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Angel Sinn,, who’s from right outside of Fargo, N. Dakota, was a guest of KSEX last week where she appeared on The Wanker Show. Later we got to interview her and this is how the conversation went.
Gene: Some people might get confused because there’s an Angelica Sinn out there.

AS: She’s gorgeous. Very good looking woman. I’m not trying to take anything away from her.

Gene: So how long have you been Angel Sinn?

AS: About 3 months now.

Gene: How did you get your start.

AS: This has always been an interest of mine. I looked into it and looked into it. My boyfriend and I have been swingers for quite awhile. That was always my interest and I love women, besides. I met a couple of stars in the adult industry and thought let me see what I could do.

Gene: I hear you’re from right outside of Fargo.

AS: Yes.

Gene: Is it like everything we saw in the movie.

AS: Yes. I’ve never see the movie honestly. But the girl who fell down the stairs- I used to babysit her kid while she was filming that movie. That was her big scene. But I never got to see it. It was filmed in Minnesota. We’re all Norwegian.

Gene: And then there’s that Paul Bunyan statue.

AS: And we also have the world’s largest tower of cans. Like 5 miles west of where I grew up in a town of 3,000 people.

Gene: The biggest tour draw, eh?

AS: We were trying to knock it down.

Gene: So what did you do for kicks growing up.

AS: Oh my God, what didn’t we do! We were BAD as kids. There was like nothing to do. So we hung around a basketball court. I’d hate to say it but we would all smoke and drink and run rampant.

Gene: That kind of forces you to have sex at an early age.

AS: I actually held out. I really did. I was pretty proud of myself.

Gene: Held out till when?

AS: Until I was 18. BUT everything else- no.

Gene: So you don’t count blowjobs.

AS: No.

Gene: So you were giving out blowjobs left and right.

AS: Yes.

Gene: But you held off on the penetration thing.

AS: Oh yeah. I was waiting for the right guy.

Gene: How about hand jobs. Were you good at those.

AS: I think I perfected it.

Gene: It’s rare to find a girl in the adult business who’s good at that.

AS: I heard I’m good. LOL.

Gene: You have a website.

AS: I have a yahoo group right now. I have a couple of sets of pix I haven’t posted as yet. I’m only doing girls right now because I believe in love. And I love women genuinely.

Gene: When was you first girl.

AS: Back when I was in college.

Gene: You started late in life. Relatively.

AS: What do you expect when you have three girls in one bedroom.

Gene: I expect that something’s going to happen sooner or later.

AS: That was my first experience.

Gene: What exactly happened. Take me through the scenario.

AS: We tried to cram three beds in a one bedroom. But three beds wouldn’t fit so we eliminated one. Me and her just ended up in the same bed. Our boyfriends weren’t around so we just ended up together.

Gene: How was it the first time?

AS: Oh my God, it was awesome! I was addicted.

Gene: Were you the aggressor or submissive.

AS: At first I was a little shy but now I have to say I’m very aggressive.

Gene: What do you like to do sexually when you’re with a woman.

AS: I love eating her out and I love fucking her hard.

Gene: Putting on the strap-on.

AS: I love driving them crazy. To where they say I can’t take it anymore.

Gene: What was your first time like with a man.

AS: My first time it was great. Even though I was a bit scared. I love men, too.

Gene: So who was the guy.

AS: He was just a guy who got lucky enough to steal my heart. I was in high school; he was in college. When I graduated we both moved away. I was engaged.

Gene: I missed something. Somehow you wound up jumping to being engaged. But with this guy it was before you got engaged.

AS: Yeah.

Gene: Actually it would be a better story if you were engaged and were fucking this guy.

AS: I was always curious and playing with myself. I couldn’t wait but I tried. I gave it a shot. But at the time he was the guy I wanted to be with. But now I’m extremely happy. I’ve got the man I want to be with forever.

Gene: So what were the circumstances in that situation. Were you the aggressor.

AS: Actually yes. I would tease him a lot walking around. The night we actually did it I fell on top of him. He was just teasing me but I was the one who wanted it.

Gene: How did you and your man meet?

AS: The one I have now?

Gene: I would assume that’s who we’re talking about when you say forever.

AS: We met on the Internet. We just started talking and he ended up sending me pictures of his dog. It just went from there. I went to see him that Christmas. We fell in love.

Gene: You were at the recent Internet Model Palooza.

AS: It was great. I had a booth next to Bisexual Britni.

Gene: Let me guess. Britni hit on you.

AS: We made out for about a half hour.

Gene: She’s such a slut.

AS: I love it! She is gorgeous. I love her.

Gene: You’re doing sex scenes for your website.

AS: Yeah! But I really want to get into movies. I’ve had a couple of offers but they haven’t been what I want. I guess I’m waiting for that one right offer.

Gene: What’s the right offer.

AS: Anything with girls, the more the better. I’ve been offered girl-boy and gangbangs.

Gene: The ever popular gangbang.

AS: Eventually I’ll do that. I want to do that. Just not now. I’m waiting for that right offer. I think it’s coming.

Gene: Tough thing is they’re not making as many girl-girl movies.

AS: They aren’t. But I’ve got lots of girls lined up where I’m going to have lots of content for my site. So that shouldn’t be a problem.

Gene: Do you do anal?

AS: I love it.

Gene: What was the first time like.

AS: Actually it hurt pretty bad. It was more of an accident. But I’ve grown to like it. Now it’s like, oh my God, intense.

Gene: Do you orgasm from it?

AS: Yeah. I did my first time. But I still prefer it in my pussy.

Gene: I heard something that you’re father is a police chief.

AS: He’s a county sheriff, actually. It was very special growing up. Checking me with the breathalyzer and who I was with. I did my fair share of sneaking around. I got pretty sneaky with it.

Gene: Is he aware of what you’re doing now?

AS: No…actually it would break my heart if he knew. Because I’m like his little girl. But he’s one of those parents that’s so easy going. What you want to do with your life, fine. We’re not going to hold it against you. We’re not going to be happy, but we’re not holding it against you.

Gene: But it was a strict upbringing.

AS: Yeah. I was like a cheerleader and all that good stuff. I did what my mom wanted me to do. My dad was a cop so I had to be good. But in my sophomore year I totally rebelled. I was more of the bad kid.

Gene: Looking at you I gather you like sex in wild places for the thrill of it.

AS: Yeah. One time we were coming back from the swim club and we stopped off in a parking lot because we couldn’t take it any more. We had an hour’s drive home so it was a long time to wait. I wanted my boyfriend to fuck me in the ass and fuck me in the ass hard. I loved it.

Gene: In a car?

AS: In his car.

Gene: Paint a picture.

AS: In the front seat. It was great. The sun was coming up about that time. And he was adjusting his seat and I was adjusting my seat. Then I look back and see a little van parked next to us with a cross on the back. There was a little cross on this building behind me. It was a Christian church parking lot. It was great. I sinned on holy ground.




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