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Conversations with Kylie Wilde; “A Real Squirt is Not a Streaming, Shooting Piss Across the Room”

Porn Valley- Kylie Wilde’s one sexy dame. Wilde, who’s with Gold Star Modeling, was shooting a scene Saturday for The Pussyman, David Christopher,

Wilde took part in an unbridled act of foot fetish along with Leila Mason and Rick Masters.

[It was an unmitigated pleasure to watch Wilde and Mason, acting like a couple of sexual yahoos, leg scissoring Masters off the bedroom rafters.]

Wilde can best be described as tiny and petite but her curves come at you like a race along a canyon road going at 100 mph. Wilde’s saying something about being very outspoken. And she’s been in the business off and on for about six years.

“When I first got into the business, it wasn’t for money,” she says. “I was dancing and I love stripping. So I got into the business more for the fact just to do it. And I only did girl-girl for awhile because it was more for the fun of the experience. I liked the people. I liked coming out to LA.”

Wilde mentions that she’s from the east coast- Atlantic City.

But her getting into the business had nothing to do with working in a strip club, Wilde continues to say.

“I moved to Las Vegas when I was 19- I packed up all my shit and just left.”

Six months after being in Vegas, Wilde was in a nail salon and was looking at some nude photos posed by a model named Ember.

“I was open for whatever- so this girl [Ember] was shooting nude photos, whatever- and she had an agent. She took me to her house and hooked me up with her agent [Roy Garcia] who stalked me to get me.”

Asked to explain that last remark, Wilde said she when she first got to Vegas, she didn’t know from nothing and was staying at some budget rental suite.

“So this girl sent him pictures of me,” says vegas. Whatever came out of her, Wilde hastens to say she remains on good terms with Garcia.

“But he has a fucked up name for an agent. He pushed me to do shit but I wouldn’t do it because it’s not my style.”

“My whole life I always wanted to do nude stuff,” says Wilde. “And that’s how it happened. Roy called the office of my budget suite and said something about me being his girlfriend. So he had room security come and bang on my door. They were, like, you’re agent’s looking for you. My fucking agent? I don’t have an agent.”

As confusing as that recollection seems, Wilde came to Los Angeles, and did a girl-girl scene.

“But it was with a girl who wasn’t into that,” she says. “So that kind of sucked because I was always into girls. I wanted more of an intense scene.”

Wilde at some point decided to take time off.

“I wanted to make sure that was what I wanted to do,” she explains. “And then I decided to do boy-girl. Until I got into the industry and met the people, my mind wasn’t as open. Then I became way more open-minded to things. I started doing things I never thought I would do- like fucking a guy with a strap-on. That shit was fucking hot.”

According to Wilde, the male performer’s name was Julian.

“He’s from Vegas- not the Julian everyone knows,” she explains. “He’s a good-looking guy and he made me nervous. When I got to the shoot I thought he’s hot. I never did that before. But it wasn’t even the money. I thought this was going to be a good time.”

However Wilde will also tell you that on camera, she’s not an “extreme, extreme girl.”

“I like to fuck and get myself wet,” she says. “I don’t like lubes. I like my pussy juice. So I want to get horny when I do the scene. Know what I mean? So far I’ve not had a problem with anyone. They might not have all been people that I would have fucked right off the street, but it all worked out in a good way.”

“If someone repulses me, I’m not going to do the scene,” she adds. “But that hasn’t happened to me. It happened with a girl one time and I didn’t do the shoot. I won’t say why, I won’t say who. But it happened with a girl. She had shown up with a boyfriend who was just fuckin’ foul. And I thought, ugh, if that dick was in her, I’m not going to fuck her. That was the only time, and it was a young, ghetto girl. You expect that.”

“I also like the bondage stuff,” Wilde continues. “I’m not totally into it in my personal life but I like to do it for shoots because it’s something I don’t do at home and it’s an experience I can get without taking the time to do it at home. And people that do it know what they’re doing so that’s cool.”

And the shame of it is, with her ass, Wilde’s never done anal.

“But I stuck a horse tail in my ass,” she laughs. “I was doing a Jim Holliday movie back in the day. It was Charm School Brats.”

“Were you one of his angels?” I ask her. “Because you look like you could have been one of his angels.”

“Me and him were discussing some really good things at the time,” Wilde continues. “I think I did nine of his movies. He did one of me that was absolutely adorable. And we were discussing like me just doing girl-girl for him. That was what it was, but I loved working for him.”

Wilde described the scene as calling for her to be naked with a book on her head, while she walked around a class room with a horse tail stuck in her ass.

“I guess he liked pony girls,” she comments.

