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Conversations with Nikki Nievez; “Sativa Rose is Not My Favorite Person” – 3/20/07

Porn Valley- Photographer Bill Diehl is shooting pretty girls of Nikki Nievez. That alone is a redundancy. Nievez, now wearing her hair a darker color, [“I want to feel mysterious”] grew her crotch out for a week to do some hairy girl scene for Rob Spallone. But Spallone who shows up later on the set, is saying Nievez isn’t hairy enough.

Nievez mutters something to her boyfriend Jenner about damned if she’s going to put glue on her body to attach some phony pubic hair. But before all this happens Diehl is coaxing some pube shots out of Nievez.

“I want every hair just screaming at me,” he tells her.

Nievez is going to be at Adultcon this weekend and that’s where our interview begins.

“I’ll be there Friday, Saturday and Sunday,” she says. “We’ve reserved our own booth.” By “we” she means her and Jenner.

“I have lots of products to sell- lots of outfits of mine to sell,” she continues. “I think it’ll be very good; I’m very positive about it. I think it’ll be a little overwhelming to see how many fans I do have.” This is Nievez’s first time at the show. And by product I wondered if she meant used panties. She said yes.

“I’ve put together over 50 outfits that I’d like to sell and get rid of,” she goes on to say. “I also made this one huge posterboard with a ball gag and anal beads in my butt. It looks really hot and fetish. I love it. That’s what I’m getting into now.”

I noticed that Luke Ford was shooting some video of Nievez, and keeping the Kurt Lockwood incident in perspective, asked if she’s ever had a shoving match or similar incident on a porn set.

“I almost got into it with Sativa Rose one time,” she laughs. “Let’s just say the talent coordinator didn’t coordinate us properly. She apparently is dominant and I know I’m dominant. We almost ended up in blows – she’s not my favorite person. Nor has she ever been.”

“Putting two Alpha females together, one would iumagine?”

“I wouldn’t consider her an Alpha female,” Nievez laughs some more. “I really wouldn’t. I don’t know. There’s probably a control issue which I guess I could say the same about myself, too. Right?”

Asked how the situation resolved itself, Nievez says Jenner grabbed Rose and the director grabbed Nievez.

“This was getting like I’m going to break your fucking face open,” Nievez continues. “She was like oh my God I can’t believe this! She totally flipped out on me. Of course I’m going to flip out on you, you suck as a performer. Fuck you. She’s just useless. How do you go do a girl-girl scene and your pussy hurts and your ass hurts? How do you do a scene at all if none of your holes is functioning properly?

“As a profesional I go to work and everything functions properly, you know what I mean. That’s just a professional thing to do. If you’re not going to be a professional, don’t show up. Call and cancel. But don’t make everybody else’s day at work a living fucking hell because you’re having some kind of diva fucking problems.”

At the same time, Nievez wouldn’t say who’s shoot this was on.

“I don’t want to say because he’s been very good to me,” she smiles. In the final analysis, Rose and Nievez switched partners.

“It was quite funny,” says Nikki who starts her third year in the business June 8. Before she got into porn, Nievez, who’s from Hialeah, Florida, toiled in various clerical and temp jobs as well as collection agencies.

“Did you have to chase people for money?” she’s asked.

“It was more like if you don’t pay me we’re going to put a lien on your house,” she states. “That’s a dominating occupation.”

Nievez liked the idea of a porn career because it was something new and different.

“My first agent was Lauren Phoenix believe it or not,” she says. “She was the worst agent ever. She was just horrible. Horrible, horrible, horrible and it was really hard to jump ship because I was brand new, naive and insecure. But I finally grew some balls. What do I say About Lauren Phoenix? She’s a psycho-bitch? Between her and her pimp boyfriend- whatever you want to call him- it was too much to deal with. I did not move out to California to have a mommy and daddy.

“They’re like you got to be home by 10 o’clock. Excuse me? I haven’t been home by ten o’clock since I was 12 years old. What’s wrong with you? Who died and made you God? I stayed at her house a little while but ended up getting a place with a really good friend of mine.”

Before that, Nievez got her porn start in Florida.

“There was this guy I met,” she says. “He was doing this editing-thing and he was, hey do you want to try it? He was this friend who showed me what to do and how to do it.”

Nievez has a reputation for being very wild on camera.

“Anything that has to do with me and Jenner is pretty out there and disturbing,” she concedes. “There’s a trust level between us and I could allow him to take me to another place.”

“What kind of places is he taking you to?” Nievez is asked.

“Hmm, what kind of disturbing shit have we done?” Nievez asks Jenner who says anything from fisting to double-anal.

“Anything that concerns shock value,” Nievez continues.

“We try to be as over the top as possible,” Jenner adds. “We’re performers who put on a show.”

“I’ve had a really good time working with him,” Nievez states. “It makes work so much easier for me.” Nievez agrees that some directors will go out of their way to match them together. But that point is moot now.

“Now they have no option,” Nievez declares. “Because I will only work with him. I figure if I’m going to do this I might as well do something I’m comfortable with and something I feel good about. I feel good about working with him and I feel good getting my world fucked over by him.”

Nievez and Jenner met on a set about a year ago.

“We met July 31st on a Sin City shoot,” she says. “We did an anal scene together. I didn’t know who he was and they were trying to match me with some other performer I didn’t want to work with. They wanted me to do vag and I couldn’t do vag because I had been working like 28 days. And my ass was the only thing available. I told everybody to fuck themselves, I’m going to do an anal scene. I knew everybody else there but I didn’t know Jenner. When he walked in. I was, like, oh, wow. I want that. I got to have that. I really, really would like to have that in my future. It was his big blue eyes. I love them. I’m such a sucker. Nobody has a shot unless it’s Jenner.”

Planning for the future, Nievez is also going to makeup school.

“So I’ve limited my performances to only with him and some girl-girl occasionally,” she said. “I want to do something else, not only in the porn industry but I’d like to get into more mainstream things like prosthetic makeup and gory shit.”

Growing up, Nievez described herself as a big mouth.

“I didn’t care what anybody thought,” she says. “I was just a big mouth. I got popped across the face a few times. Mostly my mother. But other than that, I always knew that whatever it was I’d be doing, it didn’t have to matter to them. It just had to matter to me. I took it upon myself to move out here two years ago and just make my own way of life, build my character, build my personality, build who I want to be.”

Asked what her parents thought of her career, Nievez replies, “They don’t have to like it. They don’t have to agree with it, but then again I’m sure their parents didn’t agree or like anything they were doing when they were my age. That’s just how the world turns. Before I came out here, I told everybody what I was going to do. They didn’t stop me.”

Asked if she lost any friends over her decisions, Nievez observes that Jenner is her only friend.

“And one girl that I’ve met out here,” she adds. “I don’t talk to anybody down in Florida any more. They don’t understand anything. There’s a whole different other world out there other than Hia-fuckin’-Leah which is where I was born and raised. There’s a huge world out there and they seem so narrow-minded. And I guess I was the same way until I came out.”


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