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Come Under My Spell

Porn Valley- Director Guy Capo’s humorous reference this week to porn bodies being found in trunks of cars takes an interesting turn into reality when you realize that Danny Carrelli is or was the director of Come Under My Spell, a movie which is available from Arrow Productions, Carrelli, who authored the Sabrina Johnson 2,000 man gangbang- or, at least took credit for it- is rumored to either be sleeping with the fishes or a busted Uniroyal in an old Buick. Take your pick. While I have no authentication of the Carrelli demise, which was supposedly over the Johnson gangbang – a porn promotion that gives turds a bad name – I’ve heard the story from enough separate sources to suspect there’s some element of truth to it.

That being said, you might want to check out what is, conceivably, Carrelli’s last will and testament – a movie about one of guydom’s great sexual fantasies, i.e, putting a woman under a hypnotic spell, then banging the piss out of her. The surrogate, so to speak, is Rob Seven, an actual Vegas stage hypnotist, who plays a knight errant caught fucking Queen Guinevere [Joelean] and is doomed to wander the centuries. Just having to fuck the fabulously endowed Joelean while wearing a full suit of armor should have been punishment enough, but Seven wakes up in a dug up casket, centuries later, in the middle of the Las Vegas desert in full friar’s regalia. Can you spell monk balls?

Forgetting aerosal deodorant for the moment, what Seven has at his command is a supreme power over women. He looks them in the eye, then, with the palm of his hand, nearly takes their heads off their necks in a Bruce Lee move that’s supposedly legit but is funnier than shit to watch. During the course of the movie, Seven wanders the scenic landscape. In one instance, he hitchhikes a ride from Brian Surewood who talks about his wife taking off with the dog and how he’s going to miss the dog. Cassie, who plays the part of a stranded motorist, is given the power of suggestion to believe that Surewood is not the AAA but Brad Pitt. Whether you believe any of this or not, she certainly responds that way by bending over the front of Surewood’s SUV while lending her flanks to his engorged penis in a marathon hump.

Another stranded motorist- Sydney Steele- falls prey to the Seven booga booga by fucking Evan Stone. Steele turns into a sex maniac, and Stone turns into a motel where their scene is executed with some foot sucking and deft side saddling.

By this time, of course, it’s apparent to Seven that trolling around Vegas in a monk’s robe might seem rather attention getting to say the least, so he springs for some toned down modern duds; and, in a modern sort of way, walks into a strip club. Patron Guy DiSilva has the hots for stripper Cebu, a beautiful Oriental woman. And Seven, with a nudge and a wink, indicates to DiSilva that Cebu likes him, only she doesn’t know it yet. But it must have been DiSilva who Seven hypnotizes because the man turns into Lee Stone, executing one of Stone’s patented moves by straddling Cebu across his chest upside down then fucking her ass, demonically, with a pile driver.

Another anal spectacular is recorded when the positively gorgeous Darla Crane, a redhead of uncommon beauty, orders a martini from bartender Tyce Bune. With Seven as intercession, Crane, a maried woman in this instance, becomes of the opinion that Tyce is the last man left alive and lets him fuck her ass, accordingly.

If I were Tyce, I’d cash in my chips while I still had some. But he whines to Seven about getting his own pick of the litter, so, with the assistance of Surewood, Tyce’s name goes in the boxscore under the D.P. column when Cassie submits her ass to a pounding and a half. Joelean’s fans will also be happy to note that her spectacular bod sees a lot of action throughout, including a girl-girler with Scarlet, in a feature that is as wacky in concept as they come.


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