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Conversations with Sierra Sinn-final

Porn Valley- Porn Valley- I met Sierra Sinn this week on a Skeeter Kerkove set. Skeeter was shooting Nathan Threat’s Heavy Metal for Pleasure Productions. But this isn’t the first conversation I’ve had with her. I first met Sierra on a Mitch Spinelli shoot last August and remember at the time how Alex Sanders said she inspired boners.

This is the chat we had last August: “During some down time, I check out Sierra Sinn to see if she truly inspires boners. Sinn hails from Pittsburgh and is already making faces when I ask her if she’s repped by an agency.

“Yes,” she says, giving me that look. I asked if that look meant she was in the middle of switching, Sinn flashed a sign like she didn’t want to talk about it. But she did talk a little about it later in the chat. Sinn’s been in the business since April and was a stripper three days after she turned 18. “I’ve followed the natural progression of adult industry life,” she smiles.

Sinn started stripping in North Carolina and, as a stripper of five years, worked in places like West Virginia, Hawaii and New York. “I like to travel,” she says. In order to get in the adult business, Sinn began posting on onemodelplace.

“An agent e-mailed me- we’ll fly you out. A free trip to L.A. at the very least. I’ll probably have fun.” But the circumstances of her first shoot were less than desirable, according to Sinn. “I don’t remember what company it was for,” she says. “I just remember that it was a black guy and his name was Country. He beat the shit out of me. It was in a bad way. I had bruises and welts all over my legs from him tearing into me.”

I imagine a lot of other girls in that circumstance might have been on the first plane home, but Sinn claims she’s hardcore. “I am tough,” she proclaims. According to Sinn, this shoot was arranged by her first agent who never bothered to tell her it was going to be a rough scene, that it was just a boy-girl.

“And I didn’t even get paid extra,” she says. “I missed three days of work afterward from the welts and bruises. I got $800 to get the shit beat out of me.” Commenting on agents, Sinn shrugs. “Agents are agents. If someone’s happy with an agent, then they’re a happy person.”

Sinn is not a shy person, according to her. “I’ve always been outgoing and when I discovered sex, I stuck with it. I was, like, oh this is fun. I’m good at it. Sinn was 14 her first time and it was with an 18 year old guy. “My best friend kind of made me do it,” she laughs. “She was, like, go fuck him. I cried afterward because I felt awful about it. But then afterward it was cool. Everyone in school found out about it and it was kind of funny. I had a reputation.”

We chat a little bit about Pittsburgh and Sinn says the city will always have a special place in her heart. When she turned 18, Sinn moved to North Carolina with $20 in her pocket. Sinn says, yeah, she will do things on a jump and a dare. “I talked to this boy down there and he said I could go live with him. Then it ended up where he’d try to sleep with me but I wouldn’t sleep with him. We fucked a couple of times and I didn’t want to have sex with him any more because he wasn’t very good. It ended up with me moving out because it was bad sex. It was a deal breaker. Then I moved into another place.”

Sinn has always wanted to be a stripper, according to her. “I thought it would be fun and glamorous. It was in a sick sort of way. I was nervous the first time. I didn’t know what I was doing and I had the wrong shoes. It was really embarrassing. I had big platforms on but there weren’t the stiletto kind. They were wedgies and you can’t dance in them.” Sinn found the customers to be rowdy but that never bothered her. “You feed off of it,” she says. “You don’t let it get you down, then your energy goes up. And everyone else is having a good time.”

Sinn isn’t dancing now but wants to feature at some point. “Once I get a super big name for myself.”Other than the Country episode, Sinn states that she loves the business. “It’s so much fun when I get to have sex, and good sex for the most part.”

Sinn’s advice to other women coming into the business is to take things slow and not let people tell you what to do. “Hold your ground- unless you’re an idiot. If you’re wrong, realize you’re wrong.”

When she first came into the business, Sinn claims that people would try to take advantage of her. “They do- people in L.A. are assholes,” she says. “People here are all snakes in the grass and they all want something from you.” Sexually, Sinn is an equal opportunity employer. She does everything. And rhe first time she tried anal was at 17.”It hurt,” she says. “The dude didn’t know what he was doing and turned me off from it. And then I did it again when I was 19. I kind of liked it then because the guy had a small dick and I was starting to get used to it. Then I stopped doing it and my asshole like sealed up again. That’s why my advice is don’t quit anal.”

Sinn has every intention of becoming a porn star and has a website… ready to launch. “Right now there’s a flasher page up and it’ll be ready in about a month.”

Because she hasn’t talked to them, Sinn doesn’t know if her parents realize she’s in the business. “I stopped talking to them a long time before I started porn. We had a falling out years ago.”

[In our interview update, Sinn says her parents have since learned what she’s doing and are very supportive, seeing that porn has helped her turn her life around. “Until this business I was a fuck up,” she said.

Even with that, Sinn liked the fact that she was on her own, early.

“It made me stronger and built my character,” she says. Sinn has also enjoyed working with male performer Jennar. “He gives a lot of good energy.” Otherwise, Sinn says she has no time for romance. “I’ve been working a lot. It’s fun, though. I wake up every day to the thought of having anal sex. I enjoy it.”

