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In the Dog Days of Summer Come Under My Spell

Porn Valley- For newcomers to Porn Valley, believe it or not, summer hasn’t even hit yet. But, wait. The dog days are yet to come. And even when they arrive, look on the bright side of things. You could always be living in Las Vegas which is the setting for a porn movie that I finally got around to watching in recent weeks. It’s called Come Under My Spell and features stage hypnotist Rob Seven in one sequence that required him to be buried alive, magician’s black cloak and all, in the middle of a Vegas summer. Which if you’ve been there, you know that 100 degrees is not unusual for an evening’s amusement.

Perhaps the cotton-haired Seven was hypnotizing himself into the fact that he wasn’t an idiot and wasn’t actually agreeing to mounds of dirt being piled on him. Aside from that, Come Under My Spell was actually supposed to have been a two-parter. But, for now, the first part remains the last movie that Arrow Productions, and has shot. For the time being, the company has suspended shooting, electing to transfer its vast catalogue onto DVD and has been doing a right jolly business with that.

When asked if there ever will be a sequel, company owner Ray Pistol keeps answering in a way as to suggest that maybe could be a good possibility. In talking about the denouement, Pistol says a lot of footage had been shot and talks about various and sundry problems occurring with various members of the cast. According to him, Anital Cannibal did her first anal. “And last anal for that matter,” he laughs. “And Stevie Secrets [who was at last weekend’s X-Con] did her first boy-girl,” Pistol states. What makes that scene particularly noteworthy, according to Pistol, is that hypnotist Seven actually had Secrets, a lesbian, convinced that she was really into guys. “I asked her how she felt about it and she said it was pretty good,” Pistol chuckles. “She wasn’t going to change over from lesbianism, though.”

To realistically complete the two-parter, Pistol said he would need to get together with Seven, as opportunity would present itself, and re-work the script a bit to make it all fit. “I think we have three cenes and we need two more.” Granted, the script would have to address minor technicalities like several years passing by not to mention some drama involving Seven and one of the co-stars, Cassandra Lear

The movie’s gimmick was that Seven allegedly put the women in the cast under for-real-spells behind camera, while he played the star-crossed Sir Lancelot on-camera who finds himself in modern day Las Vegas. Pistol swears to this day that it was all legit, that all the girls were duly sworn in and hypnotized. Pistol said not only did Seven have a stage show in Vegas at the time he hooked up with him, Seven was apparently doing some editing behind the scenes in the adult business. “I approached him about the idea of making a hypnosis film and he liked it,” said Pistol. “So we did it.”

In hashing over some story ideas, Pistol said his idea was to make it a star-crossed lovers scenario with Seven crawling out of a casket and in the end being turned to stone. “We had Morgana get in a hypnosis duel with him and she turned him into stone at the end,” says Pistol. According to Pistol, Seven was put in a casket. “We dug a hole and put dirt on him. It’s kind of a good thing that he can hypnotize himself because when the dirt started hitting the top of the casket it really makes you think hard,” Pistol laughed. Pistol said it was about 130 degrees, in the middle of the desert and Seven’s in a black outfit. Pistol busted Seven’s balls somewhat because, after the scene was done, Pistol suggested one more take for good measure.

“You got to be kidding!” Seven told him. “But we did another take. I told him for someone who was supposed to have been buried so long [centuries, in fact] you didn’t blink enough whenever you came into the sunlight. In the second take, he stuck a hand out, kind of felt around, got up and was blinded by the sun.” After which, Pistol told him, yeah, that was good. Seven wasn’t about to do a third take.


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