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Porn Valley- The Sports Swami had Sativa Rose,, on as a guest this week. Rose did a movie for Acid Rain which Swami asked her about. “A lot of people are calling it a sleeper hit that people are going to buy like crazy,” said Swami. Rose said she got a call from Mitch Spinelli. “He had seen a couple of my movies.” Rose said she did a girl-girl-girl-boy scene for Spinelli. “It went phenomenal. One of the girls, I forgot her name, but it was Kayla Marie, Lee Stone and myself. It was a bunch of fun.” Rose said she used a strap-on on the little blond girl in the scene.

“We just went at it like crazy animals.” Rose said a strap-on conveys the masculinity that some women die to have. “I love women,” she says. “But I feel like I’m a powerful woman [to begin with] and don’t have to put myself in any man’s shoes. It’s a toy. It doesn’t have anything to do with psychological manipulation. Toys are fun- especially when there are a lot of girls around.”

Noting certain physical imbalances, Swami said, “You’re this tiny, petite…and Lee Stone’s built like this shithouse brick. He can lift you up and toss you like a sack of potatoes.” But Rose said that once she’s on a set with a guy, they’re putty in her hands. “I don’t care how big, how strong they are. I like what I do and nothing intimidates me at all. I’ve learned to put that aspect way in the back of my mind. I’ll take anyone on.”

According to Rose, gonzo is pretty much her thing. “I haven’t done a lot of features so I can’t technically say I prefer either or. I have nothing against gonzo. It’s straight hardcore sex and there’s a huge audience that consumes that. There’s nothing I find awful about it. I love gonzo. If I keep doing gonzo over and over again that’s cool.”

Asked why she went with Exotic Star Modeling, Rose explained that there’s a lot of consideration for the girls with the women-run agency. “It’s different when you have a man behind you. You want some time for yourself and it’s easier for a woman to know. They know you need time to rest and instead of giving you a full schedule – where by the end of the week you’re burned out. It’s more of a positive thing with Exotic Star. I love them to death.”

Rose said the first time she talked to the agency she fell in love with them. Asked where she came up with her name, Rose explained that Sativa is a type of cannabis and also means Goddess of love. “I liked the whole cannabis part of it,” she said. “That was the first name that popped into my head. I didn’t want anything too silly.” [It’s a good thing she opted for elegance.] I wanted something a little mysterious.”

Asked if she partook of weed, Rose said every woman goes through her monthly cycle. “It’s unbearable- especially for me- I have unbearable pain throughout my cycle.” Rose said she’s allergic to every pain killer there is. “I’m allergic to aspirin.” Rose said whenever she’d take a medicine she’d blow up. “My brain waves would just go haywire.” A friend of hers suggested smoking a joint. “I don’t want to smoke a joint- my mom would kill me,” said Rose laughing at the thought. “But it took the pain from a 10 to a 2. When I have headaches and cramps that make me want to jab people, it helps. I don’t do it irresponsibly when I drive. I’m not trying to smoke a joint and drive on the 101. I do it in a place where I know I’ll be home and relaxing.”

Despite Swami’s contention that his friends killed their brain cells, Rose claims she doesn’t go crazy with it. “It’s not like hey, dude, let’s go to McDonald’s and tear it up. I smoke occasionally when I really need to. To me it’s not a bad influence.” Rose claims she would never smoke and drive, that she even hates it when people use their cell phones behind the wheel. “I’ll never drive stoned.” Rose continued to claim she uses pot as responsibly as she can. “That’s that.”

Rose said she got into porn for her own liberation. “I was going to school- I was going to college. I had a perfect job where I was making way more than the minimum wage,” she said. “Everything was going well but I felt unfulfilled. I’ve always been a sexual but not promiscuous girl.” Rose has always been infatuated with porn. “I didn’t technically follow up on the trends or the new things and companies but I would occasionally watch it. I was always in awe of it, that people would go out there and do it and show the world that. It’s an amazing thing. I wanted to do that.” And so she did, according to Rose who dropped everything else in its pursuit.

According to Rose, her father and his side of the family knows what she’s doing. “My mom doesn’t know yet- I don’t see her quite often even though I live across the street from her. That side of the family doesn’t know. As long as my daddy knows. I’ve always been daddy’s girl. He’s learning to deal with it. He was extremely shocked at first because he never expected me to go that route at all.” The way she conducted herself through school, Rose said it never appeared that she’d do something like porn. “He’s [her father] dealing with it and being very mature and adult about it,” she went on to say. “He didn’t kick me out and tell me to get lost and anything like that. He’s totally behind it.”

As far as possible contracts go, Rose said it’s first come, first served as far as she’s concerned. “If I have history with them it’s awesome. If a powerful company approaches me, and it’s a good name, and that’s something that could promote me very well, hey, I’ll go for it. Come and get me!”

Rose also conceded that it’s “tough as nails” dating when you’re in the porn industry. “It really is.” Rose said she was dating an “average” guy when she started in the business. “But it didn’t work out at all.” Rose said, for the average person, it’s someone’s fantasy but they don’t want to date someone in the industry along with the drama besides needing an open mindedness to accept it. If given options, Rose said she would not let on at the beginning of the relationship that she’s in porn. “I don’t automatically say I do porn. But if things start being consistent, I do let them know. It’s tough being a civilian on the street. But right now I’m not dating anyone. It’s not even an option.” For the time being, Rose prefers to be focused on her website and her career. Rose said she’s starting to build content for .

“I’m doing this 100%- it’s all me. By next month it’s going to be up and running and I’m really excited about it. I want to make this a real personal site- not just your typical porn site. I really want to put my personality into it. I can’t wait for it.”


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