Is there a new HIV threat from a female performer? There just may be!

Do you remember the day Cameron Bay got the phone call that she tested positive for HIV?

What nobody questioned was, what was she doing on that day and who she was doing it with? Think about that. She had to be somewhere, doing something, right?

Was it possible she was partying, doing drugs and having sex with someone? This is someone that nobody knew about or even thought to ask.

Turns out she was in fact with another female performer but since this other girl wasn’t on anyone’s radar at the time, she was able to quietly go away.

But why did she really go away? Was it like she said, the drama with Mr. Marcus and then the HIV thing was just too much? Or did she have something else to hide?

As you may recall, the day Cameron Bay found out she was HIV positive she was considered “highly contagious”.

This person Cameron Bay was with remained quiet, doing things that didn’t require her to test with TTS or CET for over two years. She would feature dance, do custom videos and live cam shows.

All the while she could have been taking HIV meds and as you know the longer you are on them; it begins suppress the viral load so that most times it can appear normal if a company doesn’t test specifically for the markers.

In fact, if a person is on their meds for at least 6 months, they could pass the type of HIV test that is done at CET on most days, however not the one that is done at TTS because the one at TTS tests for the markers.

I just checked the Talent Testing database because this performer posted on her twitter about doing a scene today with someone. That means she would have to test. She doesn’t appear in their system. This means that she had to have tested at CET.

That alone isn’t damning evidence against her, a lot of people like CET. And maybe CET was just closer to her place. Fuck I don’t know. But consider the other evidence against her and it really makes you wonder.

Now what if she has an off day and has a slightly elevated temperature. That means someone is fucked.

Sure, she has a valid test for 14 to 30 days letting her work.

But that doesn’t mean she’s not HIV positive and capable of spreading HIV.

Who is this mystery woman?

Time will tell …………………..

The threat of HIV is real and testing alone won’t protect you. There is someone out there right now who could have gotten HIV from Cameron Bay.


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