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Deadbeats and Grifters- update

Porn Valley- Skeeter Kerkove, tells me he’s making headway with the $5,000 that’s owed him by a video company owner. So far he’s received 20% and that’s 20% he didn’t have the other week.

Skeeter’s also in the middle of an interesting story involving a set of twins- Cali Marie and Cherish, both 19, from San Diego. The story has been chronicled on and I became aware of it last week when I spoke to Jim Enright at the Penthouse talent call.

Enright was telling me about a check scam and how it was fucking him up. Basically I’m hearing the same story from Skeeter, and, apparently other companies have been hit as well. So far the twins have worked for Joey Silvera, Jules Jordan, New Sensations, Rodney Moore, and Jekyll and Hyde Productions. Devan on HardcoreGossip ran a statement from the twins with them claiming that they’re innocent parties in the whole deal which involves using routing and account numbers to make bogus checks.

But this isn’t the first time a check scam has hit the industry. I remember covering a similar story maybe six, seven years ago and it involved a female performer still working in the business.

“I hired these identical twins awhile back,” says Skeeter. “They were running a check scam but they were blaming it on their sister, saying their sister was here in town. But their sister wasn’t here. They were alone in some motel. Their sister got busted. They gave their sister the numbers. I was already suspicious of them because they were asking me about my checks. I said, fuck it. I’m going to pay you guys in cash. But afterwards they got weird and started calling me a lot. I didn’t want to do business with them any more. And that was hard on me because they were identical twins.

“I offered them $10,000 each to come work for me for a week,” Skeeter continued. “They had to give me two hours a day for seven days and then I’d give them $10,000 each. It wasn’t a phenomenal deal but it was a fair deal. I was going to buy all matching outfits. I was going to pay to get their hair done identical and have their nails done identical. Make them flawless identical. But the one sister had ID problems due to the FBI. One of the twins gave their mom who’s on probation in San Diego and can’t leave the county, my number. The mom started stalking me and giving me phone calls that really weirded me out.” According to the twins’ account Skeeter supposedly had members of the Russian mob stalking them.

But Skeeter is more inclined just to write the girls off as “true white trash”.

“Not like joking around white trash,” he says. “”They’re the real deal. Their whole life has been a complete misery. They’re from Ohio but originally from San Diego. The mom lives in San Diego but is on probation. The mom called me up and goes, Mr. Kerkove, I need to know what’s going on. I go, what are you talking about? She goes well I need to know exactly what’s going on. I said you need to work on your relationship with your daughters. You’re asking me personal business that I can’t give you over the telephone. Talk to them, not me. I think the whole family are like hustlers- real low dollar hustlers.”

From what Skeeter hears, the twins are complaining that no one’s hiring them because of the bad press. “They stole from Joey Silvera and who knows who else. Then the mom calls up and stalks the producers. Obviously the mom is getting the numbers from the daughters. How the fuck is the mom getting them? I think they wanted to run a blackmail scam. Really. The thing I got from the phone call with the mom was an attempt to blackmail in some way whatever. Why is the mother calling me?”

The story as Skeeter got it is their other sister was being blamed by them for any improprieties involving checks. “But that’s bullshit. They did routing tricks with the check numbers at the bank,” says Skeeter. “People keep coming up with new ways. I do know that several times people had tried getting at my bank because I got calls. Bank of America has contacted me several times. I don’t know how many people they got, I just know that not everybody’s coming forward because they feel embarrassed. But they shouldn’t feel embarrassed. You shouldn’t have to worry about shit like that. What are those people called? They’re Grifters. They’re fucking Grifters. It was just creepy because the mom was calling me a lot.”

According to what Skeeter was being told by the twins, their mom wanted to manage their porn careers. “I said that was just fucking creepy, pimping out your own daughters.”

Skeeter remembers another instance where a father of one of the female performers came to his house one time wanting to know how he could make more money off of his daughter with gangbangs. “That creeped me out totally. They were talking about having fun and getting high together. But I never hired the girl again. It kind of ruined the fantasy for me.”


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