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A Good Story is Worth Repeating: From Adult Cyber Mart – Don’t Let The Deadbeats Beat You

From – This is the kind of stuff that drives you crazy.

A few months ago someone from the adult business sent an email requesting ad rates for AdultFYI. I did so with no courtesy of a reply – they just never bothered to get back to me with an answer one way or another.

Then last week, that same person called needing a small favor. In turn, I busted their balls asking, hey, when are we going to see your ad on Adult Cyber Mart [which is substantially cheaper than AFY, by the way, at least for the time being]?

Judging by their answer my guess is their knowledge of Latin didn’t get as far as quid pro quo.

“Are you kidding? I’m not going to make my rent this month,” was the curt reply, but, in the same breath, I’m being given a PR spiel about some huge project they’re expecting me to promote.

“We’ll send you a press release.”

Let’s see. You got a huge project but can’t pay the rent. You need a favor, flip me off then expect me to do you another favor.

That would make me a total jackoff if I run the next press release, wouldn’t it? It’s like asking the hot chick in the class out on a date with her telling you no, but that you could carry her books home from school.

On the other hand, I did a favor last week for a company. We’ll call them Company A.

The owner’s a gentleman and they’ve always been there for me with ad support. Not huge amounts of money but were there when I needed them. In the great domino scheme of things, like everyone else, I’ve been waiting on a check which was late because people have been rather tardy paying Company A.

With unheeded phone calls and emails, Company A couldn’t get one particular bill paid if their name was the Internal Revenue Service.

One thing I learned about this Internet-stuff, nothing beats making it public. So, as a gesture of good faith, I told their story on AdultFYI. I didn’t have to mention Company X, the deadbeat company by name, but enough details provided in the story told Company X I knew it was them. And because Company X knew I knew, I knew they’d be in touch with Company A about settling the account, and they were and did.

Here’s the rub. Company A promised me a finder’s fee on top of the money they already owed me. I wasn’t asking for one, but they brought the idea up. So when Company X coughed up, and it only took a day, Company A squared our account which was outstanding from three months ago. Except, surprise, surprise, there was no finder’s fee. I’m guessing Company A figured I forgot that part of the conversation and arrangement. Which I didn’t and won’t. And therein is likely the start of a new business venture.

What kind of annoys me about this entire incident was, in the course of conversation, I told Company A and their mention of a finder’s fee about the time Sandy Bunz made good on his promise of one.

Bunz was owed money by a company overseas. I posted the story with way more detail than the Company X story. And showing what tentacles AdultFYI apparently has, within an hour or two I’m getting emails from an irate owner of said overseas company claiming Bunz’s story was total bullshit, demanding I take it down with a retraction. Except the story was way too detailed not to be true.

I simply ignored the request and within a couple of days Bunz was wired his money. What really knocked me for a loop after that was Bunz calling to meet me with the money he promised. One thing I’ll say for Sandy. He’s taken his ration of guff over the years but I’ve always found him to be a man of his word.

The two finders fee incidents are hardly isolated ones. Over the years I’ve reclaimed loads of money for people and companies and in most cases have been assured if nothing else a toke “reward” for my efforts.

Whether I actually got one or not is another story and reflective of the classic observation that promises are generally made to be broken.

Now every time I read a new press release I see in it the potential for someone screwing another in an adult industry deal that’s guaranteed to turn rancid.

With Adult Cyber Mart it’s a new day, a new kind of website and if you want your money, we’ll get you your money because that deal, guaranteed, is going to go sour.

As I quote the owner of Company A: “No crook in this business wants to be revealed as a crook because that only hampers his opportunity for being a crook and stealing more money.”

We’re waiting to hear from you because we know you have a story about some crook.


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