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Fright Guy Irwin Keyes Visits PTU; Lynn LeMay, Lu Bricate Debut Horror/Sci-Fi Show – final

Porn Valley- Lu Bricate’s the horror film maven. Lynn LeMay’s the Sci-Fi girl. And Tuesday night on PrimeTimeUncensored, saw the debut of their program showcasing those two popular genres.

For future shows, Bricate said he and LeMay would be bringing in actors, actresses, screenwriters, directors, makeup artists, composers, you name it.

As a special guest, actor Irwin Keyes came on to talk about past and future projects. Keyes, whose distinctive mug is a throwback to Rondo “The Creeper” Hatton, another horror film actor, but from the Forties, has been doing his thing for 28 years.

During the chat, Keyes mentioned that he was in both Exterminator movies, that he was eaten by rats in the first film but convinced the director to bring his character back for Part 2.

Keyes’ latest film is called Wrestle Maniac, saying that it’s been knocking them dead over in Europe with an expected theater date in the states the end of the year.

“It’s been getting incredible online reviews,” he notes. “This is what B-movies should be about.”

Explaining the plot, Keyes says a couple of kids want to make an amateur porn film.

“They get lost, and I’m the coke head stranger who warns them not to go down the road. There’s an insane wrestler waiing for them.”

Once it was determined that it wasn’t Chris Benoit at the end of said road, Keyes says this particular wrestler has a habit of wearing the faces he slices off his victims.

Bricate also played a clip of Keyes’ appearance as an inhaler-sucking hitman in the George Clooney film, Intolerable Cruelty directed by the Coen Brothers. Keyes offered a little back story about the scene noting that it had the Coens rolling on the floor laughing.

“I’ve been lucky to play interesting parts,” says Keyes.

LeMay,, reported that she attended the recent Star Wars convention celebrating the film’s 30th anniversay and did a little show and tell of her interaction with the conventioneers.

Whereas Bricate said he’d be attending the Monster Mania show in Cherry Hill, N.J. over the weekend of August 24th and would be offering a full report of the happenings there including an interview with actor Tony Todd who essays the role of the Candyman in that horror series.

Bricate also had director Jonathan Lewis of Black Sunday Films on for a phone interview. Lewis directs Black Devil Doll which is described as a Blaxploitation film. Lewis said he was thrilled to get heavy play on the Fangoria website.

“Chucky meets Dolomite,” Lewis told Bricate, explaining the concept. “It’s sex, sleazy, hardcore, bloody, graphic and misogynistic. It’s about a Black Panther doll who rapes and terrorizes women.”

Bricate assumed from the description that it wasn’t PG-13.

“It’s a wonderful, fun ride that everyone’s going to enjoy,” continued Lewis. “I’m sending a copy to Al Sharpton.”

During the course of the chat, Bricate was maneuvering an opportunity, based on his “acting skills,” to be in one of Lewis’ next movies.

“I have boobs,” quipped LeMay. “I don’t need acting skills.”


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