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Mario: Craig Valentine Didn’t Pay Lee Anna Heart

Florida- I spoke to Florida photographer Mario of Hot Dancer Magazine who tells me Craig Valentine never paid Lee Anna Heart for a scene Valentine shot of her.

“I had worked with Lee Anna before- I shot her for a magazine I was working for,” Mario explains. “And I was going to shoot her for the cover of my magazine.” Mario says he had done a scene one other time with Heart about a year and a half prior to the one for which she wasn’t paid. Valentine wasn’t involved with the first one.

“A friend of mine has a video company,” states Mario. “Lee Anna was in town and she wanted to do a movie where she was the star in every scene. She had never been in a video like that. She spoke to me and I hooked her up with my friend who has a video company. We set it up where she had her own movie and sold copies of it when she went on the road.”

According to Mario, Heart was later in Miami to do some stuff with Valentine.

“She called me and said, hey, I’m in Miami. I’m looking for guys to do a movie. I worked with you guys before, are you available?” Mario called up one guy.

“I said we’re shooting a movie. He goes what am I going to be doing? You’re going to be in the movie. He came down to the hotel we were at.” Heart first shot a scene with another girl then shot the threeway involving Mario and his friend Juan.

According to Mario, it was Valentine who set the whole deal up.

“Craig was the one paying for the room- he said his partner was coming down; Craig was doing something else that day,” says Mario. “The guy came to shoot the scene. The girls shot first, then me and my friend with Lee Anna. I gave Lee Anna a lift back to where she was. By this time it’s 11 o’clock at night. We were supposed to get copies of the videos and she was supposed to get paid by Craig, also.”

Mario said his deal with Valentine was just to get copies of the videos.

“Craig is claiming you couldn’t get it up in that scene,” I tell Mario.

“I got it up- if you saw the video, you could see that I got it up,” Mario answers. “Craig claims a lot of stuff that’s not true. Craig also claims that I have a restraining order against me. which is not true.” Mario says it was his friend [Juan] in the scene who had wood problems because Juan is married and was thinking about some of the possible fallout.

“So Lee Ann didn’t get paid to your knowledge?” I ask Mario.

“I know she didn’t get paid,” says Mario. “I got in touch with her mom and she said Craig never paid Lee Anna. I don’t want to say what Lee Anna’s deal was. I don’t know. But I know she was supposed to go down there and Craig was setting up shoots for her. While she was down there for several days, other than doing the movie with me, there was no other work. Craig was saying oh this person’s coming to town; oh they’re going to come tomorrow instead; oh, they’re coming Friday instead. This person’s coming to town. Oh, their plane is late. Oh they’re going to come later. So Lee Anna is paying for a hotel room and she’s getting no work. She said, finally, look, I’m leaving. I’m not going to keep staying here. I couldn’t blame her. This guy makes up stories left and right.”

After that Valentine was in touch with Mario telling him that if he gets any girls let him know and Valentine would pay him a $50 finders fee.

“I got in touch with this girl Portia- she wanted to start doing magazines and videos,” Mario continues. “She said I know I’m starting late [Portia is 33] but I want to be able to feature. I said, Craig, I have a girl who’s interested in doing magazine and video. I sent him test photos and he said, introduce me. Craig went over her house- not some European guy like he’s claiming- we both went there. I was doing stills for him and, no, I didn’t steal stills for my magazine like he’s also saying. Craig was shooting the scene with big toys. I didn’t steal these pictures.”

Mario says this shoot was for Club Summer Haze which also contradicts what Valentine was saying. Valentine in an interview with me claimed he was shooting the scene for an overseas client.

“I labeled all those photos club summer haze when I emailed them to him,” Mario notes. “They weren’t stolen. And if that was the case, does Craig have this magazine with those pictures? No. Craig shot the scene with the toys; then he said he was going to do the blowjob scene- he didn’t need me to get the photos.”

Valentine, in an interview, claims Portia didn’t have an AIDS test. But according to what Mario is saying, the math left Valentine as the only one in the room to get that blowjob. However Mario is also saying that Portia did have an AIDS test. So why is Valentine claiming she didn’t?

“Craig told me he’d get me my check in a couple of days,” Mario adds. “So I left. I e-mailed him the pictures. A couple of days later I called him. He said, hey, I got your check on my dashboard of my car. Cool. he said I’m going over here, I’m going over there. I’m busy, too, so I figure the check is on the dashboard. I’ll get it soon.”

Not necessarily. Mario called a few more times and got stories from Valentine how he was going to California then Canada and how he had to handle various things coming up.

“This was going around for a couple of months,” says Mario. “Then he says send me an invoice so I can have a check cut for you. But the check was on his dashboard. All he had to do was mail the check to me.”

Mario sent the invoice. And Valentine claimed he didn’t get it. Mario then asked about the movie with him and Heart because he wanted copies. Valentine gave him a story about not releasing the videos because it was a slow period and would do it in the fall. Then he’d give Mario a copy.

“I called him in the fall and I still didn’t get my check for the finder’s fee,” Mario notes. “Now he wanted me to send an e-mail to his accountant. But the address he gave me didn’t exist. How many times am I sending an e-mail for a $50 check? Then I’m asking about the videos. Now it’s November and December and Valentine’s telling me he doesn’t have the company any more. He says he doesn’t know who has the company and hangs up the phone.

“Let me get this straight- you had the videos in the summer? But you just weren’t releasing them yet? If you did this, wouldn’t there be a few videos in your house? Now he claims he doesn’t have the company and doesn’t know who does. How can you sell a company and not know who you sold it to? Impossible.”

According to Mario, Valentine gave the same runaround to Juan, the other guy in the Heart scene. Juan persisted to call and Valentine apparently just let the calls go to machine.

“Lee Anna didn’t get paid. I didn’t get the videos. Nobody got anything from this guy and he’s hanging up claiming he doesn’t own the company. Craig makes these comments oh, I pay everybody. That’s bullshit! Craig has very selective memory but he’s the one saying I’m the weasel. I have a restraining order on me? That’s not true. He throws all this shit out there that’s not true.”

Mario also notes how Valentine seems to be palming the blame off on some guy named Kevin from Couples Fantasies. He has no clue who this Kevin is. But Mario insists the Heart movie was for Club Summer Haze, not Couples Fantasies.

“This guy Kevin might not exist- that could be another lie,” Mario surmises. “Still all he had to do was call the guy up and say we promised these people videos. Get them their videos.”

Now that Valentine has opened his mouth, Mario thinks that Valentine should produce the restraining order on Mario. He thinks Valentine should produce a copy of the magazine with the so-called stolen photos. And he thinks Valentine should produce the video of Valentine having sex with Portia.

“Everything that Valentine has been saying is slander,” contends Mario. “He makes this stuff up out of his head. Everything he’s said about me is false.”

On another note, Mario says, after this incident, Lee Anna Heart had a booking in Florida with a club.

“Somebody called her and said I’m from The Cheetah and your show is cancelled. So she didn’t go. But the club didn’t cancel her. Now she’s booked as having a no-show.”


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