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Porn Valley- Victoria Sin, who hails from Germany, became a name in the news over the weekend when a discussion ensued on Gauge and Quasarman’s The Distorted Reality program about Extreme Associates’ new series Ass Milkshake. Though Sin wasn’t mentioned specifically by name, it was pretty clear that she was the girl involved in the scene when Quasarman began quoting Sin’s fellow countryman Sasha’s slant on the whole issue. “Fucking horrible,” was the Sasha quote Quasarman used to describe the scene which, judging by the word milkshake, hardly needs adjectives or artificial ingredients to get the point across. Quite frankly, when we talked to Victoria on the set of EvolutionErotica’s Sexual Predator, she, like Julie Night, hardly seem fazed by it. Sin, you might also recall was interviewed on KSEX and later that evening walked away from a car crash that totaled Dick Nasty’s vehicle. An eventful couple of weeks you might say.

Gene: You’re going to be doing a rough sex scene today.

Sin: Yes I do. With two guys.

Gene: You’re brand new?

Son: Almost.

Gene: How much is almost.

Sin: This is my second time here. I come here three months each time. [Sin also appeared in the first ever EvolutionErotica release Meat Pushin’ in the Seat Cushion.]

Gene: Have you ever done a rough sex scene before?

Sin: Yes I did. I like it. But I’ve never had two guys in my personal life.

Gene: Neither have I so don’t feel bad. How do you like it rough? Hair pulled?

Sin: Yes, hair pulled and scratching. That’s me. LOL!

Gene: Which country do you hail from?

Sin: Germany.

Gene: A lot of girls here in the business are from Germany.

Sin: I know. And a lot of guys. I make good money and it’s nice to work here. I have fun and it’s nice weather.

Gene: I heard that when you and Dick Nasty left KSEX he got into a car accident.

Sin: You heard about it!?

Gene: I hear things. But you weren’t hurt, obviously.

Sin: It wasn’t that bad. It wasn’t Dick’s fault.

Gene: Do you work much over in Germany?

Sin: In Germany I work in this business together with my regular job. But I quit my regular job and I have to find a new job.

Gene: What was your regular job?

Sin: A law assistant. It’s kind of different.

Gene: When was the first time you had sex.

Sin: My 15th birthday. It was the boyfriend of my friend.

Gene: Was he loaned out to you?

Sin: It just happened. We were at a party and I went swimming. The naked-thing in the middle of the night.

Gene: A skinny dip sex scenario. This like a Friday the 13th movie. That’s hot. So you must have had a few drinks and were feeling good.

Sin: Yes! We were not that drunk. We drank a little bit. Then we went into the sea and had some fun. And it just happened.

Gene: Did you do it in the water?

Sin: No, outside. A lot of people were watching.

Gene: Was this at night or during the day.

Sin: Maybe 10 o’clock at night.

Gene: And a lot of people around.

Sin: Our friends.

Gene: Everybody from the party.

Sin: Yes.

Gene: Any other unusual places?

Sin: I sometimes have sex in public. Once I gave someone a blowjob after a party in a hotel. Everybody’s coming out of the party watching. I have that one on tape.

Gene: So when you’re out here do you get a chance to see the sights.

Sin: I spend most of my time working and partying with my best friend from Austria. We’re always going out every night having fun.

Gene: What made you decide to get in the adult business.

Sin: It was interesting. I don’t know. I saw a lot of erotic TV shows in Germany. There was an opportunity to work here in American and I said, okay. Everyone is nice and you can make good money. I sent an e-mail to a producer and after that I had my first scene in Germany. I did a couple of scenes over there during the weekends and holidays.

Gene: And this as the time when you had a regular job.

Sin: Right.

Gene: The people at work find out what you were doing on the side?

Sin: No, no, no.

Gene: How about your family.

Sin: My sister knows what I do. That’s all. And a friend.

Gene: But the parents don’t.

Sin: No.

Gene: Plan on telling them?

Sin: I’m going to keep it a secret. Oh…

Gene: I could see by your eyes that they wouldn’t react too well.

Sin: Oh, yes.

Gene: How did you wind up meeting Dick Nasty.

Sin: This guy in Germany [Sasha] just called me and asked if I wanted to work in America. I was a little scared because I’m not blond, tall and have big tits. He said that’s fine you can try it. I wasn’t sure whether to quit my job and try this. But I tried it and everything’s fine.

Gene: How do you like the business so far?

Sin: Very much, actually. I can work when I want. The guys are very, very nice on the set- the crew, the actors. And it’s something different.

Gene: In your real life do you like rough sex?

Sin: Yes, that’s why I came into the business.

Gene: You mentioned the scratching and hair pulling.

Sin: That’s what I really, really love. I like to play with candles and other stuff.

Gene: Where do these candles usually wind up?

Sin: On my body and on his body.

Gene: You also do anal scenes. What was the first time like for you.

Sin: I had it with my ex-boyfriend about four years ago. The first time wasn’t so good but one night I was horny and it was easy. Now I really like it. It’s harder but I like it. I don’t like doing a regular scene. They’re boring.

Gene: No drama?

Sin: Nothing, I’m sorry.

Gene: You just go to the set and do your thing.

Sin: Right.

Gene: That was you at Extreme the other day doing an ass milkshake.

Sin: Yes.

Gene: What was that like?

Sin: Except for the milk, pretty fine! LOL I don’t like milk. But it was a lot of fun.

Gene: You were doing it with Jay Ashley and Sasha.

Sin: Sasha was the gentleman who called me and asked if I wanted to go to America.



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