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Fayth Deluca Visits PrimeTimeUncensored- final; “most guys don’t know how to eat box”

Porn Valley- From the looks of things, Wankus has a full house tonight on PrimeTimeUncensored,

Last week Wankus had “Faith Dubois” in the room, and if that sounds like a Tennessee Williams play in progress, it needs a bit of explaining. The week before, Wankus was on this rant about a porn star he was calling Faith Dubois, claiming that she stood him up for an interview. Except Wankus had her name all wrong. He was talking about Fayth Deluca from Gold Star Modeling,, and Deluca, who came on the show to explain herself, let him have it- in a nice way.

Before Wankus got to Deluca and an alibi that sounded like it was dreamt up by the CIA, Wankus and co-host Nautica Thorn were having a highbrow chat about ass odor. Wankus noted that while men are afflicted with hairy man ass and its accompanying scent, women seem to have little of that.

To which Thorn commented that her moher’s very proud of the fact that her shit doesn’t stink. Literally. And Thorn told a story which gave the impression that Thorn’s mother would give you an up close and live demonstration to prove her point.

Wankus also reported on the fourth anniversary of PSK last week, and said the crowd reminded him of the Victoria Givens anal gangbang. Thorn who didn’t stay that long, mentioned that some male talent had creeped her out by kissing her and talking fondly about their scenes together.

“It was an older guy,” said Thorn.

“You worked with Roy Karch?” Wankus asked.

Deluca, displaying bruises on her legs, said it wasn’t from S&M scenes but the fact that she had gone mountain biking and fell off. With that sounding as a legitimate excuse Wankus wondered why she seemed to have ducked his phone calls the next day. According to what Deluca was saying, her parents, knowing that she’s in porn, watched over her like a hawk and so she couldn’t make any.

“They were overprotective after the accident,” she claimed.

Explaining that she’s now with Gold Star Modeling, Deluca said her agent prior to that totally screwed her.

“Who was the agent?” Wankus asked.

“Bad Ass Frank,” replied Deluca. “I think he’s gay.” Although she tabs TJ Cummings as “the biggest asshole ever,” Deluca said it was Frank who notified her parents that she was in the business.

Deluca also mentioned the fact that she had been in the business several years earlier under another name but left because of thyroid cancer. Before she got into adult, Deluca was an accountant and a high end fashion model.

According to her, she didn’t have sex until she was 21.

“I hated it,” she said. “Until I found the right guy- then I loved it. I wasn’t comfortable with my body until he showed me how to touch it. But the following guys couldn’t compare.” Wanklus suggested, tactfully, that maybe she was being a selfish bitch all along.

Deluca described herself as being a tomboy in High School and took her aggressions out in active sports.

“I didn’t even kiss a guy until I was 18,” she said. “I wish I had a better story to tell.”

Deluca, who’s now 25, explained she doesn’t like having her pussy eaten.

“Most guys don’t know how to eat box, anyway,” she stated, noting with a possible exception, Talon. Deluca said that Talon’s “psycho girlfriend” Priscilla kept bothering her because of that. On another occasion, Fayth said she met Jack Lawrence, at AIM and he had to remind her he was the best pussy licker in the business.

The one thing that will make her wet, however, is a cock in her mouth, said Deluca.

Explaining her nationality, Deluca’s father is from Costa Rica and her mother’s Italian. Deluca herself was born in Costa Rica and grew up in San Diego, Newport and Orange County.

She recalled one incident where actor Chris Kattan tried hitting on her at the airport.

“I told him he was a total loser because he was on Sunset Tan,” she laughed.


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