Wilde mentions that she left LA Direct to be with Gold Star and gives an interesting reason for that.

“I didn’t leave for any bad reasons,” she says. “But sometimes you just go to switch it around so you can get with other companies some agencies don’t work with. It’s like a strip club. When you’re the new girl you’re making some money. Then when it dies down, you bounce around and you’re new again.”

The first time Wilde had “actual fucking intercourse” was when she was 12.

“I masturbated since I knew I even had a puss,” she laughs. “And I always wanted to be in the adult-thing. My mind has changed, though, about the look I want to have in it. Which is kind of crazy. I’d watch Jenny Jones when I was young and see the glamorous, stripper girls that had everything. And I thought that’s what I want to do.”

As she got further along into the business, Wilde said she learned it was all about character and personality rather than creating a character you’re not.

Getting back to the circumstances of her lost virginity, Wilde said she just wanted to fuck.

“It was in a bed and it was boring and stupid,” she relates. “It wasn’t even that great. I just remember sitting on top and a dick going in me the first time. I don’t even remember the sex.”

Asked how old the guy was, Wilde replies, “You don’t even want to know. We’ll X that out. But as I started liking sex, I was 14 or 15 when it was on. I was horny. You go through times when you find you’re in heat and other times when you really don’t want so much fucking.”

Wilde’s family is back east and she remains close with all of them.

“But they don’t know what I do,” she says.

I ask how she manages to get away with that because she’s a pretty famous name.

If I am, that’s cool, but I never really think about it,” she says. “My mom knows what I do. My mom’s a freak herself and now that I’m older she can deal with it. My little sister happened to find out what I do which is fuckin’ bad because she found me on the Internet; I really didn’t like that situation. But, by my family, I’m talking about the grandparents. One of them almost died when I told her I was dancing topless. I said, okay, X that, I work at Hooters.”

“They don’t know and my dad doesn’t know, but it’s the type of thing where we don’t talk about it,” Wilde adds. “It’s my life, my business. They’re not open minded to it, so there’s no discussion.”

“And I don’t worrry about people judging me because I like what I do. I’ve never done anything I didn’t wish to do.”

Wilde doesn’t have a website and admits it’s probably stupid she doesn’t but that’s the way it is, she feels.

“I probably will get one,” she comments. “Everyone wants to do one for you and you’ve got to shoot a lot of content. If I’m going to do something I don’t want to put up a page, update it a few times then forget about it. I don’t want to do that.I do want to feature, though. I didn’t wanr to do that back when I was 20, 21, 22. I was a house dancer and loved it. I thought maybe wait until I was 27 or 28.”

Wilde had a boyfriend for seven years.

“He wasn’t a bad guy or a psycho like your typical porn star boyfriend-shit,” she states. “He was really cool. It wasn’t someone in the business. Not at all. I refuse to do that.”

David Christopher, who caught part of the interview, says he first hired Wilde to squirt in one of his movies.

“I’m a real squirter,” she informs. “A major squirter nowadays squirts 20 feet across the room with gallons and gallons of water. The water came from what she just drank before the scene.

“For us girls who squirt for real and have an actual orgasm, it’s squirt but it doesn’t come out like that. A real squirt is a different type of feeling inside. It’s not a streaming, shooting piss across the room. Sorry to tell everyone that. But these days to keep up with the other girls, I have to down my water, too because the real shit on camera doesn’t look real no more. But when you’re at home you know it’s real.”

“And I’m not going to wet up my whole house with a gallon of water for some guy who wants me to piss all over the place.”

Wilde’s asked what gets her excited.

“I guess what gets me excited is new people,” she answers. “Like I can tell by looking at someone’s eyes that they’re going to fuck me good. It turns me on when I know someone isn’t coming after me to fuck me.”

By example, Wilde points to the fact that she’s been fucking this 21 year-old guy with a huge dick.

“I’ve known him for about five months,” she continues. “And before we fucked I knew this motherfucker was a freak by the way he looked at me. For his 21st birthday I banged him, and we’ve been fucking ever since.”

Wilde laughs to acknowledge that this is her neighbor. And now that she’s the older woman in a scenario, Widle remembers that when she met her ex, he was considerably older that she.

“Right now I’m crazy,” she laughs. “I’m fucking free. I want to go when I go and come back when I want to come back. I need someone who can hang with me and party with me and handle any truth I tell you. Because I don’t lie.

“If I fuck somebody else, I won’t do it behind your back. I’m going to tell you. I want to. But usually if I’m with a guy and it’s a good dick, I don’t want another guy. I want a girl. I like bringing girls home. I love that hardcore, almost-rape-shit.”


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