Besides anal, Sinn likes rough sex in moderation. I wondered if Sinn got paid more for the scene that she did with this Country-character, would she have felt better about it. “It was the fact that I didn’t know about it ahead of time,” she says. “He just beat me. I was crying because it hurt. He kept smacking me really hard, then fucking me really hard. It was like he was getting back at me for all the evil things that people do or something. I got hate fucked.”

Asked how her weekend was in comparison, Sinn said it was very slow and unproductive. “Which is exactly what I wanted.” Sinn prefers the indoors and sitting at her computer. “I am a nerd,” she laughs.

Sinn likes to believe that she avoids porn drama. “I don’t really go out a lot,” she says. “I did go to Porn Star Karaoke for the first time last week. It was fun- about as good as porn star karaoke can be.”

If she was working a lot, I asked Sinn why she was less than happy with her representation.

“It’s all political,” she says. “It’s about respect. I just feel there are things happening that are not proper. That’s all there is to. It’s not an equal respect-thing.”

So on this latest occasion that I’m talking to Sinn she’s celebrating a year in the business. We started talking about agents, and Sinn who’s made more than a few switches among them, feels that there are some who just shouldn’t be agenting.

“They’re really fucking stupid,” laughs Sinn who’s now with Metro Talent Management.

“They’re alright- they don’t piss me off too bad,” she adds, noting that they’re obviously not affiliated with Metro the porn company. “They’re pretty good- they don’t bother me too much.”

Sinn’s first official time in front of the camera was on a Brandon Irons shoot.

“I looked like crap then and I was really nervous,” she laughs. Then she mentions the scene that she did with Country where he beat the crap out of her. That was her first b-g scene.

“Then I started doing anal in July of last year,” she notes. “And it kind of took off from there. I love anal. I didn’t at first but now I love d.p.’s.” Sinn first tried anal when she was 17.

“Some guy stuck his dick in my ass,” she remembers. “I wasn’t really expecting it because we were at a party and we were drunk.”

“In most parties you don’t anticipate a guy’s dick in your ass,” I tell her.

“Stranger things than that have happened,” Sinn laughs, explaining the details. “It was late and after everyone had been drinking we were fooling around in his room. We were fucking and the next thing you know I was in the doggie position. He pulled it out of my pussy. I thought he was going to put it back in my pussy but he put it right in my ass. I was like, waaaaaaaaaa, what are you doing? It hurt a couple of times after that. Then it was Lauren Phoenix who taught me how to do anal. That was pretty much a godsend.”

“What was the secret piece of information that made the breakthrough?”

“She taught me how to relax,” Sinn replies. “She walked me through it at my own pace. Some agents pride themselves on breaking girls in but Lauren did it very smoothly and nice and made it easy for me.” Sinn says that her favorite performer to work with is Sean Michaels.

Neither has Sinn done a double anal, but the closest she came to that was a movie with Otto Bauer.

“Otto and Audrey had these three or four toys that they jammed into my asshole,” she says. “That was the closest. Then there was The Violation of Sierra Sinn- that was pretty crazy. That was one of my nastiest movies. It’s from JM Productions and a lesbian gangbang. It was fun, kind of but it was very rough. There was a lot of slapping. There was one girl who had very long fingernails and she trashed the inside of my asshole. Then they had to stop to put Neosporin inside my ass because it hurt so bad. I cried because my asshole was cut from that fingernail. It was a very intense scene and I’m happy to have done it but it was rough.”

Sinn had worked once for Skeeter in the past but she couldn’t remember the male performer’s name although she knows it was an interracial scene.

“It was a lot of nasty anal positions and ATM,” she recalls. “It was crazy shit and a good scene.” Sinn is now on a course to learn how to handle a camera and direct.

“I’ve got a lot of crazy ideas that I’d like to see happen,” she says. “So far I’ve done some scenes for my website which is still under construction.”

“And how long has that been under construction?” I ask her.

“About a year,” she laughs, realizing that she’s about to relate one of those webmaster horror stories.

“I’ve gone through three different webmasters,” she continues. “They’re almost as bad as agents. My first webmaster is in jail; his partner took over and he basically ignored me. I sent him content and money and he never put anything up. I’m like dude what the fuck? Then I had to fight with him to get my domain name back because he had it registered with his company’s name and didn’t want to give me my domain name.”

“Why did the first webmaster go to jail?” I ask her.

“Drugs and trafficking,” Sinn replies, laughing. “He was a bad boy but he was a good computer guy and a good nerd. When he went to jail the other guy ignored me so he still has all my content and bunch of money. But he can fuck off, basically.” And just recently one of Sinn’s old roommates was attempting to be her webmaster.

“But he wasn’t very good- he was an amateur,” she continues. “I feel bad saying that but it’s true. I don’t want my website being a practice run for your technical skills. For now I’m trying to build up my content and it’s fun because I get to direct that a little bit. It’s fun to tell people how to do stuff and set up scenes. It’s fun to be creative.”

Outside of that story involving Country, Sinn says she’s staying away from drama. However she enjoys going to industry parties and getting her name out there.

“I like to have my pictures taken,” she says. “It’s kind of fun some time, but sometimes those parties are kind of lame. It’s always the same people pretty much. But it’s a great opportunity to promote yourself.”


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