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Craig Valentine: Dane Owes Me Money; “I’m Dealing with The Three Stooges Over There”

Porn Valley- Earlier this week Craig Valentine, of Club Summer Haze, made an announcement that Dane Productions was no longer his distributor. Friday afternoon, Valentine explained why.

Valentine says there’s be an exchange of e-mails after a break down of communications regarding money Valentine claims the company owes him.

“The secretary says one thing, Ed says another, she says he never said that,and that’s how it’s been going,” says Valentine. “And Bob’s attitude over there is that he doesn’t want to get involved.”

According to Valentine, payments from Dane have slowed down since last October.

“We were getting checks like clockwork- that’s one thing I can say about Ed. For a little over a year we was actually pretty good at paying his directors,” says Valentine. “Then as his health went down, so did the money. I started chasing him around for our checks. AVN I had to chase him. He owed me for three months’ worth. And that was the last thing I saw.”

Valentine, who’s out of Florida, was in town a couple of weeks ago and visited the company apparently unannounced.

“He was crying a couple of weeks ago about how the landlord was going to evict him and he needed the money to pay the landlord,” Valentine continues. “That’s the downward spiral right there. I thought Ed was supposed to be worth millions? Apparently he won’t put it into Dane.”

Valentine said when he walked into the Dane office he wanted to know what gives.

“Ed told me he fired the secretary and has a new one- Bob’s girlfriend Dana- she said she used to run AVN. She’s also supposed to be a QuickBooks expert but none of my CPA’s can see this.”

According to Valentine, Dana had a check for him for $272 but told Valentine she couldn’t give it to him, that she had to talk to Ed.

“And I had been asking for inventory for four months from them,” Valentine adds. “There’s pieces missing. They have about 6,000 units of my product, different titles. There’s about 400 some of pieces missing. And I know Ed’s got a collection problem. I’ve never hounded him about it.”

The way he talks, Valentine was a ping pong ball going back and forth over the net on the $272 check. Nobody knew nothing.

Valentine was also told that the old secretary didn’t know how to use QuickBooks and that he had been overpaid. As well as all the other directors.

“How does this work?” Valentine asks. “If you sell my product, you collect the money and pay me.” Valentine notes that Ed used to be a CPA himself.

“If the secretary didn’t know how to use QuickBooks, what happened to Ed?” Valentine asks. Valentine says he was also told that Ed was going to start billing him for keeping all his Club Summer Haze product at Dane. That being said, Valentine asked that his product be shipped back to him starting with a hundred pieces of every title. The reason being, says Valentine, Ed told him Dane didn’t have insurance on their building any more.

A week later the product didn’t show up and Valentine made further inquiries. He was now told that Ed didn’t want to give him his product until Valentine paid back what Dane allegedly overpaid him.

“I look at the reports- I go you guys owe me like seven grand,” says Valentine. “It says you sold over $20,000 of my product. I only have like $4300 worth of checks and you’re telling me this is the corrected report? They told me talk to Ed. I talked to Ed. He said talk to Dana she’s handling it all. I said, fine. If you need the seven grand that bad keep the money and ship me my product back.”

Then Valentine was told he wasn’t getting it back, that Dane considered it theirs. When he inquired why he wasn’t getting his product back, Valentine said he got another runaround.

“I go to Ed and he says I have no idea what you’e talking about,” says Valentine. “Call Bob. Bob says he doesn’t want to get involved. I’m dealing with the Three Stooges over there.”

Valentine then sent e-mails asking Dane if they were keeping his product, stealing it or returning it.

“All I hear is Ed crying to everybody how honest he is,” says Valentine. “Then Ed said he will ship my product back as long as he doesn’t have to pay the freight. Fine, ship it freight collect. Now I’m being told Ed doesn’t want to do that. This is all in e-mails.”

According to Valentine, he next was told that he had to fly his accountants out to Dane to look at the numbers.

“And they can look at all of the numbers but no matter what they find, Ed’s say is still final. I’m sorry but this man has lost his fucking mind. At least I’ll give Arnold [at OPD] a little bit of credit. When we found out that Arnold wasn’t going to pay us, at least Arnold gave us the product back. And the fucked up part about all this is, Ed can’t dispute it. When I was there two weeks ago, Ed gave me a hand counted inventory and put his name on it. It was all of our pieces- over 6,000- which was supposed to be in stock. He can’t say they’re not there. Then he turns around and goes, how do we know that you actually dropped off the original amount of pieces and we sold them? Because we don’t have your address in our computer as one of our vendors.”

“Because you dumb bitch,” says Valentine, “the replicator dropped it off and your warehouse guy signed the receipt for the product.”

Gene sez: I spoke to Bob over at Dane after my chat with Valentine. Bob says whatever Valentine’s story is, it’s not the case.

“He owes us money,” says Bob. “We have an accounting firm looking at the stuff. We told Craig to send his people here to look at it. If it’s not right, we’ll take care of it. No problem. But we feel what we’ve done is correct. And he says he’s correct. The only way to rectify it is to send his people in here and Dana will show them exactly what’s going on. And we’ll go from there.

“And he’s [Valentine] saying he’s going to call the police that it’s grand theft. The police don’t want to get involved with this. It’s a civil thing. We’re not stealing any thing. He’s such an idiot. This is insane.

“He’s threatening us every day, threatening this, threatening that,” Bob continues. “The books are open, everything is open here and we’re not hiding anything. Send in somebody who knows the numbers. His product doesn’t sell anyway.”


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