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Craig Valentine: Couples Fantasies Owes Lee Anna Heart the Money

Porn Valley- Alas, poor Mario, we knew him well. Is this the last we’ll hear of Mario and the Shakespearean drama involving him, Craig Valentine, Lee Anna Heart and a Florida stripper named Portia? Goodness knows Wankus tried getting to the bottom of the story on his KSEX show Wednesday night and seemed a little dazed, a little confused in his attempts to interview Portia who comes off a little dazed and confused herself.

Can’t say as I blame Wankus, though. I’m covering the story and am still having problems making sense of it. In case you’re still following this, here’s the plot points. Mario is a photographer in Florida who claims Valentine owes him a $50 finder’s fee plus a copy of some video Mario did when he had sex on camera with Lee Anna Heart. Mario is claiming that Valentine never paid Lee Ann Heart.

Craig Valentine, who’s Summer Haze’s husband, admits that he hasn’t given Mario the finder’s fee for a movie featuring Portia. And when it comes to Heart’s movie, Valentine’s claiming he never shot it and doesn’t know where it’s at. Valentine just says he brought people together for a company called Couples Fantasies, headed by a guy who used to partner with Valentine. The company has since dropped off the face of the map. If Heart hasn’t been paid, Valentine says it’s a matter involving Couples Fantasies.

Portia, named after a Shakespearean heroine appropriately enough, is the bone of contention over a finder’s fee. One minute she has an HIV test, next minute she doesn’t and that’s where Wankus was getting lost. Also because Portia’s claiming that Valentine was banging her on the side- if Portia didn’t have an HIV test- therein is cause for concern. But Valentine’s claiming he never banged Portia extracurricularly promising her work. Though Portia is swearing he did. [Valentine, who’s a swinger, says he can get all the ass he wants and doesn’t have to sneak to get it.]

Also on her behalf, Portia is currently under house arrest for a marjijuana bust which scores high on the believe-my-side-of-the-story index.

I spoke to Valentine Thursday morning. Valentine and Haze are in Denver to attend a Sex Expo. Granted, Valentine is not the easiest person to follow when trying to make sense of a story and, hence, issues involving Valentine often get confuddled and obfuscated.

Looking at the brighter side of things, Valentine says he’s been getting more press over this story than anything he’s ever done.

“I can’t comment on the Lee Anna Heart-thing,” says Valentine. “I’m not with Couples Fantasies.” Valentine says the movie that Heart appears in was not for Club Summer Haze as Mario contends.

“Model releases were signed for Couples Fantasies,” says Valentine. “This was for a line Kevin was shooting called Daredevil Couples. It had nothing to do with us. All I did was put the players together. I had nothing to do with this. Now, if you think I had it, I would have released it by now? I mean this is so simple everyone’s having a hard time believing this is so simple.

“Basically Mario wanted to be in a movie,” Valentine continues. “He said he could perform. I set him up with Kevin. They set everything up with Kevin. They did paperwork with Kevin. Kevin shot the movie… That’s it.”

Forty-five days after the shoot, Valentine had a falling out with Kevin.

“That was almost two years ago,” says Valentine. He went his way and we were done.”

According to Valentine, Couples Fantasies would have been responsible for paying Heart. However Valentine did shoot Heart earlier for Club Summer Haze in American Blowjob Queen and contends that Heart was compensated for that project.

“She was paid for that, and I can fax you a copy of the cancelled check. Mario is all hung up on this scene with him and Lee Anna [for Couples Fantasies]. A lot of this stuff doesn’t even have anything to do with me.”

The major point of confusion in this whole story was Portia’s HIV status.

“I did not shoot her because she didn’t have an HIV test,” says Valentine. And here’s where it gets a bit confusing. Valentine shot Portia for another company called Brutal Dildos at the behest of the owner of the company. Otherwise, Valentine says he would never have hired her.

“The client said we want her shot. That movie was released,” states Valentine. “But I didn’t book her. I shot her, however. The clients are the ones paying my salary. I do what they want.”

“Did Portia have an HIV test for this Brutal Dildos?” I ask Valentine.

“She did not have an HIV test,” Valentine replies. “That’s why she was shot for a toy scene.”

Valentine says there was an earlier instance where Portia would have done a boy-girl scene for his company but was turned down because she did not have a test.

But Portia claims she had a test. Accordingly, Valenine says he searched the AIM database but could not find a corroborating one for her.

“I can’t find her name anywhere,” he says.

“If you want to do a toy scene or a solo, fine,” says Valentine. “But I’m not about to shoot anything if you’re performing with somebody else and putting their life in jeopardy. You need an HIV test.”

Asked for his assessment of Portia’s credibility, Valentine says Kayla Kupcakes has more intelligence.

“Besides the AIDs test, there’s really something wrong with her [Portia],” says Valentine. “I think she qualifies as incoherent. And if you ever saw a picture, it would be hard for [Rob] Spallone to cast her.”

If you ask him to sum up the overall situation, Valentine claims Mario is basically “a pervert” who stalks for girls.

“And if he doesn’t get his way, he basically does bad things. There’s a lot more to this guy. It all comes down to the fact he wants fifty bucks and to prove he did a movie with a porn actress. But I don’t have his movie. I didn’t shoot his movie.”


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