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Bridgette B takes her name from the immortal French sex kitten Brigitte Bardot.

In some respects B reminds you of Bardot in her prime, possibly even better looking. And if she were a book, Bridgette B would be described as a fun read because she also has oodles of personality, which, when poured into a body that looks as good as hers, you got some cocktail going there.

Small wonder she’s been engaged twice, but it sounds like nothing serious developed, which is another story. And yet another story is the fact that Bridgette B got fired from a mainstream job for masturbating. Whereupon she wound up going into porn – at the suggestion of the person who canned her.

To date, Bridgette B’s been in the adult business about nine months and she’s with LA Direct.

While B didn’t get nominated for anything this year, her work has, she points out.

“You film for the first three or four months before any of your movies comes out, so I’m too new. Next year I cross my fingers.”

B willbe seen in Wicked’s Last Call which is scheduled to be out in a couple of weeks. Recently she got to be a presenter at the Fox Reality Award Show.

“I’ve been running the whole gamut from Hustler and Diabolic to Penthouse,” she says. “And I’m determined to make a name for myself now that I’ve decide to make this a long term career. I’m very excited.”

Oh, the Bardot-thing.

“Brigitte Bardot is my muse,” she goes on to say. “I have a tattoo in French. She was quoted as saying that jealousy is very much a sickness. And so I put it on my body in a homage to her. I saw her images and fell very much in love. I think she was so beautiful and so sexy.”

Bridgette B further says that in the right light and with the right makeup she gets those BB comparisons. From what I see, I don’t think Bridgette B needs any artificial enhancers. I mention to her that Bardot had those lips and asked Bridgette about hers.

“After my butt that’s my signature,” laughs Bridgette B who was born in Barcelona but could pass for one of Mary Carey’s Hollywood drinking buddies if you didn’t know she had an accent.

Bridgette B was raised for many years in a boarding school in Spain then came over to the US to go to college in Ohio. She had several majors and graduated mostly with an emphasis in fashion merchandising and international marketing.

Then B took a corporate job in Los Angeles and got fired.

“How could they fire you with those Bardot lips and ass?” I ask her.

“Those are the exact reasons I got fired,” she laughs. “It was that combined with some naughty things I was doing on the side at work.”

With B’s mention of fashion, I thought for a minute she took a job with Dov Charney. She says no, but knows those circumstances quite well and dealt with Charney’s company American Apparel. It was the idle time that presented some temptations for her.

“I would have a good hour by myself during lunch break,” B continued to explain.

“But I was bored to tears and didn’t want to be there. I would always bring in my little bullet, my vibrator, to keep me company during lunch. So one day after two weeks of that my human resources manager caught me. She said I can’t let you stay. She’s like, I’m sorry but you’ve got to pack up and leave.”

“It’s not like I could ask her to give me another chance,” B continues.

I said I’d love to see them explain the reasons for termination.

“The file they gave me when I left stated it was a mutual decision,” B giggles. But she swears, other than that, she wasn’t fooling around with anyone on the job.

“I really couldn’t- I was actually a good girl where that was concerned.”

B also swears that the human resources manager, a 58 year-old woman, told her to consider her looks and go into porn.

“She was great- I owe this to her,” says B who combined the pep talk with yet another coincidence.

“I decided I was going to go to Vegas for the weekend.”

Which just happened to be the same weekend of the AEE show. On the plane, she met two women from the business, Casey Jordan and Carmen McCarthy, both from LA Direct.

“I ended up talking to them the entire flight to Vegas.” B then decided to attend the AEE show not knowing anything about it.

“Everyone was loving life and I wanted to love life, too.”

“You were meant to be in porn,” I tell her.

“That’s what I say- everyone has a calling and I found mine,” replies B who signed up with LA Direct, and a couple of days after that was on the set of a Vivid movie. Her first scene was with Marco Banderas.

“Which made life so much easier,” she continues.

“He’s really known by home, and it was really shocking for me to be on the same set with a name I heard back home. I was nervous as heck but I had a great makeup artist who talked to me for two hours [to relax her]. It was probably one of the better sets I’ve been on, and it’s been great since then.”

It might sound a little narcissistic, but B says she tends to enjoy working with other girls who look like her. In other words, she likes a girl with a healthy ass to play with and not someone who looks like she’s closing in on 12.

“And I’m pretty dominant so the male performers are not used to a female smacking them back and being more aggressive. So the guys that can handle that, I like.”

They way she talks, as a kid, B was the type you wouldn’t even know was alive. She lived a sheltered existence, and no one even spoke to her.

“I was that girl- I lived a double life,” she agrees.

“I was in school from Monday to Friday. Then on the weekends I’d be cleaning to help pay the equivalent of $50,000 American dollars for school. My mom did three jobs and I cleaned.”

With the Cinderella lifestyle, B didn’t even get to go to her senior prom.

“I’m trying to find an 18 year-old that will take me to his prom,” she laughs. “Maybe we can do a contest.”

And her sex life was pretty much equivalent to her social life. B didn’t get her first kiss until the age of 19.

“That was my first weekend in college. I met my then-boyfriend the day I registered. We became boyfriend and girlfriend the next day. He gave me my first kiss the next day and I was doing anal by the following Sunday.”

I tell B that hers is an inspirational story to all premature anal relationships.

“What made you decide right away that you wanted to try anal?” she’s asked.

“It just happened- I don’t know what it is about Spanish women. But we get really horny and all of a sudden things started happening. He said can I do this. He was this white boy from Ohio, a farmer’s son. He never did it before and he asked will you let me. Let you do what? He just stuck it in and I was, ugh, okay. It didn’t even hurt and it’s supposed to hurt.”

B insists she hasn’t done anal on screen because she loves it so much.

“I’m going to keep something for my private life,” she adds.

But B’s no longer seeing the farmer’s boy. They broke up her first year of college. And after that, a total of three guys have gotten to sample her ass: the two guys she was engaged to, plus the current guy she’s seeing.

“You just know when it’s [anal] right,” she states.

B thought she was in love with her first fiancé.

“But it didn’t happen- he was very jealous and possessive,” she notes.

“My second fiancé told me he was an entertainer. But I didn’t realize he was a Chippendale in Vegas. And he stole all my money when I worked as a stripper in Ohio. He lied to me.”

“So you get engaged to a guy and didn’t know what he did professionally?”

“Exactly,” replies B

“Do you ever, like, ask questions?”

“I’m going to blame that on being young and dumb and blond,” B answers.

I tell B all the women I met growing up were too smart for their own good. She says I would have had a better chance living in Ohio.


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