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Ducati: Skeeter Refused to Return Calls

> the following was posted by Kevin Rubio on, 1/14/06: Skeeter Kerkove was hired by Ducati Productions to produce and direct a new anal line for us. The first movie we got from him was already shot and purchased by Ducati. Skeeter Kerkove signed an in-depth contract giving Ducati exclusive ownership of five scenes, certifying in the contract that they have never been used before.

Ducati Productions has verified for a fact that at least one of the scenes was sold to Metro Interactive and that the artwork on Metro’s “More Than a handful #15” was made with photos owned by Ducati under the same contract.

We have had to recall one movie [Welcome to the Bunghole #3]a week before the release date because it contained two additional bonus scenes of Bridgette Kerkove provided in the deal by Skeeter Kerkove that may be owned by Metro Interactive. Ducati has currently suffered losses around thirty thousand dollars ($30,000.00). A lawsuit against Skeeter Kerkove is forthcoming.

The second movie that we got from Skeeter is the absolutely worst shot production we have ever scene. We were truly ashamed to put our name on it and distribute it and only did so to recover the money spent on it. Anyone who purchased “Welcome to the Bung Hole #2” and is not happy with it will be given a full refund.

Every possible thing you could do wrong was in it. From Light stands and wires, camera mans feet, dirty lens, spit all over the lens throughout the scene, camera man constantly sniffling/snorting throughout the audio, shaky camera, absolutely no cutaways, no continuity, it’s got it all and more. No editor in the world could have made this right. It will make the perfect training movie of how NOT to shoot porn. Ducati productions will provide a FREE copy of it to ANYONE that wants it.

Skeeter Kerkove refuses to answer or return our calls. Skeeter Kerkove cannot be trusted and doesn’t have the balls to stand up and face the situation.

> Bad habit comments: Prior to hiring Skeeter to produce & direct your new anal line, had you ever watched anything of his? Did you have any idea what-so-ever as to his style and preferred techniques? Or did you just hire him on someone else’s word without doing any research of your own?

If you want hardcore anal shot in the most genuine gonzo style possible (director comments throughout the scene, lights, cables & crew getting into the shot, handheld camera shot with the intent of not a single cut occurring in post, shots so close that the sex gets on the lens), then Skeeter is your man!

If you’re expecting Skeeter to turn out a polished Michael Ninn or Andrew Blake Scene, especially if you haven’t given him any input as to what you expect, then you’re a fool! That’s not what he does. And if you don’t like what he does, than you’re and even bigger fool for hiring him.

Skeeter shoots the same girls over and over again in the same locations over and over again and provides all the outfits that the girls wear. Is it any surprise that after a given number of scenes within these variable that similarities might occur. Be absolutely sure the scenes are one in the same and not just similar before you make accusations. And don’t forget his lying whore of an ex-wife had free run of his home for weeks. It wouldn’t be beyond her to rob her ex blind and give the tapes over to her pimp at Metro. She’s done it in the past, why wouldn’t she do it again?

As to any lawsuit that may or may not be forthcoming; your claim to “substantial losses’ will certainly be diluted by the fact that you are giving it away for free. How can you suffer a loss from something that you offer to the public free of charge regardless of the reason?

Skeeter has made us a lot of money in the past. I, for one, wouldn’t hesitate to hire him again. I know what he’s capable of and I wouldn’t hire him for anything other than what he’s best at.

If you stop giving away the product and making it worthless through your own actions, we might be interested in buying it from you. I have clients that can’t get enough of Skeeter’s stuff.

If you expect your company to be more successful than the mediocre eurotrash motorcycle it’s named after, you better start doing a little more of your own pre-production research and maybe a little more hands on production.

>jrv comments: Proving whether Skeeter or Bridgette/Metro owns a scene may be tough. I’d assume Skeeter & Bridgette/Metro are cheating each other as much as possible, and it’s possible the ownership of the scene Metro used may be very unclear…

I didn’t think Skeeter used to do the camera work on scenes he directed: I wonder if he tried to do it himself this time?

> Rubio responds:Hi jrv, What Bridgette did or did not do is not our business. Skeeter is the one that signed our contract and is the one liable. Metro is cooperating with us. Unless they have a similar contract it probably won’t be difficult for us to claim ultimate ownership. We have several backup copies of scenes in our possession that we shot for Peter North. Just because we can drive over to acme productions and receive money for those tapes doesn’t give us the right to sell them.



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