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Rob Black: Diane Duke is Christian Mann’s Organ Grinder Monkey

On the Rob Black highlight reel you got to put Tuesday night’s show in there. Black whipped out his calculator, he whipped out his hockey helmet and then he whipped up some special sentiments for Manwin flak, Kate Miller.

First, Black addressed the math showing how Free Speech and Manwin were laughing all the way to the bank because of performer gullibility in believing they’re getting special tests from Cutting Edge:

“500 tests a month@$140. That’s a conservative estimate,” said Black.

“Or is it 700 tests @$120 a month. That’s almost $1.1 million a year. Could we be talking a million dollars, Christian Mann? You got to figure that Manwin is doing 8400 tests a year. Or is it 10,000 tests a year? That’s $1.2 million and that’s why we are where we are.

“I proved [Tuesday] morning you can get your tests for free. So for the sake of argument let’s say those tests aren’t free and they’re going to cost Free Speech half a million. Where’s the other half?

“This is simple arithmetic. It’s a million dollars to throw everybody’s test in a pool and you are paying for tests that are supposed to be one individual test.

“You’re paying $120 to throw your blood in a vat that is swished around and spit out. That same test is offered by the county…free. AHF also does that HIV test where they don’t throw your blood in cauldron. And it’s also free. Wow.

“The AHF offers the same test that Free Speech, Diane Duke they all tell you it’s $120. You all pay it and AHF gives it for free. On top of that they help people who have HIV. They get them on medicine.

“Explain to me that we have a million dollars and that’s just testing that goes to this super technology by the Manwin corporation,” Black continued.

“This testing is going to be flawless, but we’re going to have a whole bunch of HIV; we’re going to have a whole bunch of syphilis they say doesn’t exist but we know that it’s swimming around.

“The state of the art testing that you lay out a million dollars for, we come to find out you can wipe your asshole with it because it’s offered for free. It’s a test the county does and AHF does. It’s for free. There’s nothing super spectacular about these tests.

“It’s the same test we pay $140 for. How do you people [performers] look in the mirror and not call each other retards. How is nobody storming the castle. Why? because they’re retards and retards can’t storm anything. They wear helmets. [Black then put on a hockey helmet to illustrate.]

“You’ve been paying $140 a month for a test you can get for free!” he shouted.

“You put your blood in a mixture and John Stagliano mixes it with the Manwin people and they charge you $140. ‘Yeah, you’re clean. Don’t worry about it. Get your ass to work.’

“Where’s the million dollars? Where’s the fucking money, retards? Christian Mann has fucking cancer and all of a sudden he weighs 900 pounds. And they’ve been taking our money. How long has Manwin been in charge?

“Do you understand that Christian Mann, Marci Hirsch, John Stagliano provide testing to you that’s free and they charge $120 to $140. Do you understand this? They charge you this. So let’s just say they say it’s not free. Let’s say the test is $60. So where’s the half a million dollars?

“Am I that fucking nuts? I can go to Rite Aid. The tests are $40 fuck dollars. Loser ass holes like Zero Tolerance give Free Speech money for salaries, all that pays your overheard so where is the testing money? Factor in the overhead of Cutting Edge and PASS. That whole system, no matter where you’re trying to point, the amount of money they take in with all these girls out there whoring themselves to pay for Bobbie the blood drawer, her daughter and the receptionist who is a prick- I’m telling you RICO smells like ugh.

“The more these people are involved, the more they’re going to rat on each other. I don’t give a fuck if you come up with $200,000, the money for testing is untouched.

“How do you charge talent for something that is free. And now these greedy cocksuckers see the writing on the wall, they’re whacking talent twice a month. These people like Vivid were shooting during the moratorium and Vivid was fleeing the state and committing pandering. We’re proving left and right a RICO case.

“You have gangsters in prison listening to my show and they’re saying, wow, these guys are bad; they are worse than the gang who couldn’t shoot straight. Wow. They are charging everybody something that is offered for free. I weep with tears running down my eyes that this is free.

“They pull in a million dollars a year, conservatively, on something that is free. A million dollars. And that doesn’t include any money that these yahoos in our business give them. Let me explain who these yahoos are. XBiz, Good Vibes, AVN- all these people put money into their operation with donations.

“Would you say this is a flagrant money grab. I don’t know. If you look at the people who put money into them Cybersocket, Girlfriend Films, Wicked- these people throw in money. All this money is floating around, and this is what pays office staff. Either way you cut this shit, it’s shit.

“Free Speech could put themselves on the mercy of the court and hope their sentences are lenient. But as the sentences mount there’s no where they can go.

“Diane Duke is an organ grinder monkey for Steve Hirsch and Chris Mann, friends since the time they were coke freaks. Diane Duke is not going to be in charge of millions of dollars and tells Christian Mann, no. Christian Mann brags how he pulled John Stagliano out of the doldrums.

“So explain to me why do you people think Diane Duke is walking around with all these powerful people on leashes. Are you guys stupid? It’s called the front man. Everybody does it in this business. Christian Mann was a front man at Video team and he bankrupted that company. But Christian Mann is not bankrupting Free Speech. He’s just going to put everybody in prison.

“Bob Christianson of Adam & Eve [he’s on the board of Free Speech] is stuck in this shitty situation- he goes how do I get off this diseased boat. These people are about to get hit with massive investigations. I wish you would resign from that board and get Adam & Eve out of there.

“If you look at these Christian Mann thugs, they’re all scoundrels. I don’t understand why Adam & Eve, such a reputable company, is involved with this scum. Anyone who stays on that board, you’re just dumb because you’re being lumped in with a bunch of bad people.

“Christian Mann can try to come up with every excuse, but what they are charging money for, is offered for free. Why would Adam & Eve be involved with an organization that lifts moratoriums illegally and charges a million dollars for tests that are free?

“Why does nobody ever go and ask the Manwin people- the Manwin PR machine- they have a girl there Kate Miller. She’s in charge of their entire media operation. Kate Miller is director of Communications and Marketing.

“I’d like to know how much money she receives. She runs all of this for Manwin so my question is, Kate Miller, how is it Manwin can be charging a sum of a million dollars through their testing clinic Cutting Edge. Can you explain that to me. Kate Miller, is this possible?

“It’s Miller time. I think all of you talent need to hit up Kate Miller and ask how much money is she getting for orchestrating the fact that Manwin charges in excess of $1.2 million a year for something LA County Health and AHF offers for free.

“How is it that Manwin owned Cutting Edge, how is it they charge talent in the excess of $1.2 million and talent can receive that test for free. How much is your cut of that $1.2 million and how much goes to John Stagliano, Frank Koretsky, Christian Mann…the list goes on.

“Kate Miller is the voice of the Manwin machine since she’s the director of communications. Can you please tell us how is it Manwin owns Cutting Edge and charges the industry in excess of $1.2 million.

“Kate Miller when the investigation comes down, remember Fawn Hall. She was a media darling. You could be the next media darling in that federal court. And then they ask you explain the procedures that go on as the media coordinator, everything that is involved in giving a line of shit. What is Manwin’s position in charging $1.32 million to the adult industry for something that is for free.

“We already know what Johnny Stags has got to say. We even know what his lap dog Christian has got to say. We know that Steven Hirsch straight out lies to the media. What does the other lap dog Marci Hirsch do? She lifts the moratorium. This regime is frightening and scary but the good news is they’re almost out of power. These guys are numbered. They’re the Bin Laden family held up in a crappy house in a shitty Pakistani village. We are close. Every day we get truth and uncover the players.”


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