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Chloe Does Two Hours with Kylie

Porn Valley- You figure to put Chloe and Kylie Ireland together in a room for two hours and anything goes. And that’s exactly what happened recently at KSEX, when Ireland, anticipating a trip to New Zealand for a sex expo, taped two of her shows in advance with Chloe. Part One aired last Thursday and Part 2 is set for tomorrow night.

Adding a little fuel to the proceedings was the presence of program director Wankus who lobbed some spitballs into the floorfan of gossip and conversation. Ireland said she had been trying to get Chloe on her show forever. Chloe said she was capable of giving Kylie a four-parter. “They can’t shut me up.” Kylie told her to shut up or she might wind up with a show of her own to which Wankus added if you’ve got a big mouth and a good voice, you’ve got one.

Chloe reported that she took a hiatus and decided to leave Los Angeles for the first time in her life. “I was born and raised here.” Chloe moved to San Francisco for about four months and returned recently. In brief, Chloe said the weather up there sucks. “That’s why I’m back. It was a stupid move and an expensive stupid move but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I didn’t think I wanted to be in front of the camera any more.” Chloe said she was still with VCA at the time, that her contract wasn’t up until December. “I was done shooting my movies with three or four months to kill so I killed them.”

Ireland noted that she Chloe and Wankus all went to Colorado to Ginger Lynn her big send off.

Chloe danced on stage for the event. Wankus remembered having the worst flu of his life and throwing up all day and at the club. Chloe remembers the whole scene as being a mad house and that Wankus was a bluish green color. “Then our planes got messed up- big drama going on there.” Chloe mentioned that she stopped doing web shows on her site when she moved to San Francisco. “I didn’t have any smart hardware person there to set it up for me. So the camera was dead for the four or five months I was up there.” Then, according to her, it took another two months after she got back to L.A. because her webmaster was in Australia. “It was very inconvenient.” Finally, said Chloe, a guy named Patrick came over and rescued her. “But I haven’t been able to put up a webshow because I haven’t been feeling too well lately.”

Even though much isn’t going on at present, Ireland suggested that fans check out However, Chloe said she is doing online auctions. “It’s kind of cool for the fans,” she says. “I have a multidude of AVN awards that I won’t do anything with. I have a multitude of XRCO awards. All the clothes I’ve worn in various titles- 439 to be exact. Dildoes I’ve used. Everything that has gone through or passed over Chloe is now up for auction. Not all at the same time. I’ve saved some but there’s a running auction on the site. It’s going to be down for the next month but I have that fisting video that everyone’s been asking about. I have the one up of The Fist, The Whole Fist and Nothing But the Fist. And when I do put it up it will probably have a very high reserve on it. But I’ll get what I’m asking for it. It’s out of print. That’s it. They’re hard to find. You can’t get it. It’s obscene material.”

It was an all-girl movie that included Felicia and Ruby and then she drew blanks at the other names. “Fifteen hot chicks and when we started 12 of them hadn’t even attempted fisting before. By the end of the movie all but one- Felicia was able to take a fist. And I did a foot. And at the end Patrick Collins- Roscoe Bowltree came in.” Chloe described the movie as an all-girl amazing extravaganza. “I think only 4,000 were printed. They sold out very quickly and are hard to find.”

So far Chloe’s auctioned off three of her AVN awards and one XRCO award. “I think the anal awards are still available.” Ireland noted that fisting and anal are synonymous with Chloe, though Chloe hastened to point out, not together. Chloe said she wanted to put a lid on that rumor that everyone thinks she’s an anal fisting girl. “I’m a vaginal fisting girl that loves anal.”

Ireland observed that Chloe grew up in Hollywood and that ahe had a lot of history. Chloe said she had to go there. Ireland said she had to. Chloe also mentioned that she’s put on 10 pounds since January because she does absolutely nothing. “As much as I hate putting on the weight, my breasts have gotten bigger.” Which was her cue to unfurl her puppies displaying a cleavage she never had before. Ireland said they were some big titties for her. For that reason Chloe said she would take the ten pounds.

On another subject Chloe said she had definite plans to get pregnant. “I would like to have a girl,” she said that if a boy comes out of the chute, she’ll try again for a girl. “If it’s a second boy I don’t know what I’ll do,” she laughed. Ireland suggested that in order for her to have a baby there be a man in her life. Ireland also suggested if worst comes to worst Chloe could always go to and buy his sperm. Chloe asked if that was a paperweight with his sperm flaoting in it. It was also suspected that the package comes with a mirror so that the sperm can look at itself.

Like friends who indulge in half-conversations with recognizable code words only to change the topic then move on to another in mid-thought, much of the dialogue between Chloe and Ireland was hard to follow. Chloe started talking about some producer who didn’t have a clue about women’s bodies and insisted that a drill-do be brought into a scene. It was suggested that it be inserted in some girl’s ass. “Tissue doesn’t move like that,” said Chloe. “You don’t want to do blender action in the butt. It’s not a good idea.” Chloe said the girl had just done her enema. “For some girls it works. Apparently this girl it didn’t work for. And they stuck this drill dildo up her rear end. They pulled it out when it was still running.” Without painting a picture, a picture of flyingfudge was painted. “The cameras had to be cleaned, and the smell…”

Ireland touched mildly on the fact that Chloe also has a bunch of stupid drug groupie stories. Chloe said she’s done her recovery time and spent her time in the trenches. “Probably a lot longer than most people did.” Chole admitted that she put an extraordinary amount of drugs in her system while living on the streets. “I was not in the upper echelon of junkies that were out there at the time.” She lived in her car for a period of time prior to entering the industry, she notes. To that, Ireland rationalized that the industry was a good thing for Chloe. “It was a big step up for me.” Chloe said she had no complaints, acknowledging that a lot of girls get chewed up and spit out.

“The industry was very good to me from start to finish,” she said. “Not that I’m finished. I’m still directing.” Chloe admitted she needed a break that her body demanded it. “I went for 8 1/2 years straight.” Ireland said she put in eight years then slowed way down for two. “I think I did like maybe three movies in two years. But when I came back I was really into it.” Irelan admitted that it gets boring and Chloe agreed that you get bored of the same people all the time. “There’s a lot of turnover right now; some of it good, some of it bad.” Chloe was urged to name names but she said she couldn’t since she’s been out of it for awhile. “There’s a new stable of girls and as a director I’ll hire them- I don’t really know them so I call their managers/agents,” Chloe said. “They show up and don’t know what they’re doing. They don’t even ask ahead of time is it an anal. They show up not knowing anything about what that they’re doing.”

Ireland assumed that it was the agents job to handle a lot of that communication. But Chloe remembered when she was new that she’d ask a lot of questions. “They don’t care,” Chloe said of the new performers who don’t even observe basic amenities on the set. “They don’t even go there; it’s like they’re there and do their job.” Chloe rememberd shooting a girl recently. “A blond girl, really pretty but not the best body.” She then went into an impersonation of the performer who was able to cut her passion directly on cue. Similarly Ireland had a girl at her house the other day who was shooting for Clive McLean and Hustler. “When they said action she started tossing her head back and forth- it was like a shampoo commercial. I was cracking the fuck up.” Chloe made the analogy of trained seals.

Part 2 to follow


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