ring.

“It was in the cole slaw,” I told her. I was kidding, of course.

In her story, Li said she was swept off her feet in the moment.

“He’s a good man but it didn’t work,” she sighs. “But I’m never going to get in another relationship.”

I asked her what were the signs that the relationship was deteriorating.

“He was very distant,” she replies. “We were down to having sex every sixth or seventh day. That’s a long time.”

I suggested to Li that he, being in his Thirties, had other tail on the side to account for the infrequency and she realizes that now.

“It really hurt so bad,” she says sadly, noting that they just broke up three weeks ago.

“And he wasn’t man enough to talk to me- he was texting me,” she adds.

Besides the fact that he locked her out of the place they were sharing, including leaving their dog inside without food, Li finally got a text message from him. He was presumably out of town when he told her, “Let’s just forget about us- get over it.”

Li said, yeah, the whole thing in the beginning was too good to be true, anyway. According to Li,one of the things about him which annoyed her was his affinity for Grey Goose vodka.

“He’d pass out from drinking,” she said.

Proving that there’s life after directors, Li’ s particularly proud of a scene she did in Bring Em Young 25 for Anabolic. She gets D.P.’d by Jon Jon and Mark Ashley.

“I love anal,” she laughs. “It’s the bomb.” She says the biggest cock up her ass so far belongs to Sledge Hammer.

“That’s like a baby’s head in my ass!”

But I have to ask Li who the director is. She tells me later. It’s Mark Anthony. And she tells me the reason she was cracking up doing my engagement ring story is the fact she had bought Anthony one for $18,000.
Well, at least she can laugh about it.


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