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Sinnamon Love Visits PrimeTimeUncensored- final

Porn Valley- Some guys pay good money to be kicked in the nuts. They’re called husbands. Then there’s the other type, and they became an inadvertent subject of conversation on Vanessa Blue’s PrimeTimeUncensored Show,, Friday night.

Blue handed the floor to Orpheus. Orpheus is this burly brother who could pass for doing stand-up at the Laugh Factory. Orpheus has been sub-leasing show time, you might say, to present bondage topics and was supposed to get on the subject of foot worship. With Sinnamon Love as one of the guests for the evening, it never got there as the show took dark, spiralling turns into David Lynch territory.

In a moment that would have given Al Bundy a rush, Orpheus did make an attempt to usher in the subject of feet. Although he said it wasn’t necessarily his thing. Before the show, one of the crew members gets on the foot-thing, and Orpheus introduces him to Papillon, an Amazonian black chick with a pleasant disposition, a flair for the conservative and who will evidently crush your nuts under her 7-inch heels if given a chance.

“This is what they’re supposed to look like,” states Orpheus. “Big-mean.” Papillon is 6’2″ and could probably make Stone Cold Steve Austin holler uncle. Looking at her heels, Orpheus says Papillon can remove a man’s spine “with those motherfuckers.”

Only Vanessa Blue says she isn’t crazy about her own feet.

“They’re kind of funny looking, but I’ve seen worse,” she says, acknowledging the fact that when she was a stripper it didn’t help matters because of the shoes she wore.

Orpheus was of the opinion that gay guys veer towards ugly, crusty feet.

“I can’t believe that gay guys like smelly feet,” mutters Vanessa who mentions that she never gave a foot job in her career. Someone says, yeah, certain guys are also into chicks crushing bugs and things under heel.

“Crushing poor little animals is wrong!” Vanessa declares, almost horrified. Then this whole ball-kicking subject gets brought up and Vanessa says she’d like the autograph of women who perform this public service. Apparently some guys like it square in the cajones. Generally soccer-kick style. Wincing at the thought, Orpheus didn’t think this was cool. A factoid is also put out there: Asian guys dig it.

Orpheus goes on to introduce Papillon as “a monster” of his own creation. But the suspicion is that Papillon- her long, slit skirt hiding genereous thighs- grew that tall all on her own. If she’s not kicking balls, she’s stomping grapes [men lick the pulp off her feet], says Papillon.

And if she’s not “trampolining” a guy, she’s sitting on his head. Unexpectedly, many of her clients are scrawny black guys weighing in at 26 pounds, she adds. Like Blue, Papillon has never given a foot job.

“I do it because I like it,” says Papillon of her occupation. And she swears she doesn’t hate her clients. In her personal life, Papillon enjoys foot massages. “That’s always number one.”

Papillon, who used to play volleyball and basketball, describes how in one instance she put her full weight on a guy’s back while he crawled across the floor.

“I’m a sick fuck,” she laughs.

Papillon’s saying there’s a load of ways of getting her off, sexually, and this is one of them. Papillon’s the first to broach the subject of “CBT”- cock and balls torture.

“It’s fun,” she says with a truly straight face. “It depends on the person I’m playing with.” Orpheus throws up his hands in mock protest saying none of this has anything to do with him or what he’s taught her.

“She picked that up on the street!”

Orpheus goes on to describe a maneuver that can best be referred to as The San Francisco Ball Kick, whereupon a guy’s suspended from the ceiling like a pinata and kicked squarely in the nuts after being swung in the direction of the waiting foot. Ball torture also incorporates such refinements and social ameniies as piercings and jack hammer applications.

Orpheus brings on another dom named El Boogie- a very colorful choice of names, one might observe. Of indeterminate MILF status, El Boogie’s the Jeff to Papillon’s Mutt. And on the subject of CBT, El Boogie’s saying remorse is not even in the vocabulary when considering the aftermath of such activity. Generally she deploys a riding crop on the testicles.

“Do you kick men in the nuts?” Orpheus wonders.

“Yes, if they ask for it,” she replies.

“Sign me up if I’m paying for it,” Orpheus says sarcastically, urging everyone within earshot to “love the dick.”

El Boogie’s been doing this for four years and her partner’s a male dom.

“He beats the women. I beat the men. I think I can hit harder than he can,” she thinks.

Orpheus is saying all this talk about pee pee torture is making his dick hurt and seems to thinks El Boogie suffers a Napoleonic complex.

According to Sinnamon Love, she got her start doing golden showers. She was a feature dance in Indiana, but Love’s got a butt from somewhere else. It swells gloriously within the confines of her black latex dress. And Love’s telling this story about a guy who came into the club she was dancing at and by his insinuations and suggestions, she thought he was an undercover cop.

“He wanted to pay me $300 to piss on him,” she relates. Love swears she was hooked from that moment on and Love describes the man’s face turning bright red as she tinkled.

“He wanted to drink my piss! I told him I’m going to beat the shit out of you if you don’t swallow every drop.” After that, Love says the hardest part was flushing her toilet, knowing she could make $300 for a tankful.

Throughout her career, Love said she’s been tied, bound, beaten, shocked with electricity and on occasion has stuck needles in a guy’s dick. Off camera, Love displays a set of Freddy Kruger claws Orpheus used on her earlier in the day to “cut” her.

“And he set me on fire!” Love gushes like a teenager with a crush. With all of the obvious displays of affection in their repertoire, Orpheus wonders if any of the women lend a happy ending to their clients.

“You will not get a happy ending from a dom,” Love states flatly. “It’s not her job.”

Velvet Rose, who has now joined the conversation, is all for kicking a man in the groin but wonders- quite seriously- what the long tern health effects are. She then brings up another quaint ritual of testicle play- injecting saline solution in the scrotal sac.

“It makes them balloon up.” she laughs.

“You do that, you should get a Speedo and go to the beach,” Michael Fattorosi muses from the sidelines.


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