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Halston Productions Merging with Amore TV

Porn Valley- Holly Halston and her husband Troy were guests on Jason Sechrest’s, Young and The Curious Show Friday night on KSEX. The Halstons were on for the entire two hours and before they arrived, Sechrest made some strange comments about trannies who don’t pull down their underwear.

“But we’re not with trannies this evening contrary to popular belief,” he said. “Because I know a lot of people have wondered through the years if Holly Halston actually was a man. But she’s not. I’m here to tell you she never was, she never will be, but she does have a man, though, who is gay.”

Under his breath, Sechrest said Troy Halston is really gay.

“He used to do gay movies. It’s a secret but everyone knows, actually. He was a big homo for years.”

Sechrest said Halston was out of her mind most of the time, though he hasn’t seen her in a few years.

“Maybe there’s menopause involved,” he speculated. “But Holly Halston is very instinctual which is a really nice word for impulsive. She sort of does whatever pops in her head.” Sechrest went on to say that both of the Halstons seemed to be high on Ripped Fuel.

Sechrest noted that the Halstons performed a live sex show on his website. As she was introduced, Sechrest said Holly looked wonderful and wondered how much Botox she’s had.

“The time bitch caught up and we needed to fix that and reverse it,” she revealed. The Halstons reside in Florida and Sechrest wondered what their flight was like out to LA. Holly said her husband couldn’t sit still eight hours without nicotine.

“He’s been a chimney his all live,” she said. Asked how they met, Holly said it was a bar called Shotgun Willies. Troy Halston is the father of four daughters, the oldest of which is 13. According to Holly, she’s informed the kids what they do for a living.

“We tell them we show people in this world that you can still be married, have kids and have great sex.” Sechrest wondered what it would be like when the 13 year-old daughter brings home her first boyfriend. Troy Halston said her and her girlfriend were caught being on the Halston’s website at the girlfriend’s house.

“The parents didn’t tell us,” said Troy. And Holly said they had membership to it. Because of that incident, the Halstons aren’t friends with the other parents.

“Do they know about Troy’s gay movies?” Sechrest asked.

“We had to tell them,” said Holly. “Because the ex-wife would have said something.”

“That your dad sucks dick,” laughed Sechrest. According to Holly Halston, they’re very open about it and the kids are okay with it. Sechrest still couldn’t believe that the Halstons have explained their porn boundaries to kids that young.

“We had to,” she said. “They respect you then because you’re telling the truth. You came from fucking.” Halston went on to say that she and her husband are hippies with style.

“With good makeup- that’s the difference,” said Sechrest.

Holly went on to announce that Halston productions was merging with Amore TV.

“We are now merged and Amore TV will carry the website as well as our productions will go through Amore,” she continued.

“You sold your movies?” Sechrest asked.

“We merged,” answered Halston. “I am now on the board of directors of Amore. We are five females- just women- we are going to be the first all-female corporation in the adult industry that has gone public.”

Halston said the website was

“We own our own server,” Troy Halston added. “We own three cable stations now.”

“We don’t,” Holly Halston clarified. “Amore TV does. And Troy Halston will be the head of production as nominated by the board of directors- I myself was on that nomination. So we feel confident in his directing ability that he will give us some really good, incredible content. We are heading in the direction of appealing to women and couples. We have to shoot for everybody so we can pay our mortgage.”

“We’ve moved into a position where they have the money to pay us a salary,” Troy Halton added.

Asked who the other women are that are involved, Holly Halston said that would be disclosed at a later date possibly with all five of them on Sechrest’s show. According to Halston, she’s the only one on the board that is actually in the adult industry.

Troy Halston went on to say that prior to the deal, Amore TV was a very successful film company.

“They film a lot of mainstream fights,” he said.

“Sporting events,” Holly added.

“They’re a very large company,” Troy said.

Holly Halston went on to say that they have very supportive males behind the whole deal.



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